Welcome to another podcast. I believe this is Todd cash to 82 with advanced commercial systems. Uh, today we have a lot of different things we’d like to cover and talk about with this podcast. But before we do, we’d encourage you to go to our website and check it out at okay. Roof nerds.com and at the top of that website you can see we have a Facebook page. You can click on Tulsa. Okay. Roof nerds. And then you can also give us a call on our landline or our main line number that’s open 24 hours for any type of repairs or emergency evaluations or anything that you need, you can reach that number at (918) 973-1010. One of the things we want to begin to talk about right now is, uh, if we don’t get any other calls or any emails and you know, you can send an email to advanced.

Okay. At cox.net if we don’t get any emails or anything in, we want to took a little bit about identifying wind damage. Now that is a large part. Uh, we haven’t done, you know, here in, in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we haven’t done, you know, our company has done over 300 roofs a for residential and having that experience behind us, many, many of those roofs, probably 250 of those we have been on routes with the adjusters of that roof. Working with insurance companies are identifying what wind damage is, how it looks, how it’s formed, how it’s happens. Um, just all the different aspects of wind damage and the same type of wind can also cause damage to commercial roofs. And here at advanced commercial systems we are focusing on commercial roofing today. And so identifying wind damage before we go any further, we want to say that.

Um, we’ve had a great amount of experience with wind damage and a lot of training with Haig engineering out of Dallas, Texas. Now Hagen generic as an engineering firm that has for 20 years specialized in storm damage, which is mostly consist of wind damage for commercial roofs and well hell damage for commercial roofs. We are certified inspectors with wind and hail damage, uh, with Hagar engineering. So that being under our belt and having that experience and training as well, it’s pretty easy to say that we are considered experts at identifying commercial wind damage, you know, um, as just identifying when damage is interesting. Um, let me, let me bring up a point about hail damage real quickly. Um, a few months ago I had a residential roof or give me a call and said, hey, I’ve got a building. It’s leaking. It’s a commercial building. Uh, would you like to just to come take care of it and, and uh, give me a little money on the side, you know, after you take care of it.

I said, yeah, no problem. I showed up, I climbed up on the roof with one of the building maintenance people and to, actually it was two of the residential guys and I walked around for about 10 minutes and pretty quickly I began to notice, you know, different types of storm damage on the roof. I asked those guys and is there anything here that stand out to use? Anything, uh, you look familiar or anything that makes, you know, makes you think about the roof needing, you know, having an immediate damage and they could not identify anything. Well, the roof had been totally, I’m totally destroyed as far as its ability to uh, you know, have a waterproof membrane totally destroyed by a very large hail in the last few years. And so with that happening, it really dawned on me in commercial roofing broken era more than ever, that we are experts at what we do in Hail damage and we are experts at what we do and wind damage and not just for shingles, which is when, you know what most residential guys take care of.

I’m talking TPO [inaudible], um, mod bit, um, metal roofs concerning the insurance policy that you’re dealing with and your limitations and your policy requirements with your specific insurance company. We are able to step in and speak to the insurance company on your behalf and let them know that we are specifically with our Haig engineering certification. We are specifically identifying wind damage or specifically identifying, um, you know, storm damage, hail damage. But I tell you that story about climbing on that roof with those guys because the same is very true with wind damage. Um, sometimes you’ll see a roof with a tear or something or you’ll see a ballast system where the bause has been moved. Um, and most people would never recognize what’s taking place. But that is many times when damage, if you are, have a in a corner of an upper building, two stories or more, if you have quite a bit of a gravel ballast removed and displaced and lumped up over against the side, uh, you have wind damage.

I mean, that’s very common of what we deal with and what we see. Um, because of those high winds. I was on a building, the international tower here in Tulsa just the other day doing some repairs. We were pulling, doing some aluminum fibered coating on the asphalt roof that was up there and we were just repairing alone wall area that had been damaged just through a deterioration of the, of the membrane over time. And while we were up there, I would look across the building and two or three of the corners of the building had wind damage where when had removed the ballast system and had moved up about a 20 square foot area where the ballast of the gravel had been completely displaced. That is identified wind damage. Uh, was about two years ago. We were at the corporate, a corporate place towers here and uh, and know Tulsa and to offer 41st and all of I believe, and I was up on that roof that is about a $3 million a roofing up there as an Edm roof.

And it’s a very, very large system. No, no, no, actually that is, yeah, that was the corporate woods. Yeah. That was actually on corporate woods and is a very large roofing system up there. And um, what we found in commercial roofing, broken Arrow pretty quickly was the EPD m had been pulled up out of the corner. Now the the guy, Mr. Dennis, who, you know, managers, the place that gave me a call and had me come out and look because there’s a leak. Well immediately upon looking at it, I can tell, you know, we have specific significant wind damage from the night before. You know, we have 35 40 mile an hour winds and it was just enough to rip that EPD. Em, I don’t like Ebdm. It’s not a great single ply. I think it’s easy to tear. I can tear it with your hand. You can’t do that with Tpo, especially a TPO that has a good base and a Scrim, a 60 mil and above.

You’re not going to rip that with your hands. Edm is not the case at all. It can rip very easily in commercial roofing broken arrow. So I have a recommend if you have e p e e p Dm, do what you can to get the most out of it, but then move on to the next single ply because it’s not that high a quality of a product, in my opinion. It’s been around for a long time, but the reason why it has been is because they didn’t have TPO and PVC to replace it and the costs was cheat, but concerning, you know, that compared to, you know, built up or mod bit. So with that in commercial roof and broken Arrow, um, identifying wind damage on steep slope roofs and low slope roofing is part of what we’ve learned and part of what we follow the rules and the safety measures and all of the precautions of that with the National Roofing Contractors Association.

Um, and so the one thing that we learned to do as a general contractor is doing the repairs, the different types of repairs for different types of roofs for wind damage. If you have a TPO roof that has been lifted up on the edge, you might need to come in and bring in some screws and plates, which we have all of those in our stairs. Storage shed ready to go, screws and plates and screw back down an extra areas and then put a TPO cap over those areas or a taping system or something like that in commercial roofing. Broken era. It’s many times we see hell damage just as much as wind damage but in Hail damage, uh, the needs and the necessity of it isn’t quite as common as that of a tear from wind damage. Wind damage can cause tons of water coming into a building were held damages normally a lot less.

So checking out the torrential rainfall and the specific designs we have, we’ve learned one of our biggest keys is listened to our customers in. Upon listening to you, we found that it’s the best customer service in commercial roofing broken Arrow that we can offer you. We work every square inch of your roof to make sure that everything’s in great shape and the understanding that we have for flat roofs and repairing a wind damage and storm damage and hail damage after storms is the large key to us being in our opinion, the best and highest level of quality of Roofer in Greater Tulsa and in commercial roofing, broken arrow. If you are an Oklahoma and you’re looking for the absolute best commercial roofing company, one that will fly just completely above the competition and give us a call here at advanced commercial systems and you know all the people here in Oklahoma, they, they know when they see a good deal and finding a commercial roofing company isn’t just finding a residential roofer that can do commercial roofing.

On occasion. We at advanced commercial systems were so serious about just commercial roofing. We put the word commercial in our name. The name of our business is specifically an advanced commercial systems and here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we focus on commercial roofing. Now if you give me a call, I’ll pretty quickly come out and help you take care of replacing your residential roof. You know, we make a few thousand dollars. We have good rapport with clients, we take good care of you. We walk away with a customer smiling every single time. But our passion is that of commercial roofing. That’s what we look for. That’s what we dream of. That’s what we wake up in the morning and thinking about, if you need someone to prove themselves to you, give us a call, we will prove ourselves to you. They will not be the easy job that we do for you.

It will be the right job. If we, uh, if we need anything from you, we’ll let you know because our communication is second to none. So give us a call here and thanks for joining into our podcast. You can reach us at (918) 973-1010. We would love to hear from you and once again, and commercial roofing, broken Arrow to also, we asked you to just stay dry and keep focused. Oh, by the way, it is wintertime here. And so we are finishing up right now our ag 82nd podcast in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So if there’s anything you need, just give us a call at (918) 973-1010.