Welcome to the advanced commercial systems. Welcome to the podcast, the podcast of the dance commercial systems home with a roof nerds. Today we want to talk about managing your building and managing your roofing facility if you have a commercial building or mini commercial buildings. Because we work with tons of property managers and working with property managers, we have found that it can be quiet sure. For these guys to stay on top of everything that they do. And so here at advanced commercial systems, we offer everything that we can to allow property managers and malty building owners, uh, the capability of simplifying their life by the asset management that we put into place. Now, advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. We are here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and we have been in business for many, many years. We have tons of expertise, tons of experience, tons of product knowledge, tons of repairs, maintenance and roofing replacements that we do.

And so the, one of the things though that we do with a is when a property manager has so many buildings, they really do the potential for the trouble. You know, with so many roofing buildings is really ecstatic, staggered, uh, only there’s only so much time that you can manage your buildings. So they’re, they feel like there’s a need to hire more, uh, building managers under, on their staff. And you know, that might be the case in some instances, but sometimes that can be alleviated merely because we step in with what we do with the property maintenance and a property asset management that we offer. And so here at advanced carceral systems, uh, one of the greatest headaches that you could ever deal with is saving time and saving money in the process of trying to get your roof’s taken care of. So let’s say you have to hire a whole new, uh, employee because you have 15 roofs and you know, you know nothing about roofs and you have to hire this guy that basically for, you know, on a full time salary to take care of your roots for you.

Well, that’s something that we offer already. That free evaluation, that letting you know exactly what’s going on, being honest and truthful with you, giving you the full insight for commercial roofing Broken Arrow is what we do in the service that we offer already right out of the box. So if you’re interested in saving money, if you’re interested in streamlining your processes, then you need to look at what we do with our maintenance plan or biannual checkup maintenance plan called the smart roof plan. The smart roof plan is a plan that we’ve put together a, after we began to devise our 24 hour free evaluation, we began to see that that actually is offering about 80% of what property managers are looking for when it comes time for them. Manage your roof. Uh, have the in, in detailed insight into what their current status of the roof is and not just one roof but many rooms.

So you could have 12 roofs and over a period of time, um, just a few weeks, we will lay in front of you 12 different, full free, no brainer evaluations of the current situation of your roof. So let’s go through at some of the key elements of what we offer and what we can offer with our smart roof plan. And then there’s some packages that can be added on to that. But basically we’re giving you a comprehensive inventory, um, of all that you have in your roofing portfolio. And we do this withdrawings video and, and pictures and then a full detailed layout, a data sheet which shows exactly all the different dimensions and specifics of your roof, like our value slope. Are there any problematic areas? We cover all these things as well. And now it’s an exhaustive roof inspection and a complete roofing analysis. And that’s what we’re relating in your hands.

This includes, we do core sampling, uh, if needed infrared scans. Now this is basically for thermal temperature under the, you know, the membrane to see if there’s any water that’s gotten under the membrane. And then if needed laboratory analysis, there are times that the roof may membrane is going to require some laboratory analysis, especially if there’s been held damage. Now we are certified with an engineering company we can work with directly with an engineering company. We can take pieces of your membrane and send that to the company that we are actually certified with engineers who have studied and found tons of insight and foresight into commercial roofing and storm damage, wind, hail. So you may specifically say, you know, is there hail damage on this roof? We can take pieces of your roofing membrane, melt that down for forensic laboratory analysis. And then also we have an extensive professional line of being able to identify potential energy savings by getting rid of bad installation area.

So when installation does get soaked under the the roofing membrane, one of the things we deal with a lot is having to remove that wet insulation. And a lot of times when you get over to heaven, replace up to two thirds of the installation, I’m sorry, up to 25% one quarter of the installation. You’ve gotten right to the money point with you move one step forward more. Um, you need to replace the whole roof because it’s not worth the amount of time, the amount of money being spent to not have a brand new roof already, unless your membrane is just really in great shape, which honestly that’s normally not the case when you have a wet roof. Uh, the insulation in commercial roofing broken Arrow when it’s, you know, pretty saturated saturated insulation is where we’ll get rid of that as quick as we can.

Now we’ll come up with calculations of how much remaining life of useful life the lifespan is left. And we use, you know, scientific algorithms. We use specific, uh, the age of the product is pretty easy for us to find out because we’ve looked at so many and honestly, if the laboratory testing needs to be done and we can do that as well. But that’s not normally the case. I’m just calculating the useful lifespan that’s left in a roof. Um, so then we go over into roof conditioned a roof condition reports and specific ratings we’ll put together. And many times they’re very detailed. Um, so that you have that information of current roofing. So there’s two things we want to show you. We want to show you the complete current picture of your roof so that we can then show you a future, um, presumed picture, uh, of what we can do through preventive maintenance or repairs or a full replacement system or recover system if that’s possible.

And when many times we’ll try to go that direction. Now, calculations of the roof, roofing portfolio calculations of what we call the depletion rate. So how quickly has the roof been leaking, losing its sustainability and its life compared to the manufacturer, presumptive quantities or qualities of the roof. So if a manufacturer says the roof is a 15 year roof and it’s seven years old right now, does it truly have eight years left? Has it, uh, depleted too early because of extenuating circumstances like ponding and, and just specific other reasons. It has it gotten wear and tear from other contractors getting on the roof here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And so then also we do the development and the real time maintenance of a management system that we put together all of this for you and an easy accessible, accessible format. And then there’s plenty of opportunities to do restoration and restorative principles that to the roof because we have to bring your roof back to a watertight standard.

Water tight is what we’re looking for. And with we can quality and quantity produce that for you without insane cost, without having a fully replace the roof. That’s definitely a way we’ll steer you if we can get enough lifespan out of the future of the roof. And that’s the challenge. And that’s the key. And that’s our main focal point of really the majority of what we’re doing here. And then data tools and reporting tools, um, that puts everything to you in a budgeting plan because we understand your capital planning and your budgeting is, is key for you. I mean, at the end of the day, you can’t do something that you can’t afford it. You don’t want to do something, you don’t want to go out and get along and you’re a business, you’re producing money. The majority of the time, most businesses, if they need a, you know, $120,000 roof, most businesses can cover that over a period of time because they’re producing, you know, they’re producing and having a great product.

There are business, you know, and so over a period of time, what, you know, we’re a three year period of time, are you capable of carrying the load of a roof like that? We’re not going to come in and say, okay, pay us over the next three years. But we will say, hey, let’s do what we can do your roof today. And three years from now you were at a place where you can, your budget and your fiscal planning can come together where you can get this done. And so that’s one of the things that we do. We don’t like to carry a cost ourselves because a, it’s not our roof. And you might go out of business and suddenly we’re sitting there holding $50,000 not paid to us. So that’s just not something that’s gonna be an option. We do say if you would like to go get alone, but if you’d like to wait three years, we can create a water tight membrane on your roof and make it last that long. And so here at advanced commercial systems, this is what we do here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow every single day. Give us a call at (918) 973-1010 a advance is the roofing company that you really want to choose because of the trustability, the accountability, the resources that we use, commercial roofing, broken arrow has never been as good as it is now. Thanks for giving us a listen to ne to our podcast. We hope you have a great day.