Well, today’s another wonderful day here and commercial roofing, broken arrow. And this is Marty Grisham, the owner and operator of advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. So we appreciate everyone joining in with us today. We appreciate all the calls and the responses. We’ve been doing podcasts for a really long time now, so really appreciate all of the responses and all of the people that send us questions and, and really called us for appointments. You know, going and looking at roofs, who really is the greatest aspect of our job is what we do the most. Especially, you know, in Tulsa and the Greater Tulsa area, commercial roofing, broken Arrow, uh, looking at roofs and doing the evaluations and helping people increase their information, their knowledge of commercial roofing of the roof that they have. And so that’s why we always say we love to increase your commercial roofing Iq.

If we can increase your Iq, it enables you, it empowers you to be able to make the correct decisions for your budgeting of your roof, for what repairs need to be done in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So here at advanced commercial systems, we love to come out and serve you and really give you the highest level of expertise as possible. So if you go to our website, you can see on, okay roof nerds.com you can see on our website at the top of the page we have our phone number is (918) 973-1010 s today we’re going to talk about metal roofs. I hear so many people that love metal roofs that just won’t a metal roof on their home. They want a metal roof on their building. And I’ll tell you there’s good and there’s bad just with every, every, every type of roofing system. There’s always positives and there’s always a negatives.

There’s always advantages, there’s always, always disadvantages. So here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we like to be able to share with you the good and the bad, not just the good. And most people who are not in the industry, they want to, they want a metal roof because really of one fact the metal roof can go 40 or 50 years. And some of the mental roots can go beyond that, but the majority of just standing seam metal roofs are panel metal roofs. They are designed to be a 40 to a 50 year roof. And so with that being the case, you need to keep in mind that there’s always disadvantages to that. Great advantage everywhere that the roof terminates everywhere that the roof has a scene or a panel touching the panel everywhere that the roof has a screw going through or have some type of fastening system, there is the potential for roofing leaks.

And so roof leaks are found many, many times. And our panel metal roofs, which is the most popular metal roof that you’ll find most of your warehouses and when you just drive and you see a metal roof, um, the where it’s not like on a main highway or a main road to where it’s seen from the road, most of those roofs would probably, they’d be in our panel metal roof strictly for the purpose of it is lower in cost compared to the standing seam type roofs. Standing seam roofs can go 600 $800 a square and so being almost double the price of those roofing systems, uh, are more for uh, being able to be seen and looking good. And like the majority of banks that you see, if they have a metal roof, it’s going to be a standing seam metal roof. A lot of times you seen all name on a church or something.

Many, many times it is more of a standing seam roof and it would be in our panel just because the standing seam looks better and it’s higher quality and it can be colored is off as more a possible color variations or they have a beg don’t a nat would paint that has stuck to the metal and it is a very long term, long lasting pain. Now I was inspecting a roof just about a year ago that was green and it was a green, I’m standing seam roof and the paint had been kinda chip off and there was a large sections after just 10 15 years where the paint had begin to chip off. And really for no apparent reason other than it just started happening, there’s no warranty laugh, there’s nothing left to it. Uh, as far as being able to work with the manufacturer or the Roofer that installed it, you’ll basically have to come in and paint that area or cover it with a type of a colored coding.

And so there are coatings that we could put on roofs like that, but normally they get a colored variation of that you have to buy directly from the supplier or the manufacturer of the product, have it shipped to you. And here’s the kicker. You know, for the towns, I’ve looked at it here in commercial roofing and grew up in an era, you have to order very large quantities of that product. So ordering large, large quantities might be um, ordering 105 gallon buckets or 255 gallon buckets. You know, just a few thousand gallons of it when you might only need 10 gallons or 15 to 20 gallons to do a roof. So the capability of, of altering the, if you try to alter the color of a coating product on your own by adding dyes, you basically immediately get rid of the warranty. And if you add too much color on your own, then suddenly not only is your warranty with the manufacturer and void, but you also could chemically alter the product as to where it would not do the job that it should.

Um, years ago when I was working at another roofing company, we had one of our repair go out and put a coating on a roof and he didn’t take an electric spinner, a in commercial roofing broken arrow. And also this happened in Tulsa. And so that company sent out in a commercial roofing repair guy that took a five gallon bucket of coding and that coding wasn’t stirred with an electric stir. It wasn’t stirred properly. So since it wasn’t stored properly, it really didn’t get mixed well. So when they put that product down, it chemically had not fully come to it’s, it’s the fullness of, of its chemical composition of what it’s supposed to be. Most of those coatings, they’ll have a clear liquid on the top that is actually a, an an enabling agent. That calls is in causes a chemical reaction of a drying process and a hardening process, um, with the, the roofing coding.

So if it’s not been stirred pro adequately and it’s put down, then suddenly it’s causing the roof coating to not do its job. And I’ve seen those roof coatings just peel up lock, uh, you know, like a thin layer of a balloon. I’ve just seen it peel up, you know, a sloppy dried glue. And so I’ve definitely seen where that’s not been the best. So there is a lot to do in these things, right. And that’s where we do here with advanced commercial systems. We truly endeavored to do the best that we can give the best that we can for our clients. And so when it comes to roof coatings, when it comes to metal roofs and taking care of metal roofs, I want you to know with all the advantages of a metal roof, there’s definitely a disadvantage of penetration areas. Those areas. Now you knew understand out of all the roofing systems, there’s no roofing system that moves more with contracting and retracting through hot and cold.

There’s no roofing system that moves more than that of a metal roof. So you have 400 of three foot wide, 25 foot long panels on the building and they’re on the roofing system in each one of those has about 10 to 15 screws in each one. And so you go off or honestly about 20 to 25 screws in each one and you, you go off and began to see through a hot day in a cold day, the metals moving and as it moves, it is putting pressure back and forth on that screw and that screw being held in place. While that whole through the metal panel is rubbing on that screw back and forth, it begins to wear out and it will can began to make that screw unscrew and come up or it also can began to just Waller out that hole and create a whole, a larger diaphragm hole in that metal screw and iteration.

And so you basically begin to get lots of lots of leaks and even though you might have a twos, two 12 slope on a our panel metal roof, when you get a torrential rain like we have here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow where it’s just pouring down on a roof, it doesn’t matter if you have any slope at all. Every single area that can allow water in will allow water in. And so when that happens here in commercial roofing, broken error, we just tell, give us a call. Our number is (918) 973-1010 we come out quick. I tell you the other day I was working, I was working on one roof and one of my clients called and I was finishing up and I told him I’ll be there in 15 minutes. I’ll be there in about 20, 25 minutes. And it was pouring down rain.

I drove straight there. They had an emergency leak. Uh, one of, one of our top property management companies had an emergency league. Uh, they’re in commercial roofing, broken era. So we left Tulsa and drove straight over to uh, to broken arrow down the edge of Quida and we begin to make the repairs and the things necessary to stop the leaking over there. So, so every time it rains, uh, we, we get calls from clients and new clients and we get leads continually because every time it rains, it really is time for us to get busy and us to do what we do best. We stop water from coming in buildings. We, we, uh, install full roof replacement systems so that the building stay watertight year round. And so, hey, we appreciate you guys always checking in and checking on our podcast and whether you’re seeing or hearing the podcast or whether you’re reading the article as it gets moved over to our website, it doesn’t matter. We just appreciate you guys being a part of what we’re doing. We are endeavoring to increase the commercial roofing Iq of the Greater Tulsa area and also here in commercial roofing broken arrow.