Here at advanced commercial systems, home on the roof, nerds, we endeavor in every way possible to supply our clients with the highest level of knowledge for their commercial roofing. And also, you know, refer residential roofing as well. And so we have some tips, insurance claim tips for homeowners today. This is podcast, uh, with advanced commercial systems. I’m Marti the owner and founder of the roof nerds here and on this podcast and with all the time that we give, you know, towards, you know, the northeast Oklahoma where we’re located here and a commercial roofing broken arrow. We really endeavor to just help our clients, uh, and all our potential clients to have a better roofing system and to be more knowledgeable, increasing their roofing Iq. And so one of the first things, you know, so what do you do when you’re a homeowner and there’s the potential, um, of having storm damage on your roof?

Uh, one of the things, you know, you want to make sure you hire a roofing contractor that has plenty of experience interacting and wheeling and dealing with insurance companies, insurance claims, like you could pull it, you can pick up my cell phone, you can find a liberty mutual state farm, you know, AAA, you can find farmers, you can find Oklahoma Farm Bureau right in my phone because we interact with these guys all the time with the adjusters and with their field offices. And then also just with their, basically their corporate numbers. We call those guys and do a lot of work with those. So, uh, having a high quality roofing contractor, like advanced commercial systems, you know, we’ve done well over $300, 300 insurance claims, um, with adjusters on the roofs. And so we’ve gotten a really good idea of the language and what should be asking if she would, she would be looking for code upgrades.

What, what’s the ACV and the RCV value, what’s the replacement cost value? These, this is the terminology that we use every day, you know, on your behalf as a homeowner to help you, uh, have a better experience and get the most that you can out of an insurance claim. And so need to be careful for those fly by night roofing companies that just come in and you know, after we have a hell storm in the Greater Tulsa area, you know, commercial roofing, broken Arrow, after we have a hell storm, I would be very careful to, you know, go online and try to find a roofing company. Um, I would specifically try to find one that you’ve heard over the years, maybe heard their name like ours. And it’s, there’s some other companies as well that definitely had been around for awhile. Now I personally, uh, I’m the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerves.

And honestly, I’ve lived in broken Arrow for exactly 20 years. This is my 21st year starting right now. And so I would say I’m not a fly by night guy that just pops in and pops out whenever is needed. But there’s a lot of guys that do, they’re just pop in when the time, right? Because of the large storm or some type of wind that came through or, or hale. And because they’re looking at Macon, you know, from four to $8,000 off of every one of your insurance claims. And when it gets down to the last few that they’re doing, they’ll walk away with their first upfront check and a you’ll be sitting there holding a, holding the roof that’s not done. And you really be at your, you’re really regroup regret. Um, so here’s another point. Um, you as far as a homeowner, never meet with your insurance adjuster by yourself, always be with them, with have your roofer x.

Well, one of our roof nerds out with you when you’re going to meet with the insurance adjuster. Uh, because you know, our roof nerds, we know the codes, we know the laws. Um, you know, they concerning storm damage. And I honestly, we know the, the wind that we had, we know the size hail, we know the, where the different size hail was for that particular storm. So it’s really important. I mean, the insurance adjuster can ask you one question and you can completely lose the claim. I’ve seen it over and over and over and over. If you don’t understand what type of damage we’re talking about, if you don’t understand the timing, if you don’t understand your policy all the way, please let us help you. Let us take care of you. Cause it’s our job. He gets your roof completely plight replaced. It’s our job to make sure if there’s damage for the damage to be seen and recognized by the insurance of gesture.

You know, so you can live in Tulsa, Coweta broken Arrow, a commercial roofing broken Arrow, jinx, Awaso, Claremore, sand springs, Sapulpa you know, Katusa doesn’t matter where you live. Uh, we will come out and work with you and work with your insurance company. Um, another thing is you want to make sure that the contractor, that your contractor that comes out to, to give you a scope of what he’ll do for you, you need to make sure it’s in line, uh, at least equivalent as far as numbers is concerned and material with inline with the insurance company adjusters scope of work. What I mean by that is insurance adjuster might be paying for a 30 year shingle for you and the contractor comes out and gives you a quote for this really great price and you need to make, and he might be quoting you or three tab 25 year shingle.

And so with that being the case, uh, you’re going to get a lot less shingle and a, you don’t even know it. I may can handle 60 miles an hour better when the, the, the laminate shingle, canned architectural laminate shingle. And so you want to make sure you get the right shingle, you wanna make sure you get the right materials being used. And then also you just want to make sure the numbers match up and that they’re, you know, a lot of times, um, h vac units, the events. So those are being being repaired. There’s numbers in there for that. There’s numbers in there for the gutters on. There could be five to eight line items just for gutters hauling away separate gutters, insurance claims. We’ll have a lot of information that you might not understand and what we do. Uh, I and my roof nerves here at advanced commercial systems here and commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we specifically sit down with you when you get your insurance paperwork.

We don’t ask for the check, we just sit down with you and we go through the whole process. We go through levy line item and I want to explain to you every line item what it means, what it’s about. Concerning drip edge, you know, a lot of homes, uh, they get drip edge covered. And so that could be a 350, $400 a amount of money. Do you, so your Instagram insurance company is paying you for drip edge or the Roofer? He doesn’t put it on, he saves himself, you know, about $250, $200 of drip edge and of of that money and he makes more money and you’re not getting your home returned back to the original scope where it was before loss. So it’s always good to have one of our guys out with you because we’re going to be honest with you. And then also just being able to understand the homeowner’s policy, uh, as much as you can, you know, just be thorough and learning it and understanding it because that policy, um, you know, it, it might not cover a storm that’s more than 12 months old.

And so when you do have a storm come through and you suspect there’s damage, don’t wait forever to call us. Have us out as quick as possible so we can come out before the storm gets too old. Some insurance companies say 12 months goes by and you’re done. And so you don’t want that to happen. Some other ones say there’s two years to file a claim. A lot of them probably lean towards that way. But yeah, so here in advanced courses, systems home with a roof nerds, you can reach us anytime at (918) 973-1010. We’d love to hear from you. Now also, you can shoot us an email. If you have any questions or comments of any kind. Uh, you can shoot us an email at advanced. Okay. At or you can just go to our website as well. Uh, our website is [inaudible] dot com and you can go to our Google listing.

We have a Google listing just under advanced commercial systems. We are found in broken Arrow, Oklahoma. And then also last but not least, you can go to Facebook. You can find, okay, roof nerds, uh, no roof nerds. Tulsa. We wouldn’t have set the Facebook up that way. Roof nerds toll so you can find that on Facebook. So I’ve got a few more little points here for you. Um, you should always know, um, how the insurance payments are going to come to you. Some roofing companies won’t. The insurance payment for the claim to come to them. I always suggest having, uh, having it come to the homeowner so that there’s a full disclosure with the homeowner what’s taking place. And quite a few insurance companies, they do not write the check out to the roofing company. But if the roofing company does the right paperwork and you sign it, they actually can take those checks.

And so we want to make sure that you get those your hand on those checks first and remember that when you’re having what they call an act of Mother Nature, some people call it an act of God, but I don’t under, I call it an act of God hearing commercial roofing broken era. When you have a claim for storm damage of two year roof, um, which we call an act of, of, of nature, it’s not supposed to increase your rates. And because it is an active Mother Nature Act of God and it’s basically not, um, some problem with the home other than just basic, you know, mere chance. So your insurance company should follow, should follow through with that and not increase your rates to increase your rate. They have to increase the rate in the entire zip code or the entire area or in the entire region.

And then everyone with that insurance company would have an increase in rates. So these are some steps and some things that some just some basic tips for homeowners from advanced commercial systems, just things that you can do to help you in your process. Got To tell you it is a great thing to have homeowner’s insurance. You’re paying, I don’t know where you’re paying a hundred to 200 a month, whatever it is, and then you do that month after month after month. It is really a great thing to have an insurance company come in and give you a new roof. It’s so, it’s really a blessing. And when you’ve had wind and storm, the storm damage that will equate that happening. Uh, you really want someone like advanced commercial systems lack our roof nerds that knows what they’re doing has done it hundreds and hundreds of times and we’ll sit down because we pride ourselves in having great communication. We’ll sit down with you and explain every single aspect of the process. We really appreciate you for tuning in today for another podcast, and this is Marty here with advanced commercial systems and commercial roofing, broken arrow. We appreciate all the questions or comments we always get from you guys out there and told stuff and commercial roofing broken arrow. We appreciate all the time that you guys give us and listen to what we’re doing. Uh, once again, it’s not rocket science. It’s through science and stay dry.