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Here at Advanced commercial systems, we know steep slope Roofing. Some people are confused by the terminology of steep slope Roofing in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. The majority of steep slope Roofing is asphalt shingles like what most people have on their residential home. There are two main types of asphalt shingles that we deal with in residential and Commercial Roofing. Here at Advance commercial systems we are experts and the technical application and installation of these shingles. Most buildings have a wooden deck and the shingles must be removed and oftentimes the felt paper or the synthetic felt paper called underlayment.

Everything is removed down to the wood decking so that the decking may be inspected. Sometimes when there has been a leak in an area of a building for a long period of time the roof decking can have water damage and begin to soften or rot. So when the shingles and felt are removed, this inspection takes place. The two types of shingles that we commonly deal with are three tab shingles and laminate shingles or often called composite shingles. Laminate shingles not only look better but also have a greater life expectancy. 3 tab shingles normally have a 20 or 25 year life span.
Laminate shingles, which I often still call 30-year shingles, oftentimes have a 30 year 50 year or lifetime warranty. Doing shingle roofing is very common in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. Once again, when we remove the shingles and underlayment, we inspect the roof for bad decking. If bad decking is found we were place that decking with new decking of the same thickness. Then we install the underlayment while we also install a product called ice and water Shield ice and water Shield is a product very commonly used in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. It is a 3ft wide peel and stick mat that is laid out and all of the valleys of the building’s roof. This is a large part of adding security to the new roofing system. Many times because how shingles are woven in the valleys, these our areas were leaks most often occur. Ice and water Shield is a 3 foot wide rubber mat that would basically calls that leak from coming inside the building’s envelope.

It will run all the way down to the gutters and the water will go that far as it exits the roof under the shingles. Then we begin to install the shingles onto the roof which consists of shingles, Ridge shingles and starter shingles. Starter shingles goes around the edge of the roof while Ridge shingles goes on the very top, or the ridge of the Roof System. Many times when we visit with insurance companies at Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, collateral damage is a large part of what we look for with the insurance adjuster. Many times X insurance adjusters will buy or pay for the gutters on the building because they are often a soft aluminum and Dent very easily from hail damage. We grab a flat piece of chalk and drag it or rub it along the bottom of the gutter and that will show any dents that were made by hail. Many times insurance adjusters will only pay for a partial amount of the gutters on the building. This is always confusing to me how insurance adjusters seem to purposely skip some gutter areas.

However gutters only cost around five to six dollars a foot to install so it’s normally not too big of a problem. At Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, we’ve always had a great experience with insurance adjusters and have found them to be fair and nice and easy to work with a very large majority of the time. We have learned a lot from insurance adjusters for residential roofing and for a commercial roofing. Steep slope Roofing is a specialty of insurance adjusters. However Commercial Roofing is considerably different than Residential Roofing. One of the challenges of Commercial Roofing is that you’re literally dealing with a flat roof with a very very low slope.

That’s why it’s called low-slope Roofing. Often times they refer to as flat roofs. But in all honesty they have some slope just very little. So you can imagine the challenge with a flat roof or a low-slope roof. The water normally sits there much longer and it’s process to exit the Roof System.

As this takes place and the water stays there longer, it is more capable of finding or creating small access points into the building. Another large problem with flat roofs is called ponding areas. Upon area is a flat area or dipped down area that continually holds water after a considerable rain.

this is technically a faulty area that is not allowing the water to run off of the roof. these ponding errors can be fixed in multiple ways. One of which, is to build up the system and that area of the roof so that slope is causing the pain area to no longer exist. This can cost a lot and take much time. So the most common repair in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow for ponding areas is to apply a roof coating. Advanced commercial systems often uses silicone-based roof coatings to turn the ponding areas into a completely watertight system. Silicone-based roof coatings can have up to 15 years for 20 years of life and performance especially if two coats have been applied to the ponding area. here at Advanced commercial systems we have had great success and I roof nerds are experts at Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow.

Just recently We performed a silicone coating patch two very large metal roof that was a leaking around the screws and was leaking at the end of the roof near The gutter and the seams. If you have a metal roof that is in need of repair because of leaking areas, please give us a call 24 hours a day. If you have a large roof, flat roof, or commercial low-slope roof please give us a call for a free evaluation within 24 hours. I roof nerds will Design and lay in front of you a full evaluation of your roof, the size of your roof, any immediate needs of your roof, or any penetration areas that is allowing water in causing you to not have a watertight system. At commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, we know roofs and we know how to keep the interior of your building dry all year long and in every season. Give us a call or shoot us a message through our website and we will respond to you immediately. Your roof does not have to be leaking. Your roof does not have to be causing interior damage in your ceiling tiles. You can give us a call and with a very short period of time your problems will be gone. here at Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow and advanced commercial systems we bring a warranty and a guarantee to Our Roots and our repairs. Give us a call at anytime so we can serve you.