I hear a lot of talk in the industry of commercial roofing about different types of roofing systems and, and different aspects of, you know, getting the price lowered. Oh, by the way, hi, I’m Marty Grisham. I’m the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing broken arrow. And I love to talk about commercial roofing. We’ve been doing podcasts for, I don’t know, 240 podcast, 230 podcasts. I’ve kind of lost count because I don’t have my computer in front of me sitting here and our, uh, our recording space. Just basically doing some recording now to keep in touch with you about what’s going on in the industry and to keep in touch with you so that, you know, if you need any help in commercial roofing, we’re really easy to contact. We’re really easy to find. And so all you do is reach out to us for your commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.

So as I was saying, there’s a lot of talk in the commercial roofing Broken Arrow industry, um, between commercial roofers, suppliers about what can be done to keep the cost of supplies down. One of the challenges that we’ve seen with shingles in the last eight to nine months is shingles has a dramatically increased in price. You know, I, I’m not really sure our old process go down, but their asphalt shingles go up. So I’m not really sure what was the driving motivation factor? I would like to think that the shingles have not slowly increased for a long time. And so when it does do an increase, they did quite a bit of a job. You know, when you’re increasing a shingle product from 10 to $15 per square, that’s a very dramatic increase. Now at the end of the day, let’s say you have your normal sized home of 40 squares. Yeah, that’s a normal to the halfway big side, high salt size home and the 40 squares.

So the increase of your home just for the shingle alone is $400 and so that’s not going to kill you. That’s not going to, you know, destroy you. But at the end of the day, when your nails increases, when you’re felt increases, when your synthetic underlayment increases, when all of these different things increases and all of that creates an increase in the profit. So the overhead and the profit for the Roofer, it also increases, you know what we do, we basically take the, the, the, the cost of labor and the cost of the job and materials and we add a percentage onto that. So when the prices of labor and the prices of materials increase our, our profit and our job cost, the actual cost that we charge as being the general contractor running the job, it increases. So it’s a multiple of multiplicity to some extent that when you have one increase, it causes increases in other areas. We love what we do in commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

So the one thing that was a lot of times we have a little bit more control over is being able to stay on top of the labor costs. And so I’m not trying to spend a lot of time talking about money today. A lot of people don’t get kinda get someone annoyed if you talk too much about money because they want hear about the details of what is all about. And that’s what we do here at advanced commercial systems, home with the roof nerds. Um, but hey, you know what I want to talk about today? Honestly, I’ve seen now on my notes, I want to pick up with where I left off last week. The podcast I was doing last week, I was just getting over into, um, why us? Why advanced commercial systems, why not the other guys we, we talked about, we never want to put down other people, other roofing companies in the commercial roofing Broken Arrow field.

I’m not going to spend any energy or any time putting them down and making them not look so great in someone else’s eyes. But I want what I want to do. I, one man said this, you never make your candle any brighter about putting out others and you really don’t. I mean, you really don’t. And so what I want to do is just make my candle brighter and talk about how we have learned from their mistakes, how we have learned from the good and bad and ugly that they deal with everyday and how we’ve developed and see we’re not just a company that’s been around forever that stuck in his old ways. We are a blossoming, developing, ever changing company that’s specifically designed to serve you. So when it comes time for advanced commercial systems to step up and show you different aspects of servants of service, different aspects of roofing products, a roofing, uh, systems, uh, we’re the guys is going to do it because we’re the guys that are ever changing, ever looking to make what we do better than the other guys in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Never want to name the other guys in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. We’ll just call him the other guys. Many of the other guys, they’re basically residential roofers. I mean, a lot of them are, I mean straight up their residential roofers go to the CIB construction industry board, go to the website and clicking and are they licensed and Google’s CIB, are they licensed? And you’ll see very quickly that these guys aren’t even licensed to do commercial roof and they’re not even endorsed, which means they don’t have worker’s compensation insurance because that’s a requirement in the state of Oklahoma to do commercial roofing that everyone that gets on your roof is covered with worker’s compensation insurance. So at the end of the day, you’ve got a guy that’s not even legally supposed to be on your roof and they might even not be illegal to be in the u s so that’s the kind of things you’d be, you’d be challenged with.

And also with the other guys here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, uh, many times they have, uh, they’re, they’re delayed appointments, they’re not on time for appointments. Um, they call you reschedule the apartments, they have poor follow up. Their communication with their clients is extremely lacking. You’ll see those kinds of things all the time. And then also another thing that stands out is many times they show up and just want to replace your roof. That’s they want to talk about putting a new roof on, whether it’s a retrofit, whether it’s a layover, whether it’s a recovering job or whether it’s a full replacement, tearing it down and put new decking on. Even if it needed, repair some old decking. That’s what they want to talk about because that’s where the big money, they don’t want to walk away from your job with $50,000 profit in their pocket and you know there’s nothing wrong with that.

If it’s a pricing is accurate and good, that’s the end of the day. I’m telling you there are dozens of roof every month that I do repairs to every month, dozens of them every month that other roofers would like to replace. And I say, no, no building owner, no property manager. This does not need to be replaced. We’re going to extend the life of this roof and saved the owner and save the property management company. Tons of money where they can budget this thing the way they want to. So here to course course systems in commercial roof of broken arrow. We don’t just bring you a price, we bring you multiple systems. We don’t bring you a number. We bring you multiple systems with multiple numbers that will fit your budget. You know, you don’t even have to share with us what’s your budget is. Some people are real private about the money they have.

Hey, I respect that. I don’t want no one knowing my money either. I mean, you know, that’s what we have the right to privacy in this country. But also at the same time though, when I lay in front of you all the different budgets and what we’re capable of doing per different spectrum of budget range, that’s going to empower you to be able to make the right decision. So you will need to step up and ask me some questions. You willing to step up here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and asked my commercial roofing roof nerves. You don’t need to ask them a few questions. You know what if I did this system, how long will this system last if I did this system? That’s the cheapest one that you’re offering this. What does it entail? What kind of warranty comes with that repair? What kind of warranty comes with that reroofing that retrofit?

What kind of warranty comes with the full roof roof replacement? Then you’re doing, these are the questions that you should be asking every single day and so in the roofing industry, the one thing we’re not going to do is provide you an oversized quote and then turn right around and also provide you second rate work. We have the best roofing crews around, hands down. I’m telling you, these guys are extremely good. They’re doing so many roofs, they’re really, really good at what they do and they’re great to work with. We continually want to work with them over and over because the level of expertise and the level of, of, of ethics and character they show matches who we are as well. Here’s the top four things about advanced course or systems that you need to remember. Number one, we’re certified with an engineering company specifically trained for commercial roof storm damage.

That’s huge. When you live in tornado alley, the way Tulsa and broken Arrow does here in commercial routes in broken Arrow is huge to have the best in town. Look at your roof. Next we offer a 24 hour commercial roof evaluation. 24 hour you’ll have it. You go to bed, you wake up the next day you get it. This is not rocket science, this is roofing. It’s that simple. And then we offer what we call our smart solutions. We don’t offer just one solution or one system or one type of repair or one type of a grade. We offer multiple solutions so that you can pick the one, pick your one in commercial roofing, broken Arrow that fits your budget. And then the last one is our transparency. And you know that that that word might not mean much to you. It means tons to us because we’d been on the roof with other roofers seeing the unethical things.

They’ve done, the things how they’ve made roofs, that dad no damage, they made damage with a hammer. They may damage with their own hands. We’ve seen that over and over and it’s just disgusting. It’s literally disgusting and I’m ashamed that those people are even in the profession that I’m in. So we’re going to stand up. We’re going to do what’s right. We’re going to show you a video of our entire time on the roof. We’re going to have accountability and transparency with you here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We will build a trustworthy relationship with you where you can trust us with your roof. Hey, thanks for joining us again. Another day, another week with advanced commercial systems, home of the roof. Nerds.