Welcome to advanced commercial systems home with the roof nerves. My name is Marty Krisha and I am the owner and founder of the wonderful company advanced commercial systems and advanced commercial roofing. Uh, here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We have gotten a lot of experience and working with different types of roofing systems and assemblies. And I’ll tell ya, it has been an honor and a great privilege to be able to have a podcast the way we’ve been doing a weekly radio show, podcast articles, different things that we do. And if you ever want to go back and look at the archives of what we write about when we talk about, you can very easily go do that on our website, which is okay. Roof nerds.com so that would be www. Okay. Roof nerds.com so you can go check that out anytime. And so there’s a good chance that you, you’re actually on there right now, her reading this because we do have it transcribed and put it on our article. Call us for commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

So here, commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’ve got tons of experience with commercial roofing and all different aspects of commercial roofing. But you know, I want to kind of pick up where we been. Uh, over the last probably four or five podcasts, we’ve discussed different things along the line of residential roofing versus commercial roofing. What’s the differences? Um, we’ve covered things along the line of the percentages of commercial flat roofs versus steep slope and residential flat roofs versus steep slope. We’ve covered the construction industry board and all the requirements that are needed, um, for a commercial roofer to, uh, and how they’re different as far as the insurance requirements, their commercial endorsement and all the things that are needed for commercial roofers. We’ve covered all those things as well. Uh, and I tell Ya, when you look at the overall spectrum of roofing is about here in Oklahoma, I really think we have a good thing going on.

We’ve got some great companies, we’ve got some, you know, we’re, we are a small to medium sized company. Uh, here at advanced commercial systems. We only have so many staff. You know, we don’t have like 40, 50 people on staff. There are commercial roofing companies in the state that do, there are commercial roofing companies throughout the u s that do. And it’s so as far as commercial roofing companies and commercial roofing contractors, we are kind of the medium sized and the amount that we do. And uh, the amount of trucks we have, the amount of office space warehouse, all the different things that we do, the amount of jobs we do, you know, a hundred to 125 jobs a year, you know, as far as replacement jobs and things along those line, not, not including the repairs, the repairs would be about the same, a hundred 125 repairs for year.

And so when you look at the overall spectrum of what we’re about and what we do, we really have our hand on a lot. I’m like every single day we’re receiving phone calls. We received two routes to care of today. Um, so everyday we’re receiving phone calls or receiving emails here in commercial roofing broken arrow. And so just everyday we’re growing more in the expertise, more an experience of what we’re capable of doing. And so here with advanced commercial systems, it is really an honor to be able to serve you and to bring you these podcasts for many, many, many, many, many huck, 180 weeks. Now we have just been bringing podcast and bringing all of the information of what we know about commercial roofing. And so I’ll tell you, out of the hundred and 80 podcasts that I’ve personally done, we’ve had some other staff do some and other things.

I have to say my last four or five weeks have probably been some of the most informative because they’ve really been just the general knowledge of what someone needs to know concerning commercial roofing. You know, what kind of roof or do you look for? So that, that’s, that’s what we had been talking about. The top three things that we would suggest. And the first, uh, you know, for someone looking for a commercial roofer. Now obviously I hear some roofers, they talk about the top 10 or top 20, you know, let’s just keep it simple. What’s the top three things that I as a owner of a commercial roofing company cause suggest to someone you know, cause I have, before I owned a commercial roofing company, you know, there are times we needed commercial roofers in what we did in, in, in life. So we know what it’s like to be the buyer, we know what it’s like to be the contractor.

And so here in commercial roofing Broken Arrow, uh, with all the experiences that we have, our first point, which we brought forth one or two, uh, you know, podcasts ago, our first point that we brought forth really was, uh, we’ll look for a roofer with just tons of experience. It’s so important to have a roofer that has tons of experience because experience is the key of finding leaks, of replacing roofs, of coming up with a multiple systems for your roofing system. All of these things are really kind of needed. And so this is what we look for here in commercial roofing broken arrow. This is what we look for a in the industry, uh, as well when we work with other contractors. Tons of experience. So the second thing that I highly recommend to anyone looking to hire a commercial roofing contractor would be, or you know, a commercial roofing company would be that of uh, uh, someone that has the Oklahoma commercial endorsement, uh, because of that is not just a test you take, it’s also different insurance.

It’s also different things that is needed to make sure that you, you don’t just go off and, and, and as a commercial roofer or a contractor and just do whatever you want to. And so, so residential roof who can have a half a million general liability that’s required, but it takes a full million of general liability, uh, and a 2 million aggregate, which I don’t think that’s necessarily shared, uh, to get the commercial endorsement. And then also our residential roofers do not have to have any worker’s compensation insurance in place. And here with the advanced commercial systems, uh, we do have to have workers comp, indenture, Worker’s compensation insurance has to be in place before we are a set in motion, uh, to be able to have the commercial endorsement. So you can go to the construction industry board. Are they licensed CIB? Are they licensed? You can Google that and you can see that advanced commercial systems does have a valid commercial endorsement with their license.

And so we’re proud to say we have taken the task, pass the task, met all the requirements, filled out tons and tons of paperwork, talking with amber and the ladies over at the CIB construction industry board at Oklahoma City probably 20 times to get everything in line and everything in order. And we are very privileged and honored to be able to have the commercial endorsement in the state of Oklahoma. It’s really a great thing and I have to tell you, uh, probably in the next six months to a year, we’re going to move over to begin to do the same thing in Arkansas. There some testing that’s required over there. And, uh, I believe in the state of Arkansas, you can do up to $20,000 of commercial roofing, uh, in, you know, which is considerably without having the commercial endorsement, which is considerably different than here in commercial roofing broken arrow.

So, so just check us out on the website. You can see what we’re all about and how we have our commercial website and our commercial endorsement for roofing. So, so that’s our second thing. Now, what’s the third thing? Well, I begin to cover the other day, um, and I wasn’t meaning it for it to be the third point of my three points, but I think it was the last or the second, the last podcast that I begin to cover quite a bit about how I personally know commercial roofing companies who did not pay their bills, who did not pay suppliers of $400,000 that was owed to them. And because of that, the supplier was turning around and, uh, doing, uh, making, uh, mechanical liens on the actual residential homes of people. And so that was a pretty bad or deal. And so, uh, that’s doesn’t make one of my list, um, of my three, but I have to say, I really almost want to make it the tube to be, you know, point number two B is making sure you have some good references and you see, uh, you know, some referrals and you see now, ah, tell ya a good thing to do is go and look at online like on your Google listings, um, people, you know, doing reviews.

Uh, and so I think reviews are a very large part of what our industry’s about. I think whenever I go to a restaurant, whenever I go to buy a product, I have literally spent hours and hours of reading reviews about restaurants and different types of businesses literally for the purpose of being able to find out, uh, what other people’s experience is. And so I think that would be my third point today. Not just find someone who has lots of experience in the industry, which was my first point. But here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, find a lot of people that have had a great experience with the commercial roof for that would be my third one to choose. So number one, make sure they have tons of experience. Number two, make sure they’re squared away with the construction industry board. They have the commercial roofing endorsement, they have all the insurance in place.

And then number three, make sure you’ve see and you get to talk to a lot of people who’ve had a great experience with a Roofer that you’re considering. Uh, we have advanced commercial systems. Um, if you were to go online and just pull up, you know, a list of the top 30 top 40 commercial roofing companies in a broken air area and toll. So, you know, there might be one company that has more reviews and us, we have over a hundred reviews and over 105 star reviews. So just think about over 100 people, you know, uh, just recently have said, hey, these people have given us an absolutely excellent experience. So here a with advanced commercial systems, we are the home of the roof nerves. And here with advanced commercial systems. We are commercial roofing, broken arrow. We appreciate you guys joining in with another podcast with us today for your commercial roofing Broken Arrow information.