Well, thanks for tuning in today to our 70th podcast here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds where our motto is it’s not roof, it’s rocket science. It’s roof science. Uh, you know, you can go to our website and schedule a free roof evaluation and an estimate at anytime. So if you are a commercial property manager, a commercial building owner, or have any way interact with commercial roofing, whether it be steep slope or low slope, you can give us a call here in commercial roofing broken Arrow and we will come out within 24 hours. Uh, we will estimate your roof, we will evaluate your roof and that free 24 hour evaluation. We’ll put that in your hand with video and pictures. That way you know exactly what the condition of your roof and then you can make the wisest decisions possible for your roof and for your budgeting of your business.

And just keep in mind that the roof nerd was senior way. They have gone through rigorous and extensive training. Uh, we actually send them to an engineering school, um, or you know, a certification process. It is a three day, two, five day class in which they learn specifically storm damage for commercial roofing. And so give us a call and we’d love to help you. Um, so let’s get onto our podcast today. What are we talking about today? Today we want to talk about one thing specifically and that’s a routine problems. Roofing problems can come in any size. I’ve seen roofs completely torn off of a root of, of, of uh, building. I’ve seen roofs having so many different kinds of roofing problems, uh, probably up to even 25 types of roofing problems that we have come up with specifically that allow water into the building envelope of your building.

And so what we at advanced commercial systems, what we endeavored to do is not just talk about roofing problems, but we bring to you certified installation and roofing situations like that if who’s been a solutions. So roofing solutions is what we train our staff in. Um, from the moment you call our office, all the way through the entire process, our, our accounting department, our, everything that we do, we’re continually looking at overcoming objects and objections. And then also problems that may try to keep your building, uh, from having a watertight envelope. One of those that comes to mind, you know, that we often deal with is insurance companies. You know, many times insurance companies, they try to hold back money. They try to try to do specific things and have not really replacing a roof. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been on a roof and there’s been immediate wind and hail damage that’s just completely visible to anyone.

And the, uh, roof adjuster, I don’t know if they were just in a bad mood that day, I don’t know what their problem was, but they definitely had something, uh, or really chip on their shoulder something because they would not, uh, acknowledge the roof damage that’s from the storm. And so there’s times we’ve called out public adjusters who come out and do a great job for us. We have some good ones that work with us. And there’s times that we just call back for the, uh, manager or someone with that insurance company and they will send out a higher up adjuster that will come out and assess the problem with us. And every single time we’ve had that happen, they know they’re in the wrong. And we were very rarely stay very respectful with them, but they see very quickly the hail damage or the wind damage and they change, you know, the problem that there was.

So, uh, I think it has been one time that it was just kind of questionable about the hail damage and uh, they sent out a private, uh, engineer to us. Of course we have that, you know, we have some that backing as well, so we can talk for the lingo and we can work with them concerning what the roof look like. And so as that happened, we spent about four hours literally talking over just a run of shingles, trying to decide, you know, whether, uh, their policy, because their policy did not talk about different types of all types of damage. And talk about a specific types of damage. So we had to dissect the policy for the insured and they’re really just sit down and open up a few of those shingles and lift them up and really see what the, the mat, the composite Matt up under the shingle looked like trying to decide.

And commercial roofing broken Arrow, if there was truly heal damage, which there was hail damage, but they did deny it. Uh, it was evident how damage that you could definitely see, but they still denied the roof. And so when it comes to that, if I just don’t like getting into these long drawn out fights with them, because many times you might just completely lose. So we, um, we spoke with the building owner, there was probably 11 buildings in that deal and we spoke with them and let them know that there were still in good shape is still going to last 10 to 12 years. Um, it’s a very minimal hell damage. They’re just not willing to acknowledge it because of how the policy is written. You know, being able to offer a detailed professional roof inspection in commercial roofing broken Arrow is really a large part of what we, uh, we pride ourself in, you know, insurance claim, insurance, claim submission, insurance claim approval.

That’s a large part. Um, so if your roof is, is a damaged or if you believe it’s damaged or just want to check out, we come out and look at it for you in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and then we determine, um, if it’s unrepairable if it’s unrepairable, um, then we, we do to wind and hail damage from storm, you know, we need to contact your insurance company and now even if it is repairable, if it’s a large area, if it’s a large amount, we still might want to contact them. But we can advise you on how the money, cause we can pick her up, you know, how the money would look for you at that time. But your insurance company would definitely, we would love for them to verify the damage and approve the claim for replacement. And so what we’re looking for is we’re looking for the specific damage that we can agree upon because that solves problems.

Once again, this is our 70th podcasts today here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and we were talking about problems. We’re talking about different kinds of problems that people have with roofs. And so we go through a certification inspecting process where we have a certified inspector with Haig engineering out of Dallas. All of their, all of us here are certified inspectors in which we, we are trained specifically how to identify problems and how to solve problems. So after solving a problem, one of the things we specifically do is we begin to help you choose what roofing system is best for you in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So if you run into a situation and you need a roof replacement, I want you to keep this in mind here on our podcast today. What specifically we do for you here at advanced commercial systems, many roofers, they bring you out just the highest via they bring you out.

The simplest system, and roofing isn’t simple. Many times is complex. You know you have some roof materials that do not work with each other. So if we’re trying to solve a roofing problem with you, if those materials don’t work well with each other, they came ugly, don’t bond, we can’t use those. And so what we’re talking about continually today, solving roofing problems now is a certified inspector of commercial roofing. Um, we have a lot of warranties, we have electric, lot of different types of roofing options, a fantastic variety which we bring to you. So what we’re talking about now is bringing you more than one type of roofing system or repair or maintenance plan. And what we’re looking for words, what makes your budget, you know, the last thing I want to do is roofing work for someone who can’t pay for it. I mean that’s the worst case scenario, right?

So we help you assess in the very beginning before you ever choose a roof. We help you assess what’s your budget is, what you’d want to do, what year, one year, five year, 10 year, 15 year and 20 year goal is do you want a roof to last 10 years? Cause you know, you’re, you’re selling the building and then seven, so, um, cause you might not want to put a 20 year roof on there, which is going to cost about 25,000 more dollars. So that’s what we help you do here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And when it comes to solving problems, um, one of the last things we do when we interact with you concerning what you’re dealing with with your roof problems, um, that is a final roof inspection. You know, now sometimes that is needed for no dollar limit warranty that uh, suppliers or manufacturers of the products of the roofing products, um, that’s sometimes needed with a final roof inspection. I remember that the chick filet here and, and um, also offer 71st street that we put on. Oh, I did a final inspection with a Dura last inspector on that roof, uh, just a while back. And I remember walking through and doing that inspection, you know, the many things that they look at and give a good thumbs up on. You know, the Duro last products is pretty decent. Um, but, uh, and we, we do install it.

So in that, just keep in mind that just as far as solving Rufin problems, how long of a problem or how long of a solution are you looking for? Are you looking for just a five year solution? Uh, just did a roof recover a roof recovering, um, on a building here, broken air for a larger property management company and they said to me, we’re selling these buildings in 10 years, what can you give us that keeps us a low in price, keeps within our budget and we don’t want a 15 year product, we don’t want a 20 year product. What can we do? So when at that time, just giving into what they want to do because I mean they’re the ones with the money, it’s their decision. We came in and installed a 45 meal TPO roofing system as only recover on top of what they already currently had.

And so we put down some fan fold, half inch fan fold, screwed it down with plates and screws in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And then we went on to install that a 45 mil TPO. And so we solve the problem. It’s been a little while. It’s been, what, about a year and a half since we’ve done that job. And I tell you that we’ve not gotten one call for leak, one call for a problem. Uh, I personally probed with a TPO probe the entire roof and found no issues. I mean, it’s really screwed down, tight, watertight, extremely happy with how that roof turned out. So roofing problems is what we solve and that’s what we do every single day. And, but we try to do it where it meets your budget. So give us a call here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and we would love to take care of you. Thanks for tuning into our podcast today. Stay dry.