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And the trade of commercial roofing, we have advanced commercial systems. Understand the terminology. Waterproofing. Waterproofing itself is a terminology that we use a lot because it encompasses the total wide variety of the many types of applications of the waterproofing industry. For commercial roofing, commercial roofing is basically waterproofing you’re building on the roof. Ultimately, we had advanced commercial systems in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, we offer services. They include waterproofing in a professional installation manner. Waterproof materials continually keep water out of your building, out of your parking garages, and out of many other aspects of your industry. You might have a new building, you might have a preexisting building that has age. It doesn’t matter. Our waterproofing services can be applied to your building. Our comprehensive waterproofing services are oftentimes increased and infective more because of caulking. With advanced commercial systems, we offer you the latest technology for flat roofing systems.

So what is a flat roof? Well, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association, 2016 manual concerning the low slope and steep slope roofs, there are only two types of roofing systems that are acknowledged concerning steep ness, one of which is a low slope roofs, as we often call a flat roofs. The other of which is called steep slope roofing. This is most common with two types of roofing that take up 95 percent of the industry that is shingle, roofing, laminate or three tab, and there’s also in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, a lot of metal roofing in steep slope roofing, but we are professionals mostly in that have low slope roofing because that’s strictly entails commercial and industrial roofing systems. Here at advanced commercial systems in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow home, mother ruth nerds. We’re highly trained for all commercial roofing systems such as TPO Edm, pvc metal roofing, slate, roofing, concrete roofing, shingle roofing, and many other types such as modified bitumen and roof restoration coatings.

Let’s talk about insurance roofing. So many times we have clients call us just because they have a leak. We will show up and inspect their roof and do our 24 hour free roof evaluation where we evaluate every aspect of your roof concerning the water drainage, water building built up such as ponding and other types of systems such as the parapet walls, coping cap, and the roof membrane roof installation, and the roof decking. We do a full evaluation on all these aspects of your commercial roof to ensure that you are still maintaining or need to maintain a watertight membrane.

So for insurance jobs we come out and inspect your roof and if we find possible storm damage then we prefer to call the insurance company and have an adjuster come out and meet to inspect the roof. Together. Upon doing so many times, commercial building, property managers and building owners might not be aware that there are storm damage is there is storm damage precedent upon their roof. Insurance companies oftentimes have policyholder codes for these certain area. Like just recently I had to interact with an insurance company concerning a steep slope roof and the current building codes for broken arrow.

Okay. My has a uniform building code document that has been approved and voted upon for the state of Oklahoma, but this does not necessarily apply to every city. Broken Arrow building code does not fall in line with the Oklahoma building code, broken Arrow building code, either users, the residential building code or the commercial building code, which is different than the Oklahoma uniform code. So in stating this, we found out not everything that we were asking for for the commercial roofing repair and replacement was approved in code, but on another roofing situation just recently and commercial roofing broken Arrow, we found that we were required to install according to code three and one half inches of insulation, equally 19 to 21. Our value under a TPO membrane installed roof since the roof currently had hail damage upon it and the building code requires for installation to be above deck of three and a half inches or 19 to 21.

Our value, the insurance company actually was responsible to pay for the upgrading code. That upgrade was close to $20,000 and the insurance company covered that code upgrade here at advanced commercial systems were highly educated and trained to work with insurance adjusters over the last few years. We have met with almost 200 adjusters on the top of commercial and residential roofs for low slope and steep slope roof roofing and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow into and so we have had great success many times getting full replacement roofs for clients that would have never gotten it from the insurance company. Just recently, while on the roof with an insurance adjuster. He basically looked at me and said, I’m going to deny damage on this roof because he was looking for wind damage. I reminded him that that same storm did produce hail and at that time he began to circle hell hits in which we found a test square of eight to 12 hits, which, which allowed farmers insurance to fully play for pay for the roof. We elite recently have finished the full roof replacement on this job in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow and the homeowners are very happy and the commercial building owners are very happy because when they would not have gotten a roof, advanced commercial systems came through again and helped another client ensure a watertight membrane on their building envelope, roof.

Winter is coming and the snow is on the way. Let’s talk about what snow does on the commercial flat roof. Whether a commercial roof or an industry industrial roof, it doesn’t matter because snow can build up and often times because there’s a lot urban heat effect in the area. The snow can last on the roof for a very long period of time. So let’s say in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow that you get six inches of snow on a roof over the next few days, the temperature begins to rise and the roof begins to slowly melt as it does so it begins a very large pond. So just imagine your entire roof on a commercial building becomes an ice water pond with really cold water just sitting there because the snow holds it in place and does not allow it to drain into a proper drainage systems.

At this time, the water sitting there for days and sometimes weeks turns into your worst enemy as it tries to find every crack and crevice. Most commercial roofs over the last 50 years were not really designed for ponding water. When you read products and manufacturers recommendations for most commercial roofing products, you’ll see that the majority of them are not made for ponding water. Ponding water begins to dissolve and disintegrate the outer layer of most commercial roofing systems. That is one reason why single plies like pvc and TPO, thermo polyolefin membrane is very often recommended for Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow because ponding does not affect these products. If the seams are installed correctly, you could have water on a roof for weeks or even months with no problem.

Here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof nurse, give us a call. If you are having ponding problems on your roof, we would love to assist you in any way possible. You can reach us at nine one, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero. We give a full free roof evaluation. So what’s so what’s involved in a full free roof evaluation? Well, one thing is you received that roof evaluation within 24 hours depending on the type of situation that you have, whether it’s replacement repair or just needed smart plan maintenance, we will give you a draw out of build out of your roof system where all the h vac units are, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow where all the penetrations, all parapet walls and all the other aspects of the roof such as ponding and drain systems. Within doing so, we can show you the plan that we want to improvise to cause your roof. There will be watertight. Again, a large part of having a water tight membrane roof system is being able to create areas where the roof does not have ponding. If pondering it ponding areas currently exist on your roof, we can build systems through.