Well today we’re having another podcast, podcasts 86 here with advanced commercial systems. I am Marty Grisham, the owner and founder. We are a family business by the way. And I am the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems. You know, years ago I worked at another roofing company and I really started dabbling in commercial roofing. I had had a construction company, might move my own for years doing commercial and residential construction and really I’d been a general contractor, insured and everything. And I just began to work with another commercial roofing company and had been going to learn more and more what I’d been doing residential roofing for a long time. But I began to learn more and more about, um, you know, the processes and the systems and I really began to get passionate about commercial roofing, especially commercial roofing broken arrow. So as you can guess so many times, you know, it’s time passes and you know, I’m no longer work at that company.

And I’ve started my own company and we have had great success every year. We are doubling in size every year. It has been a great experience. And I’ll tell you what I liked the most about my job. I tell you what I liked the most about owning the company. You know, getting big paychecks. I’m, you know, driving a nice work truck, uh, having a employees and staff that work with me. I tell you what I liked the most about everything about this is serving my customers. And that has been the heart of my business from the very beginning. I like long term customers. I don’t need a thousand customers. Give me 10 like property managers that just understand value of answering the phone. The first time I had one of my property managers call me three times a day today. Today’s what? January the third, 2019. I had a three property managers call me.

I mean three, uh, three phone calls from the same property manager today and within second ring each time I’m answering the phone saying, this is Marty. How can I help you? Uh, knew it was him. It was calling. I answer every call that way. And sometimes they randomly call me from a landline. I don’t know. And I answered the phone. This is Marnie with advanced commercial systems. How can I help you in commercial roofing broken out? Because what we do here at advanced commercial systems is if we, if we see that one of our roof nerds, their heart really isn’t in the serving people, they’re fired. Oh, I’ll fire them immediately. We, we don’t put up with that here at our company, our whole business is based out of serving people. Now, you know, there’s a lot of people in the industry, I’ve heard talk that way, but when you see their lifestyle, you don’t see that.

Well, let me tell you just this week, I’m gave away a few thousand dollars to missionaries. My business is specifically designed to be able to bring money in and make it profit and then send money out. Our whole business isn’t designed for us to be rich and live in a million dollar home. It’s designed for us to bring money in so it can go back out in the lives and the changing of people. I have a pastor friend in Missouri, uh, Father’s arms fellowship and I called him just a few days ago and we began to talk again. And I, you know, love to send him money. You know, I’m not super rich at all, but I love to send him money because he sits there and tells me whenever I send him money, he calls me a few days later and he tells me, you know what he did with the money that the family, uh, he told me about one mom who passed away having her seventh child.

We’ll, after that seventh child was born, she passed away during childbirth and all seven children go to grandma who was very poor. So he goes over, shares the word with her, you know, sheers the Bible with her. They come to church and he buys her food. He takes care of him, he does what he can and he uses, you know, my donations to do that. So, um, so it’s just, it, there’s nothing more that blesses my heart and be able to serve and be able to help people. And that’s really the heart of what we do here at advanced commercial systems. When we hire people, we don’t hire people that are highly trained. We don’t hire roof nerves that are highly skilled, been in the industry for 30 years. We hire people of character. We hire people that tell the truth. We hire people that do what’s right and you will see if one of my roof nerves the lies to you, please call me cause they’re fired.

We do not deal with any unethical maneuvers. You know, they say 80% now this was a study done by, I think it might’ve been Barna group, but there’s a study done that shows that 80% 80% of employees steal or half stole from their, from their bosses. And from the company that I worked for, uh, I will not tolerate 1%. I will not tolerate a line. I will not tolerate someone showing up late for work and coming up with cheesy excuses. You’re fired. Uh, and the reason why is because if I cannot have ethical, moralistic people working with me, then you can’t trust me to have them working with you. And so I create the best home base that we can here so that everyone around us in commercial roofing broken Arrow walks in ethics and walks in moralistic character. And really we hire because of character.

And so we run them through series of tasks. We run them through a series of questions and answers and we take weeks and weeks and weeks to decide when we go to hire someone. And really we don’t hire someone just to, uh, fill in the position, uh, quickly. We, we normally talk from 20 to 30 different candidates before we finally pick one. And that’s only if one stands up and character to the level that we want. I don’t know if you know this, but we have a character deficits in the world today. People doing what they say, people saying what they do. Um, you know, the Bible says that, uh, let your Ibi and your, and your no be no or your yes be yes and your no be no. What that means is be a man of your word. Be a woman of your word.

Be a business person of your word. Be a dad of your word. Be a husband of your word. Be a wife of your word. Be a child of your word. Be a teenager, be a college student of your word. It’s it’s, it’s about being trustworthy. It’s about doing what’s right in life. And so I tell you, we will not have 1% of line or unethical character in our employees. I’m going far out of my way to expose how we live here and how we operate here. And I’m doing it for one position and for one specific reason. I want you, the podcast hears those at a prescribed every week to what we’re doing. I want you to be able to listen to what we’re doing and know that when we send someone to your building, our roof nerves or one of our project managers, when they come to your place, they’re not just coming in and singing a song about.

It’s not rocket science. It’s through science. They’re coming in, going to be honest with you, going to be fair with you. They’re going to treat you the way that I would. And I show up at your door like, I’m here to serve you. I’m here to, you know, you made a wash your truck, what can I do to just make your day better? If you’re under stress, how can I relieve your stress if you have an emergency leak? That’s why we started the 24 hour emergency leaks and roof evaluations because many times a property managers, building owners, um, maybe, maybe just a, a maintenance man or maintenance supervisor or technician, which sometimes are engineers over hospital. Um, sometimes they just need, they just need something quick and they just need answers quick and they need s, you know, like just when was it? It was three days ago and acupuncture, um, storefront here in town.

I’m the property manager that manages that building. They have a roof leak coming in from an h vac unit, the flashing around the unit and commercial roofing broken arrow. And it was falling right on a chair where patient sit and get acupuncture. So I mean, they called me, I answered my phone second ring like I do every single time. And by the way, if I don’t answer, it’s because I’m on a, on the phone and I will call you back immediately upon hanging back. You know, hanging up on that person that I’m on the phone with. But I, they basically said how quick can you get out? And I said I’ll, I’ll be, I’m going to shoot for 30 minutes. I’m on the road going to another roof. It took me about 50 minutes and I had to apologize to say hey, it took me 20 minutes longer than I wanted to get here but I’m here and let’s see what we got.

We’ll see what we can do. It was raining, it was icy, it was cold. I got up on the roof, I found the leak on the inside. I’ve found the area was leaking. I got up on the roof and spent probably 45 minutes working on their leak and then I went to the store, got some product, came back and spend another 45 minutes working on the leak. And I’ve, I believe as of today, cause it rained pretty hard today. I believe as of today, the leak went away. So they, you know, in a very short period of time, uh, we stepped up and do what we say. If we say we do a 24 hour evaluation, if we say within 24 hours, uh, we try to take care of your problem and make it go away. That’s what we do. We do the best that we can.

You know, we’re not perfect. We give grace and we ask for grace, we make mistakes and we ask people to, you know, uh, we, we forgive other people’s mistakes as well. I just want you to know that we’re not just a company out to make the Almighty dollar we’re a company out to do, to really change people’s mindset of what business can look like, to change people’s mindset of what a Christian lifestyle can look like. Cause a lot of people, they think Christians are all just cheesy and fuzzy and you know, just numb and, and they’re not, because I’m one and I’ve been one my whole life and uh, you know, I think we do a good job. What we do. I think you can call us and ask us questions and we’ll be honest with you and we’ll be legit with you and we’ll give you the best price we can.

We do the best work we can. And at the end of the day, uh, you can, you know, give us reviews. If you’ll check out our reviews, actually in our Google listing, if you’ll go to Google, Google maps and check out advanced commercial systems, uh, there in broken Arrow, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you’ll see that we have well over a hundred reviews and we have a five star rating because people who know us and people we’ve worked with, they have stood up and said, we know these guys, they’ve done work for us. If they say they’re gonna do it, they’d do it. They’d been ethical witness, uh, with us and we trust him. And so that being the case, um, this basically was our podcast today. I, I know I kind of got a little preachy and everything and started talking more about, you know, the ethical and characteristic side of who we are and what we do.

But I kinda want you to know, I kind of want you to know where we’re coming from in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you know, it’s not rocket science, this roof science, but it’s a lot more than science. It’s values, it’s character, it’s doing what’s right in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So sure we have a free roof inspection, but what good is a free roof inspection. If I give you a, if I give you a um, uh, three 24 hour roof inspection, what good is that? If, if the estimate give you is inflated or if the estimate I give you is 5,000 more than it should be because you don’t know what it should be and you just basically trusting me and I’ll just give you these inflated prices and cheat you. No, that’s wrong. That’s not the way we’re going to do business. You know, the industry sets a standard of profitability in a profit and overhead and profit in the industry and we stick with that standard and stay in that range.

Even with clients who would pay us almost anything. We stay within the range because we treat people the way that we would want to be treated. So, hey, we appreciate your joining anyone to gay today. If you have any problems or any issues or any things at all, go to our website. Okay, roof nerds.com check us out. Give us a phone call at (918) 973-1010 go to our Facebook, click on it. I’m telling you, you’re going to see the projects we’re doing, the things we’ve been doing in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, check out our red roof nerds, what they’re all about. I really highly, highly recommend people to go to the top of our webpage and check on and click on why roof nerds, because people are like, what? What’s that all about? Well, if you’ll click on that and read what we’ve written there, I think you’ll have a pretty good idea of why we do what we do. Hey, thanks for tuning in to get today again with advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing. Broken out. We appreciate you. And once again, stay dry.