Well. Today’s another wonderful day here and wonderful Oklahoma, the most wonderful state that we have here and this wonderful United States. And you know today is another podcast with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. Now here at advanced commercial systems, we don’t just no commercial roofing. We share that information with others and we have other people understand what we learn. So we are the home of the roof nerds. We’re continually in commercial roofing broken Arrow endeavoring to increase our knowledge, increase our wisdom, increase our experience, increase our application knowledge, our installation knowledge and our product acknowledge much more than the majority of other commercial roofing companies and commercial roofing contractors. If you’re online looking for commercial roofer near you or roofers near you, just go ahead and look@okayroofnerds.com we are the website of advanced commercial systems here and advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, so in here in Tulsa and the greater northeast area here in Oklahoma.

We love to talk commercial roofing. And so we’ve created this whole podcast system in which we have live podcasts where people can call in, where people can send questions. And many times the majority of the questions we get are really when we’re interacting with clients or we’re having potential clients call into our office asking us questions, kind of interviewing us while we’re interviewing them. So what they’re interviewing with us is for commercial roofing for us to be a commercial roofing contractor for us to be their commercial roofing company for us and our capabilities of coming out and helping them with their situation. And so because of our diverse, uh, experience in many, many types of roofs, all types of commercial roofing, uh, we, we have the capability of specifically, uh, sharing with them that we are the right fit for what they’re looking for in taking care of their leak, their maintenance plan, which we have what’s called the, the, a smart roof plan here at advanced commercial systems.

It could be needing a reroofing, it could be that of needing a layover or a full roof replacement. You know, it really doesn’t matter what you need in commercial roofing. We endeavored to bring the answers to you. So today we have a question that came from one of our clients. Uh, we went and met with a potential client today and actually they became one of our classes. They have a metal roof and the broken air area, a little bit off of 61st and olive. And so we met with them, we began to talk with him a little bit about what they’d been dealing with. They had this building built three or four years ago for them, a brand new building built. And when that took place, a brand new roof was put on and they helped, you know, the people that were doing the building of the building, they helped choose the contractor that was going to do the roofing.

And the roofers specifically spoke with the people that own the building that we’re having at bill and told them we need to go with a metal roof. This is the route we need to go. We’re going to use a standing seam metal roof and standing seam roofs don’t leak. Well, so she said to me, so I don’t understand for three years why I’m having leaking. Hey, because if this was supposed to be the best roof and the metal roof or 50 years and not have leaking this standing seam process where these panels are crimped and folded over together, why here in commercial roofing broken Arrow is my roof leaking. I paid a lot of money for this very large roof. Why is it leaking? And so I begin to say, well, the first step I need to do is I need to look at the roof.

So I got my ladder. It was a pretty high roof. I climbed up, um, I was in charge of doing inspections today for the company. Our roof nerds are out doing some other things. We had a job in sandy springs of uh, putting some termination, borrow on a TPO roof. We have some roof nerds over there taking care of that. So I was doing some inspections and estimates today. And so when I got up on the roof I saw very quickly, yes, it’s a standing seam roof. Yes, it’s crimped over. The panels are beautiful. I love these roofs. I’ve seen this roof on many of of uh, you know, schools. It is a high dollar Ruth. I said, wow, this is an expensive roof. This could be 600, $700 a square. I mean this is really inexpensive roof. Um, you know, where you could put a TPO, own a TPO roof with installation on for three 53 75, you’re talking about a really expensive roof here.

Here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We endeavored to bring you budgeting, you know, with advanced commercial systems that we can meet your criteria of what you’re looking for with your co euro for your budget. But what we sell pretty quickly with this specific building was the standing seam roof looked great, but just like every other roof in the world, that sanding, standing seam roof comes to an end. And that’s what we call in the industry, the termination of that roof or have that metal roof system or the membrane where it comes to a parapet wall or where it comes to an h vac unit with a curving or whatever it is. That standing seam roof comes to an end and every time it comes to an end there’s potential for a leak there because then you’re having to separate metals that are coming together to planes of roofing or wall or parapet wall or h Vac unit or pipe sticking out.

You were having two different planes intersecting and at those intersections those scenes are not being crimped the way the standing seam is on the same standing seam metal roof part. So here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, uh, we made it really clear to that potential client, which I think they’ve become a client with this today. We’re going to do a job for them. We let them know pretty quickly that that specific roof is a great roof. It’s a longterm roof. The problem is it’s leaking a lot around the h vac units. It’s leaking a lot around the parapet walls where that standing seam roof comes to an end and it terminates coming up against a wall or a blunt force. And so we share that with them and their, their, their mouth, they’re just open. Like, why did we order such an amazing roof? Why were we telling this roof wouldn’t leak acid?

Well, you were misinformed because this roof system does leak. That standing seam, it doesn’t leak very much because of how it’s crimped over. But there are probably 100 spots that could leak on it because the entire perimeter of that roof is terminated and is coming against a parapet wall and that metal is coming to an end. And then being screwed in potentially being caulked, having some water block water seal behind it of trying to keep it watertight. And those systems of water tightness do not work at the same level of the crimping of this standing seen panels and so up on her shock, I begin to share with her. So this is what we need to do if you choose to allow me to work on this roof. Uh, um, I’d be honored to, I believe I can stop the leaking. Um, your guys have been coming out and put the roof on for three or four years, have never stopped the leaks.

The leaks are still coming. What we need to do is we need to seal all the screws and all the seams of the wall and the parapet wall area where that termination is of the standing seam roof is coming to an end. And so I shared with her some systems is that some things, some products I would use. And upon that she seemed pretty confident that I could take care of her. And you know, I’m pretty confident I can take care of her as well. You know, leaks can be stopped. You just have to take care of the leak. You just have to keep working at it, keep looking for it and do your best. So here, you know, far above most other commercial roofing companies, other roofing contractors, other commercial roofing contractors here in commercial roofing, broken air. We’re not gonna give up on a leak.

We’re going to keep moving forward. And so literally, although her roofer that she had been working with just came out today and talk with her just because that happened. Uh, two hours before I got there, she still said to me, I need your information. I won’t your email. I want your cell phone because I want to call you and I’m probably going to have you come back out and just repair the things that these guys didn’t do. So they were hired to put in about a $70,000 roof. They put the roof in and all the profits that they made and everything that they’ve done after three years, they can not make the roof water tight. I found screws that were screwed in sideways. I literally found multiple seams that were not being sealed. It was pretty amazing to me that someone is doing that high level of commercial roofing is not doing a good job and so here, commercial roofing, broken Arrow and at advanced commercial systems.

Our word to you is that we’re going to do above and beyond what these Yahoo roofers are, are doing out there. Now, I asked her, who is this roofer? And she told me they’re from a city just, you know, 2030 minutes away. And she told me the name of the business and you know, it would never be my desire to put down another business or to make another business, make their light not shine. That’s never something I’m going to do. But I’m letting you know I’m going to make mine shine. I’m going to let you know that we can take care of your leaks. I’m gonna let you know that if we do a metal roof, if I choose to do a metal roof with you, if I do a TPO, if I do it mod bit, whatever I’m going to do, I’m using the absolute best contractors.

See, the majority of us were moved firms were using subcontractors. Now there’s a lot of us that are having employees and I tell you, I’ve seen that lot and I’ll tell you the quality isn’t any better. Um, the practices that they’re using of taking care of day to day operations isn’t any better because you’re still dealing with so many issues. Even when you have employees. So what you need to do is you need to find the absolute best commercial roofing crew. You need to work with those guys here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, Tulsa jeans, Glenn Pools, handsprings, Awaso Bixby. It doesn’t matter where you are, you need the absolute best roofing contractors. And I’m going to tell you, I have those guys. They are absolutely hands down. Amazing that the roofing that we, we do when we do groups together. So once again, hey, we’ve had a wonderful time here on this podcast talking to you about some of the adventures that we had today, and advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds here, and advanced commercial systems, a big part of commercial roofing, broken arrow. So once again, thanks for joining in. I hope you have a wonderful day. It’s not rocket science, it’s roofing science and stay dry.