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For some people and some professionals and some construction companies, commercial roofing is just a job for, but for our roof nerds here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, commercial roofing is a passion. What’s your passion? Is your passion in construction or is your passion in another professional trade? Your passion may be just taking care of your family. Do you know part of taking care of your family is taken care of the business that you have that feed your family? Well, they take care of that business. You have to take care of the commercial building that holds that business and that’s where we come in. In Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow in and with advanced commercial systems you will see the highest level of expertise and technical skill possible. That’s where the roof nerds come in. Our roof nerds are certified with Haig Engineering, an engineering company that specifically trained and studies storm damage.

Storm damage to us normally is broke down into two types, one of which is hail damage because we’re in the Greater Tulsa area. We see a lot of that and the other is wind damage. Wind damage can be found throughout the entire world. High winds can be caused on a one story level almost anywhere, but when you work on a mid rise and high rise buildings, the way we do high winds are even more common because the higher you are, the higher speeds the winds can become. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Wind damage is a major factor of roof damage in the Greater Tulsa area and the greater broken Arrow area.

With advanced commercial systems and commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we are experts in identifying wind damage from storms. This is good. It’s very good for you because if you cannot identify wind damage, then you’ll be unable to know if you should call your insurance company to file a claim. Insurance companies are responsible for acts of God. I don’t really like the terminology acts of God, but it’s what’s used the most. An Act of God is specifically known as a type of storm damage or flooding or earthquake or hail. All of these are referred to as acts of God because nature caused that to happen. Here on earth. Wind damage is just basically part of nature, doing what she does best, causing damage to all the structures that we build in one way or another period, so our roof nerds are specifically trained in acts of God and Mother Nature, doing what she does best. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow It’s pretty easy for high winds to come over the parapet wall of the side of a commercial roof and cause damage. Oftentimes ballast graveled is removed and when that happens, you really start having major problems because once that heavy balanced is removed, you have really nothing holding down the roof system membrane, which could easily be lifted

and torn and blown away. I remember a little over a year ago, we were working on an Iep, Edm single ply membrane roof, often known as a thermoset roof over at the corporate woods building in Tulsa. Corporate Woods years ago, had a very, very, very large epcm roof installed to the entire building. This isn’t a really large building, not really sure why they chose the epcm membrane. It’s by far the best, but we were called to do some repairs as we entered the front roof of the building. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow We noticed that high winds had come to this second story building and created about 200 feet of roof membrane that was lifted up and falling over to the side. We pulled this membrane back down and reglued it with Edm Glue and did a great repair to this roof to create, once again another watertight system in commercial roofing, broken Arrow here with advanced commercial systems, we always try to give multiple roof

solutions to your roofing problems. The main reason we try to do this is because it allows you to pick the system and the repair type that is needed to fit within your budget. You may be a business owner or a property manager that has to stay within a specific budget for your fiscal year. No problem. We’ll give you from the simplest, prepare to the highest possible type of roof reroofing or new installation in sand springs, Oklahoma, part of the Greater Tulsa area in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. There’s a large building complex system that we do a lot of repairs for. It’s a very interesting roof because almost every type of roofing possible is found on this large shopping center. There is modified bitumen roofs, pvc roofs, tpo roofs, asphalt roofs, and metal roofing.

No shingles or copper roofing is found since there are so many types of roofs on this building. We’ve had to use a lot of versatility to cause leaks to go away and stay away. Roof coatings have been a large part of what we’ve used. We’ve used some aluminum roof coatings because of their great reflective potential and we’ve used a lot of silicone base roof coatings because of their reflective potential and their ability to not deteriorate over a long period of time by uv rays. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow there are last ability is a large part of their success because all roof systems move from time to time. There has been some areas on the roof where there’s been deep ponding, which began to let so much water into the roof system in commercial roofing, broken Arrow that we had advanced commercial systems had to remove the whole area and then replace the metal roof decking below it because it was rusting through.

I would say one of the largest challenges we’ve had with this building system is h vac units, hvhc units oftentimes can create a water leak from inside their system and people easily misdiagnosed that and say that the roof membrane around it is leaking period. We found many multiple times that h vac units can have a flaw in their system and allow a great deal of water into the terminal building envelope. You want to know one of the greatest areas on a roof system like this that causes leaking. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow It’s where two different roof systems or roof membrane’s collide. When two different roof systems or membranes come together in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we have to figure out what route and products that can be used that will chemically bond and chemically not cause any issues with both types of roof systems. For instance, using a tpo roof in conjunction with asphalt roofing is not a good idea. Asphalt products oftentimes begin to deteriorate TPO, single ply membranes there are chemically not made to function together. However, a pvc roof has great molecular structure to chemically resist other types of products. Therefore, pvc roofs often can interact with all other types of roofing systems with no chemical issues. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow That’s one of the good things about PBC roofs. PVC roofs are often used on restaurant

building envelopes because of their ability to resist chemical disposition by other products. Animal fats are often found in great excess on commercial restaurant buildings because of the exhaust found above the cooking area on the roof. Period. These animal fats deteriorate and break down tpo roofs. However, in commercial roofing broken Arrow, these animal fats do not bring any deterioration to pvc, single ply thermo plastic roof systems. If you have any need to have your roof inspected, repaired, or replaced, and would like a free evaluation within 24 hours of your call, please give us a call at nine. One eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. At advanced commercial systems, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow home with a roof nerds.