Welcome once again to another podcast with his naps carceral systems home with a roof nerves here at advanced commercial systems. I am the owner and operator and the founder of advanced commercial systems. And here at advanced commercial systems, we offer you the highest level of expertise and information about the industry of commercial roofing. You know, roofers have had a bad name for many years, uh, because there were a lot of bad things that they did. I worked with some roofers years ago and I was literally shocked at the unethical practices and the different things that these guys did. I know a roofer that literally took some of his machinery, hit it in the woods until the insurance company that it was stolen so they could get insurance money for it. I’ll tell you the, the, the things, the lack of integrity and the lack of honesty that I’ve seen has been just staggering.

And I couldn’t stand working with people that were so dishonest. And so within time, uh, we started a mass commercial systems and we had built our company up on trust upon honesty and up on ethics. And so that’s why when we hire roof nerves and we hire biz basic staff, when we hire them, the number one thing we’re looking for is not experienced, not skill, not Iq. We’re looking number one for one specific thing and that’s called character. If someone has character, the door is open for them with our business, for them to develop and grow, to learn and to turn into that, that position that they would really love for it to be. So, uh, so we literally high for hire for character and that’s just the passion that we were about and what we do. And so if you would ever like to talk to us about maybe working with us someday or something, we would love to talk with you, but understand that if you do not have a character, uh, we will find out and we will weed you out.

And we will specifically not hire you because we will find people that were honest and full of integrity with their own families, with their businesses, with other people in the community, and also with us. So we specifically look for those people in commercial roofing, broken Arrow that can stand up and say, my word is Yay or nay. I don’t move from my word. I’ll stick to what’s being done. Right. So, so here at advanced commercial systems, one thing I want you to know on this podcast is today I want you to understand that we do offer a commercial roofing emergency repairs. You can go to our website at the top of the page at okay roof nerds, not com. The top of the page on the right is our phone number. That is our office phone number and as well as our 24 hour a day, seven days a week or emergency phone lines.

So that (918) 973-1010 that’s the number to call. That’s the number to reach us. And so if you call that number, we answer the phone or leave us a message, please, we get back to you absolutely as quickly as we can and we try to help you in your situation that you’re dealing with. And so we understand many times there’s a great urgency that when you call, when you have a leak, well I know buildings where there have been leaks coming down the side of a wall with $100,000 of machinery and wiring and, and, and data transfer software and you know, all the different things, $100,000 of machinery getting wet. So we understand that you, you don’t mind paying $750 to get old taken care of because you have $100,000 of product that needs to be saved. And so we fully understand that. Um, so one of our, one of our, the urgency that we place upon your urgency is a really large part of what we’re about here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, our commercial roofing contractors.

We keep these guys top of the notch, the best vehicles, highly equipped, highly trained. They can handle any kind of issue, any kind of roof leak. That’s a really good at what they do. Taking care of roof, roof leaks and even in the rain stopping these roof leaks. And so when there are commercial roofing emergencies, just give us a call. We were proved to you the highest level of quality and expertise possible and then also just basically commercial roofing repair now so you have emergency but then you also just have repairs and we do those and we normally get to those pretty quickly. Now we do have a lot of jobs that stay in front of us, but we just, you know here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we really want people to understand that before the next rain it is our goal to get the roof taken care of so you just don’t have lead come the next rain.

You know how the weather in Oklahoma is, you have rain for days in a row, then you have rain for a day and a half and then you go five days without rain again. That’s basically how the system kind of works here. So we try to jump in on those dry times and really do a really good commercial roofing repair and so then we sit down with you and we can increase your commercial roofing Iq. That’s a large part of what we want to do for you as well. And so we do provide a warranty for the all the work that we do and we provide a warranty for the work and for the products and materials that we do. And so commercial roofing contractors, um, you know, that work with us, they are highly skilled. We use a coatings sealants, many different times of mass sticks. We use cloth and tar, we use a lot of different things, whatever it takes to get your roof to a watertight position so we can ensure a water tightness.

And so that’s our plan for you. Every single time here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, if you’re commercial roof is just going through a hard time, it’s just suffering from, from damages are just really going through it. Uh, give us a call, we’ll come out, we’ll diagnose what’s going on. We will do that with our, uh, you know, just a 24 hour, no brainer free roof evaluation that we offer so that that accurate diagnosis we give you, we can implement that very quickly for an effective roof repair whenever you need that. So, uh, you just give us the go and we get, we get on it. And so, uh, now some jobs we offer for money. We asked for money upfront because we live, uh, do the had materials and different things covered before job start depending on the size of the, um, but I tell you, we value all that you do with your business.

We value, I mean, we were running a business. We understand how hard a business can be to start. Uh, so we value all the hard work you put into your business. And so for us to come out and take care of your building and to keep you up and going to where water is not slowing you down is really a big deal. It’s a big deal to us as well. Um, so, and then we’d go through the paperwork would go through all the process to make sure that if you have an insurance claim, we reach out to your insurance adjuster. Uh, we make the call for you many times, many, many times I’ve grabbed the phone or grab my phone and call the insurance company to let them know here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, whatever your location is in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we would file the claim with you.

Now many times we’d like for you to be with us while we filed the claim because they want to ask you a few questions, but they’re perfectly fine with us filing the claim. So we filed a claim with you right there and then we move on to sending up a time that the insurance to gesture would come out. And so, but going back to emergency repairs, a commercial roofing emergency, um, you know, the range it with the torrential crazy winds and rains that we have here in Oklahoma, they can happen at any time. So we literally are the guys, you should give us a call, give us a call, give us a try. We’ll prove to you that we can take care of your roofing needs. Um, so here’s what you should expect. Quick response and you should expect accurate inspections and accurate inspection and an evaluation from our commercial roof.

Nerds are roof nerves, are trained with Hagar Engineering and they’re certified Mimi. They’d go through testing, training, testing, quality control. We are, we have gone through schooling for single applies of how to install, how to repair, how to have long term preventative maintenance with single ply products. There’s a lot of things that we’ve done that the rest of the, the the commercial roofing companies have not invested time and energy into. Now keep in mind also that we are a licensed commercial roofing company. In the state of Oklahoma you actually have to get licensed, you have to prove your citizenship, you have to go through a long, a stringent process of different things to do. So we are a licensed as a Roofer in Oklahoma and then with that licensing we also have what’s called the commercial roof endorsement. Now for the commercial roof endorsement, there’s a, there’s a organization that’s under the mayor of Oklahoma that is called the construction industry board.

The construction industry board in commercial roofing, broken arrow sets up all the rules for electricians, HPAC, plumbing and roofing. Those four industries are managed really tightly and really strongly by the, the CIB construction industry board. So with that, the construction industry board in commercial roofing broken Arrow, a sets in place, um, testing that we have to take and have to pass at a certain very high percentile so that we are legally able to do commercial roofing and the state of Oklahoma anywhere in the state. And so it doesn’t matter if it’s a repair, it doesn’t matter what it is. There’s commercial roofing requirements. And so if you have a commercial roofer, you can go to CIB or construction, you can just Google this on your computer construction industry board. Are they licensed? When you put that in your Google search, you’ll pull up the page or you can just type in the name of the person trying to sell your roof or you can or you know, whoever the owner is of the company or even more so.

But you can type in the first part of the name of the company that’s trying to work with you and you can see really quickly are they licensed. And then you can also see if they have a commercial roofing endorsement, which it would say valid or none. And so I urge you to check that out. Check that out for advanced commercial systems. We’d love to show you that we have gone through all the testing, not just with Hagar engineering to be the best in town, but also with the construction industry boards so that we are bringing you legal work. It is actually a crime to work on commercial roofing, um, without having that endorsement. So you keep that in your mind. Do you want to hire someone to perform in a crime that doesn’t sound like it’s something you, you may really want to have anything to do with.

So here in commercial roofing broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds, we’re going to bring you the best quality. We’re going to bring you satisfaction. And here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we will do your roof anywhere within a large distance of here. Coweta sand springs, Tulsa West tolls. So North Tulsa, Jenks Glenn Pool. Uh, you name the area, we go to it. Sand Springs, Claremore Katusa we will go out and reach you and take care of your commercial roofing nature. Hey, once again, thanks for joining another podcast with us today. And also remember it’s not rocket science, it’s through science and stay dry.