Here at advanced commercial systems. Uh, we are, uh, here again today for the 95th week in a row. Today is podcast number 95. Today we want to talk about storm damage. We want to talk obviously about commercial roofing because here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we always want to bring to you the topics that are the most important. Now you might understand where we live here in Tulsa and broken arrow. You might understand that we live right off of I 44 right off the I 40. We live really close to, uh, just the, basically the line that the tornadoes and when they refer to Tourneau at Tornado Alley. I honestly, I felt the home that I lived in is always almost right in the belt buckle of the, of the, of the tornado alley and the Bible belt.

So, um, so with that being said, let’s talk a little bit about, um, the company that we have chosen. There’s a lot of engineering companies out there that we could have chosen to be a part of and to join his certified inspectors where we get continued training, where we get education, where we learned specifics that other roofers necessarily don’t. Uh, and that is Haig engineering out of the Texas. And now they’re out of some other states too. But that’s where we, uh, we identify where we, uh, we get under there heading when we submit under their authority. And so basically we’re certified with Hagar engineering. They’re great company, um, that has studied well for 20 to 30 years, storm damaged by hail and wind. And so when it comes to a large storm, you know, coming in this area, uh, we’re definitely someone you want to give a call.

You’ve got a commercial building with wind whipping through and, and tearing off some TPO or you’re having some leaks after some hail, all you do is you, uh, you give us a call, we will let you know real quickly. We’re not one of those scammers that are just, you know, come to town. I’ve actually personally live in broken arrow. I’ve lived in broken Arrow for the last 20 years. So I’m not some guy just driving into town because a hailstorm came. I go to church here, I work here. I’m a realtor license with greater toll. So Association of Realtors. And by the way, my name is Marty. I am the owner and operator and the founder of advanced commercial systems. America’s most a good looking roofing company. We always joke around and say that. So today, once again, hail storms and wind damage, they are specific topics that Haig engineering has spent many, many years and a few million dollars, just continually tens of millions studying of those two types of damage for commercial on the Lopes, not just for commercial roofs, but you know, in our world where commercial roofers.

So that’s what we study. And so that’s the, so we are certified in storm damage for commercial roofs. Uh, I don’t, I don’t pursue their certification and just the entire building envelope because that’s not a, that’s not a passion of mine. And so here at avast commercial systems, we want to take advantage, uh, of all that they will allow us to do so that, uh, and all that we can learn so that you, the cluster, the customer or the property manager or the building owner, uh, are not taken advantage of by a bunch of Wa who’s out there who just fly by the seat of their pants and they say, oh yeah, we do commercial roofing. But when you follow them on Facebook, when you follow them on the web, when you even see the truck going down the road, they’re not doing much roofing and they’re doing mostly residential and they’re doing repairs and they’re doing about three or four residential roofs a month.

And that does not in any way caused them to be a certified and organized a commercial roofing company the way that we are. So, you know, and when hail storms come through, it attracts a lot of roofing scammers. And so you need to protect yourself. So, I mean, honestly, if, if you were to ask me what would I look for, where I would look for a company, the owner of that company are the people that work at that company. How long have they been here? If they’d been here less than a year, then be weary. But if they just started the company and they’ve been here just for less than a year, I would definitely, uh, I would definitely stand out to me and calls me to want to stay away from those guys. Like I say, I personally lived here for 20 years. You can go to the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors. You can give those guys a call and you can ask them on my name and they can tell you.

I’ve been a licensed realtor in Tolson broken air for eight years already. And so, you know, there’s a lot of different ways you can tell the tale that we are here, we’re not going anywhere and we’re here to stay and we’re here to grow. So, so as far as is concerned in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we consider ourselves some of the best at wind. And solar and wind and hail damage. Now I go in a lot of roofs and I go in a lot of roof, sometimes after other commercial roofers or what, whatever kind of roofers they are. Uh, we go in a lot of roofs after those guys and I’ve seen so many times where they just completely overlooked. Um, some specific types of storm damage, which should have really stood out to them. And that’s because there’s a lack of training. Now I’ve done training with other commercial roofers, I’ve done training with insurance adjusters and you know, I’ve spent four hours one time straight for hours on a roof with an engineer for a insurance claim, for about a $2 million commercial roof system.

And so four hours on our hands and knees dissecting the roof system that was on there to see if the underside of the roofing membrane had damaged. So, you know, if there’s some specifics that we’ve learned, you know, whatever trade you’re in, if you’ve done it for five years, eight years, 10 years, you’re beginning to become an expert in that trade. And so that’s how we consider ourself here at advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing broken Arrow a, whether it’s a roofing professionals, uh, or whatever it is. We always endeavor to give you the best that we can. And so with that, um, as a commercial roof, uh, we need to make sure that there’s needs, um, that we, uh, we devote ourselves to your needs. And so as one of Oklahoma’s most renowned and successful roofing companies and fastest growing, we’re dedicated to the professionalism that we can provide to you in roof repair and roof replacement, whether it be flat roof or steep roof, you know, steep slope or low slope.

And if there’s any needs to be any exterior remodeling, we can also help you along that line as well. So, storm damage, repair, insurance, claim assistance, those are the things that we do every single day as our profession. We consider ourselves experts being well over the industry in the industry, well over 10 years and haven’t been in construction for about 30 now. And, and commercial construction as a general contractor doing a general contracting, uh, we’re fully insured. Every bonding that we need is in place. And so when it comes down to it, it’s basically a trust factor. It is a good thing for you to research and look into who you’re working with and who you can trust. And I have to say, I challenge you to go to Google links, go to Google maps, um, go to Google listings on which I do that on Google maps and basically type in, uh, Oklahoma roofing or type in broken Arrow roofing or Tulsa roofing or you know, commercial roofing with broken Arrow or Tulsa.

And you will see advanced commercial systems comes up and you will see no other roofer has near the, the, the other, the reviews here in commercial roofing broken out. There is no other roofer in the entire area, the entire region that has the amount of reviews that we have and all of our reviews. Are there. Good reviews because we have really, we have focused even at a loss of profit to focus on making sure we get the highest level of customer satisfaction. Jesse recently. Um, I have some customers that, you know, they were just, I the, it’s not like in any way that they seem to be frustrated with me or our company. It’s just they seem to be just kind of unpleasant people all the time. Even before I came into their life, they just seem to be unpleasant people. And so we showed up and did some inspections, found some damage.

We got their roof completely covered by an insurance company and even during the whole time while this process is happening, it took a few weeks for us to get the insurance to the Oh, up to their part, which they did a good job, great insurance company. Um, liberty mutual did a good job. And then, uh, from there we just kept working with them to get the roof taken care of. We upgraded the roof multiple ways and to a whole new different system which lasts much longer. And during this whole time they just seem like they really, really unhappy and on unpleasant. And I had to take into account that this is not because of my existence, it’s just the way they are all the time. And so in that you, you, you say you really can’t make everybody happy all the time, no matter how hard you try.

And so I would say these guys were happy, but they’d probably never admitted. I haven’t asked him for review because they really just seem to be an unpleasant person and I’d be shy. They wouldn’t surprise me if they put some kind of bad something on there, although for not a dollar out of their pocket, I got them close to a $70,000 roof is going to last a really, really long time. And so when that’s all said and done, uh, you know, you take the good, you take the bad. We made decent profit off that job. It was a good job to work with and it was a nice steady TPO, nice system that we put together for him. So I was happy to get the job. But you know, we deal with that a lot. We deal with clients that sometimes they get to hold in, you know, 30, $40,000 insurance check in their hand and they are beginning to get a rethink the process of what they could do that in their own personal life.

And that’s really not how you should think. And so we do our best of front to screen through the people that it seemed like they might not pay and really just work with people that are ethical and we love the bigger the company, the more we will have to work with them because we’ve seen in commercial roofing broken out there’d be a higher higher level of success in getting paid and having a smooth process the bigger the company has. So we enjoy larger companies like Quik trip and come and go and Walmart and uh, you know, not Kmart anymore. We’ve done some things, but yeah, dollar general, Walgreens, you know, cvs, we’ve done a lot working with a lot of different companies and have had a great success. So once again in commercial roofing broken APP, how I want to thank you again, this is Marty of the owner and founder of avast commercial systems. I just really want to take this time one more time to thank you again for joining in today was our 94th podcast or 95th podcast. And uh, it’s just an honor to be able to come and bring to you our knowledge. And so if you ever were in a tight spot with your roof, just give us a call. (918) 973-1010. We would love to help you once again to sign out. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.