Welcome again to another great podcast with advanced commercial systems. I’m Marty Grisham. I am a roof nerd. Yes. You know, some people go to alcoholics anonymous, anonymous and they’ve confessed that they, yes, I’m Bob and I’m an alcoholic. Well, I’m confessing today. My CN of being a roof near at now, it’s not really a sin, but here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we are commercial roofing experts. And just really, we’re, we’re honored and privileged to be able to live and work in beautiful broken Arrow toll. So Northeast Oklahoma and so here with advanced commercial systems. My name is Marty. I’m the owner and operator of advanced commercial systems. And years ago when we started our company, I wanted it to stand out. I wanted it to be different than what I had worked in then. What I had seen. I had worked with other commercial roofing contractors.

I knew a lot of them. I had friendships with them. I, uh, did a lot in the industry of replacing roofs and learning about repairs and, and you know, having people work under me. And as time progressed, I began to see there was so much lacking. Um, my background was a ministry background. Having gone to a Bible College and having a ministry background, uh, learning, you know, the best steps for leadership, the best things to incorporate in your life so that you would have a, a life of moral, a life of character. Oh. And so from that, I’ve learned in construction, in business that there’s a, there’s a deficit. There’s quite an enormous deficits of people just doing what’s right. You know. So when we talk about business, when we talk about business ethics, you know, uh, having been a licensed realtor for many years now in the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors, one of the classes, one of the, uh, the, the pushes, I remember eight years ago when I was getting my real estate license and doing roofing and all this stuff I was doing then I remember one of the aspects of that they studied, one of the ways that we studied to become a realtor in greater, uh, you know, the commercial roofing broken Arrow was specifically that of ethics.

There was an ethics class. And I know that is still required, is required training and teaching for realtors in the Greater Tulsa area. And I would assume over most of the u s now the reason why there was an ethics class, um, which I’ll tell you, it can really truly apply to commercial roofing contractors and commercial roofing companies. And so one of the reasons why there was ethics classes, because realtors, we’re stepping into what’s called agency. There’s an act of agency. Agency means that as you’ve heard, hey, look at the real estate agent or I have insurance agent. Well, the word agent is because of it exists because of the role of agency. So agency is when someone steps in almost like a mediator for you and can do bidding for you and can do things for you and they represent you much stronger than they would if there was a lack of agency.

And so in the greater also area, when it came to real estate, we had to study and learn ethics because ethics was required so that we can truly fulfill the laws of agency. The laws of agency is where we don’t share information that we shouldn’t share, where, you know, when we’re negotiating between pricing money and homes. And so I learned all of that in the important role of that as a realtor and as a minister. So that when we started our own roofing company years and years ago, I saw there was a huge deficit of true ethics. The ethics training and the ethics classes, uh, were specifically designed to show how you should interact with people in business. And so I took that from real estate and ministry, uh, in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and I overlaid it into commercial roofing. And so now we have a company that operates with roof nerds that were hired specifically for character for a roof, nerves that were higher specifically because they’re honest and they’re true.

And almost like the Bible says there’ll be true to their own hurts. So if they promise to do something, even if it hurts them, they’re going to fulfill what they’ve said they’ve done and they’re going to walk that out. And so that’s the kind of people we hire. That’s who our roof nerves are here at advanced commercial systems. And that’s who I endeavored to be in my life as the owner and operator here with advanced commercial systems. And so here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you’re not going to find our roofers coming out and acting like used car salesman. You’re not going to find our salesman or, or our production managers, uh, here with advanced, you know, Bob and uh, Sam, you’re not going to have these guys come out and just start saying whatever they can to get a cell from you. It doesn’t work that way.

We present to you wisdom and we educate you of what the systems are because I mean, face it, the majority of people have no clue anything about commercial roofing. So since they don’t know about commercial roofing, it’s very easy to deceive them. It’s very easy to do things that are wrong. Save yourself $5,000 on installation. There’s so many things that can be done that would change the pricing and you would never know. And so here with the vast commercial systems we share with the requirements for Code Code requirements to 21 our value. You know if you’re putting on a new roof, you’re our about our value above deck is 21 so these are the things we share with you so that you have the information to know that we are two main things, we are transparent and we’re accountable, we’re accountable to you and we’re transparent.

So how does transparency work in the construction business? Let me tell you something. There is such a huge deficit of transparency between contractors and between their, their, their clients. It is absolutely mind boggling. The lack of transparency. And let me share with you why the general contractors and the commercial contractors and whoever they are, they can be doing whatever they can be used in second products. They can be used in products that have been damaged and many times whatever it goes below, below, let’s say you’re putting on a TPO, single ply thermoplastic membrane and you got to put the, they go to put that on. Anything below that you don’t know. You don’t as the, as the building owners, the property manager, unless you’re up there and unless you have a maintenance guy up there taking care of watching that you will not even know what’s being done.

And so here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we’ve set together standards of transparency. Number one, the first thing you won’t, transparency and accountability with your Roofer is this. When they climb up and step up on the roof, you want to know if you’re not going to be there with them. If you don’t want to climb up there and look at the, you’ll be high up and be in the win being the hot or cold. If you don’t want to do that, you need something, someone to be up there with you for every second. They’re up there where you can truly see what they see or they could very easily come down and mislead you and share with you things that don’t exist. So here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, home of the roof, nerves here with advanced commercial systems. This exactly what we do when we step off the ladder.

Onto the roof. We turn on our hero six Gopro camera. If you’ve ever heard of a Goco GoPro camera, it is a think we’re shooting in four k color, full sound and we carry around that Gopro camera in front of us the entire Walkthrough, so if we’re up there 20 minutes, we do a 20 minute video. Now 20 minutes would be extreme because that’s for a really large roofs. I, you know if we’re just doing an initial inspection just to walk through and see what’s going on and get an overall picture of the roof, you’re normally 10 to 12 minutes for just a quick walkthrough to get a good idea and honestly you don’t want a two hour video that you’ve got to sit down and watch. We want to, we want to get a good summary of everything we see. We want to talk into the camera.

That way when we have that video to you, when we send it to you from our Dropbox, you receive it in an email. You could send that email to any other person where they can view it. It is true or parents true transparency here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And it is true accountability of what’s really taking place. I’m not going to walk up with a video camera and my voice on that camera and start lying and describing something that’s in the camera that’s not really there because honestly I could lie. And so that being the case, but now you’re equipped that you have a video of what’s going on. You’re equipped to get a second opinion and you can rule me out as a liar. So number one, I don’t want to lie. Number two, I make it where there’s a void of deception, the transparency and the accountability that we perform for you with this video.

And then we go and take pictures, all the problematic areas. We take clothes, uh, you know, 16 megapixel pictures where they can be zoomed in, whether it be parapet walls, seems ponding areas worn out, membrane. Uh, I was on a roof the other day. I took tons of pictures. It was a restaurant roof that had a single plot, TPO and the TPO basically was wearing out and beginning to deteriorate. And so here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, these are the things we bring to you. We bring transparency and accountability. If you need anything here in advanced commercial systems, uh, commercial roofing, broken Arrow, please give us a call at (918) 973-1010.