Here it is. Vance commercial systems. Many times can we refer to ourself as home with a roof nerds? And the reason why we do that is because we consider ourselves nerves for Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. Now when it comes to residential roofing, sure we are considered nerves as well. A nerd is someone who’s technically skilled and trained and the specific technical field in which they are an expert in that field. And that’s exactly what we are here and advanced commercial systems. Hey, thanks for joining in another podcast with us today. I am, uh, my name is Marty. I am the, uh, operator owner and founded this wonderful roofing company called advanced commercial systems here in northeast Oklahoma. And many times we refer to as Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow . So why do we, why do we continually do these podcasts? Well, there’s a lot of good reasons. One reason is it gives us tons of content that helps us out in our marketing.

And another reason, uh, that is a main reason. And another main reason is we love to provide information for our current customers, our current clientele, um, by this to show ourselves to be, uh, someone who’s dedicated. Uh, you know, when you have done a podcast for over 250 weeks, I mean, do the math years and years of podcasts being done. And there’s a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot that we put into making sure that we shine with our marketing, how we express ourselves, and really what we’re about here with advanced commercial systems. And so as the owner, the founder, and currently the continual operator of advanced commercial systems, I’d like to say to any new listeners out there, welcome, welcome to, uh, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. Welcome to who we are and what we do. This is what we do. We talk Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow day in and day out.

It is our passion. It’s what we’re about. And we’ll continually keep doing this for many more years to come. The one thing in our future is we have no plans in any way, shape, form, or fashion of leaving the Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow industry of leaving the, uh, being a great Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow or a great Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow\ company. Uh, if you’re looking for a commercial roofer near you and you’re in advanced commercial systems area, which is northeast Oklahoma, please give us a call. Now. I do roofs in Oklahoma City, that entire region, Mustang, Yukon. I’ve worked on, uh, I don’t know, 15 roofs over there in the last eight months doing repairs, doing replacements, and doing a lot of maintenance, doing a lot of work, taking care of a lot of the different types of roofing systems, commercial flat roof systems that they have over there.

Even some steep slope roofing over there. Uh, so it’s not just here in commercial roofing broken arrow. It is really widely around the state. We had gone to law, we have gone north, south, east, west. We’d gone to Bartlesville, we’d go to, I know low Pi Husk, Pawhuska Wagner. We go all over the place and we do government jobs. We do public bids, public jobs. We do private jobs. We do property management, private maintenance plans and so what exactly is a maintenance plan? I hear that sometimes because a lot of people they just think to themselves, hey, come in and fix the roof. May feelings go away and move on from there. Let me tell you one of the main hidden reasons of the the the smart plan. Our smart roof plan is our preventative maintenance plan, but it’s not just prevented. It’s our current maintenance plan, our annual biannual twice a year checkup than we do for free.

It’s a, it’s just an amazing no brainer of what we offer and when we do this, we’re not asking money out of your pocket. We’re basically giving you free data, free accumulated data and information about your commercial roof. We don’t cause any problems, we don’t cause any problems with the roof. We don’t puncture holes in it. When we get up there. I know roofers that do that. We basically honor and respect to you. We come out and do what we do best. We do a 24 hour free roof evaluation of your entire roofing process. So you could have, you can have a very larger, I looked at a roof just recently, that was 450 squares. That’s a big roof. So you could have a roof that large. It does. It’s still no cost to you, um, to have us out and do a free roof evaluation in which we locate all the good, bad and ugly of your roof. We take care of all the ins and outs of your roof and we lay that data in front of you here in commercial roofing broken Arrow so that you can make the best decisions that you need to for what you’re doing. And so if you’re looking for a Roofer, uh, that is going to provide free work, then you should give us a call.

Our free work is specifically designed to be something that we do on a daily basis. So we’ve got it down to an absolute science. You know, one of our sub things that, one of our slogans we say is it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science. Well our 24 hour free roof evaluation, we’ve got this thing down to a science. We have a full blown digital spreadsheet. When we walk up on your roof, we’re immediately beginning to fill out this spreadsheet. We’re immediately begin into to process all of the information and bring your roof to a current score. The score, the s, the wafers scoring roofs is on a one to five, uh, of what degree the roof situations in. So if you have a roof membrane that is scoring two or lower, you’re probably falling in the scale of needing to roof replaced, especially if you’re one, you probably need the roof membrane replaced or you really need to step in if it’s possible and and do a roof restoration to the entire roof.

Now there are some roofs that they get so bad you really did not want to do a rev roof restoration unless you’re covering the entire roof with cloth. And that’s basically creating a brand new membrane. I mean, you’re just as good laying a TPO on top of it and screwing the TPO down as far as that’s concerned. But many times, roofing problem, these are not found in what’s on the top of that, you know, roof system, the waterproofing system. Many times a roofing problem in commercial roofing broken Arrow is found below the waterproofing membrane because the waterproof and mid right not might not have done a good job. For instance, I went on the roof and we replaced the roof for kindercare. Oh Gosh, it wasn’t that long ago. Um, and there are, they have 1400 buildings in the u s that they are, are, you know, occupying and we take care of all of the buildings for them in the state of Oklahoma at this time. And it’s probably close to 20 buildings that we, we take care of for these guys. Now, all the roofing repairs replacement, we just did three big root roof replacements forum.

We get up on this one roof and we start tearing the roof off. We knew we had the capability of doing what’s called a recover or recovering of the roof is basically where we come in and we take it off the very top layer. And once we take off the very top layer, um, we’re capable of putting the node layer on top of that as long as it does not exceed two layers, we’ll on this specific roof. We took off the top layer and found that, you know, we already knew it went all the way to the decking, so that was easy enough. So we started taking off the top layer and it was a ballasted roof, so we had to take off gravel on top of that. Well, we get into the roof and commercial roofing broken Arrow, and we found out pretty quick.

The decade is in really, really bad shape. There are, there’s two routes that stand out right now that once we got into the roof, there was a denims that needed to be made. It needed to be put together by us and that they would need to pay a little more money because they needed to replace them decking. Now sometimes you don’t need a fully replaced the decking. If the decade is still somewhat structural, then you’re capable of coming in with some sheet metal and covering the decking because at the end of the day there’s little decking as you pull off. The better off you are. If the decking is not, uh, not splintering bad. If the decking, like a metal decking isn’t so bad as to where it’s crumbling, if it is damaged from water and that would be because of roof leaks over years and years. If it is damaged from water, one of the top things you need to do is see is it still the pain capable of having pool strength.

Now pull strength is when we screw in the ISO board and or screw in the decking in to the roof that we need to make sure those screws are secured enough in the roof. That is has pull strength. What that means is we grab it with a pound meter and we pull and measure how many pounds of pressure can be pulled up on that screw before that screw, let’s go before that screw loses its bike. And so that’s really, really important for commercial roofing and especially around the perimeter edges of a building because that’s where the high winds tried to do the lift force in the past. Hey, this is Marty Griffin when advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We appreciate your joining in another podcast with us today. We will pick up right here for our next podcast. It’s not rocket science, it’s through science, and please stay dry.