Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow | Understanding Your Roof

Preventive maintenance is a key aspect of advanced commercial systems in commercial roof, in broken Arrow, preventive maintenance has one major goal and that is to extend your roofs, life expectancy, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow the usage of your roof, and the life of that roof can be expanded by continual preventive maintenance systems being put in place. The one we have here at advanced commercial systems is called the smart roof plan. The smart roof plan it at his optimum

succession is ed by annual maintenance plan in which we come out twice a year, check out your roof and do a full evaluation of every area of your roof with the wind and rains that we have here in the Greater Oklahoma area, we continually find wind damage can happen to your roof and you would never know it. So with our bi annual smart roof plan, we’d come out and do pictures and video to give a full plan and a fool accountability to you of what we’re doing and what your roof needs. Here’s a few things that your roof needs. Your roof needs to be inspected at least twice a year. You’re a commercial roof in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow by advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nerds, you’re a commercial roof, needs to have repaired areas and sealed areas at least once or twice a year. Do you know how much a roof moves with the hot and cold variants that we have in this area?

Your roof, whether it is a metal roof or a single ply or a mod bit, it doesn’t matter no matter the type of roof that you have. Your roof is continually moving. Just recently we inspected a Edm single ply membrane called a thermal set. This membrane, there’s almost like a rubber tire. It’s a black rubber membrane that is glued and screwed in place. This membrane move about six inches every year from expanding and retracting due to heat and cold processes. We did a small repair and we can see the amount of stretch that was needed because of the extent of the movie. Edge of the roof. Thermal activity on the roof has caused and commercial roofing broken Arrow, much movement for Edm and single ply roofs. Lacking proper maintenance like our smart roof plan is a big problem with many roofs today. The roofs are normally what is called out of sight and out of mine.

They don’t really care about the roof until it leaks. We about your roof all the time because we understand your roof is probably leaking and hurting your substrate and your decking and your installation and you never know it. That could be happening for years before you ever see their leak come inside the building. That’s why we inspect and we give a full plan called a smart roof plan. You can reach us at nine, one, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. We are advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. If you do not take care of your roof with a maintenance plan like we have, you can potentially create much larger problems. That could be much more costly as time goes by. There’s nothing wrong with a natural roofing age process that every roof goes through. Many roofs have a 15 to 25 year lifespan.

The majority of them are considered to be about a 20 year roof. Well, this natural aging process is very common and it’s going to happen to every roof, but the one thing we do is we can come in and extend your current life of your roof by roof restoration, so when you comply and you combine roof restoration processes and our smart roof plan by annual maintenance plan, you can extend the life of your roof well beyond an extra 10 years on top of your normal life expectancy of your current roofing system, just because your ruth is stressed daily by the natural elements that mother nature brings us here in the greater broken era and Tulsa area. You don’t have to worry, we will take care of your roof and extend its life. Ultimately, there’s no better way to protect the contents inside your building than having a security system on your home.

Well, our roofing systems are the security system that you need for your roofs. When we install a roof, we cover your roof with a longterm warranty from the manufacturer of the product, and then also we give great competitive workmanship warranty with advanced commercial systems and commercial roofing broken Arrow home with a roof nerds being certified in Dura, last and TPO roofing systems. We give long term warranty repairs to existing roofs that are currently under warranties from different manufacturers. Routine inspections are all the genius behind our smart roof plan. General maintenance is much more for commercial roofing than most warranties would ever consider, but we will create an inspection process that specifically tailored to meet you, your budget and your roofs needs. One of the aspects that we bring with the smart roof plan is that of roof coatings. Roof coatings often contain poly merrick materials. Polymeric materials are a science of roofing that are similar to that of acrylic and have a white pigment, Paulie merrick materials bring you, not just the reflective potential of uv rays that we are so often talking about, but we also create a water tight membrane with these roofing restoration systems.

Please understand that a roof restoration system is just like putting on a brand new single ply membrane that is adhered to your roof for a 10 to 20 year warranty. You see the pigments that are inside these roof coatings, they begin to not just reflect the you rearranged, but they also absorbed the UV rays to keep them from going inside the building and also to keep them from deteriorating the asphalt or other type membranes that can not withstand uv rays. In commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’re often asked, can you install a roof restoration

system to an epd, TPO or PVC system? Our answer is yes. Concerning epds, we just recently did this exact thing in which we had to buy. A special EPD cleaner can. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Dm has tons of waste and when it deteriorates, it gets very chalky and becomes


powdery. Upon this happening, the roof needs to be power washed and then sprayed with a PDM cleaner because restoration coatings need to be able to adhere in commercial roofing broken Arrow to the epds membrane. We desired to make your Edm rubber membrane waterproof. Again, epds can easily be installed with a roof restoration coding process, but we use a primer first to make sure adhesion is the highest possible rate. TPO and pvc roofs, which are thermoset, I’m sorry, thermo plastic, single ply membranes can also have roof coatings and roof restoration processes added as well. It is often regarded that cloth needs to be used in specific scene and flashing arrows at specific times and low water areas to make a water tight membrane. The good thing about tpo and pvc is that they really help in a city concerning the herb urban heat effect. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow The heat island effect and the urban heat effect are the solar heat gain in the building area.

The reflective potential of these products create a great solar reflective system. These systems are designed to be strong and ics and withstand many types of extreme environmental issues. You may have a pvc roof. You may have a built up or modified bitumen roof. You may have a tpo roof or an epd m roof. You may have a roof that already has a current roof restoration or roof coating system. You may have an architectural sheet, metal roof, you may even have a steep slope shingle system roof. Jessica, give us a call and advanced commercial systems. We would love this in our roof nerds out. We are experts in product management. We are experts in many different types of roofing. Here are some of the services that we offer. We offer a free roof evaluation, a roof repair, roof restoration, roof replacement, roof maintenance, reroofing, new roof construction. I free by annual roof inspection as part of our smart roof plan. We are Haig storm certified inspectors with Hagar engineering. We offer low sloped roofing and steep slope roofing. If you need anything in commercial roofing broken Arrow, please do not hesitate to give us a call here at advanced commercial systems. Home with a roof. Nerds are nerds, are specifically designed and trained with all of the product and warranty details to assist you and your commercial roof.