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So how’s your roof doing, your commercial roof of your building? Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Is it something that you are aware of constantly or is it something that you only think about when it’s leaking and causing problems with the person renting your building? There’s nothing like having someone rent your building and continually complain. I have some clients I just finished some roof work for


refused to resign their lease because the roof was leaking. The property and property manager brought me in to work on the roof. Then make the lead go away and then when I accomplished that, then the people renting the space would resign. Another year lease. We came in and installed a TPO system. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow This is often called a single ply system. We installed it with a mechanically attached system. Within this we use fasteners and plates, metal disk, our plates that we use right along the same area and using these, we attach the membrane to the roof deck.

This is the most common type of commercial roofing that we perform. We really like it the most in commercial roofing, broken Arrow in the greater tulsa area. If you’ve lived here very long, there’s one thing you know for sure that is storms come very quickly. It’s pretty funny watching Weatherman, the mini that we have here on the local news stations trying to interpret the weather before it happens. I remember a while back that we were having a tornado come to the Tulsa area and just before the tornado reached our area, they began to split up and disperse and we can continually, I believe that’s because of prayer. However you should’ve seen the confusion and how the weatherman was trying to explain what was taking place. Being in construction for many years and having a commercial roofing company, we’re always watching the weather and we’re always listening to whether men. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow There’s not really a perfect science to what they do, so thank God there is a perfect science to what we do here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we have roof nerds that understand roofing science. They understand how a roof should be installed correctly. They understand that with care and patients, your roof can have a smart roof plan implemented.

We’ve worked with a lot of business owners and we’ve worked with a lot of property managers and also we worked with a lot of commercial building owners directly in doing so. One thing always intrigues us when there is damage to a commercial building, the people involved in taking care of it should never lose hope. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Hope comes through us is we know that there is a the way that we can fix a problem if problems cannot be fixed, all hope is lost, so when the torrential rains and the horrible winds and storms try to come our way and the Greater Tulsa and broken Arrow area, please don’t lose hope. All you have to do is give us a call at commercial roofing, broken Arrow and advanced commercial systems, and we will send out our roof nurse absolutely as quickly as possible to take care of your roofing needs. You might have what we call a flat roof. You might not know exactly how steep your roof is or you might have a specifically steep slope roof. We’re professionals at all of these types of roofs. There is a single ply membrane that we don’t always install very frequently and it is called e p e d m period. An epd in roof is a very thin, almost like a rubber tire material.

It basically looks like a rubber tire, very thin in is glued together with types of adhesives. These are normally black, although other colors can be found and they’re very similar in shape and size to that of single ply membrane such as pvc and TPO roofing systems. There have been a few, a PDM roofs that we have worked on and repaired just recently and I have to tell you, they can be very complex because they’re not made of the same type of molecular structure as TPO and pvc. They can have small pinhole leaks all over the place and you would never know it just recently on working on one specific large Edm roof and the Greater Tulsa area in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Our roof nerds had to do a core sample and cut through the epm membranes to try to locate all the areas where water was entering into the roofing system. As we did this, we very quickly found where the water was entering in, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow but when you looked at the epds membrane, there weren’t any holes there. They were extremely small holes that were allowing a little water into each hole. As we found this out, we could then begin to figure out a restoration possibility period. Roof coatings are great products for using as a restoration

products, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow so we began to use a roof coating as we cleaned the PDM roof extensively with power washing and then other chemical products that are safe to the environment to create a nice single ply membrane adhesion


When the roof began to be fully dry, we repaired the areas that we had cut, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow open and reach, sealed those test areas.


Once that was done, we began to apply the coating to the epds single ply membrane. When this took place, we could tell that a great at a hearing took place and all of these small, very small hard to see holes that we’re allowing water into the roof system were completely covered with a wonderful silicone based coating in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow We’ve done this many times and I’ve had great success with it.

We were anticipating waiting for the next torrential rain to come because we wanted everyone to see that the type of repair that we used did a great job. The problem with this, ruth is it is very large and there are other areas that are continually allowing, leaking and starting new leaking areas. We have to let our clients know that we’re only responsible for the areas that we’ve specifically applied a roof coating to, but many times a leak. We’ll try to start 10 or 15 feet over and we’ll find it and will repair that area as well. The thing I love the most about silicone based roof coatings is their elastic city. They don’t just tear up easily the way I see a lot of acrylic coatings do. When you’ve expect inspected over 500 roofs the way we have jeff’s in the last two years, you will find out pretty quickly that there are tons of roof coatings that used to exist. They’re not even on the market now. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow These roof coatings can oftentimes be cleaned very well and have another roof coating such as a silicone base coating applied to the membrane. The reason why elasticity is so important with roof coatings in commercial roofing, broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems and the home of the roof nerd is because the roofs heat up and cool down and in doing so they actually moved a lot is they heat up, they expand, and then when they cooled back down they shrink. When this happens, it often stretches and tears cheaper types of coating product.

We see this often in metal roofs in which we have to use a fibered silicone coating. Oftentimes with cloth. What is using cloth on a roof? Well, it’s oftentimes put on roofs seems where we know there will be a lot of roof movement from hot and cold changes. The cloth will cover the scene and the entire area will be covered with a nice layer of the roof coating, Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow so the claw has a little bit more elastic city and when we install it we allow a wrinkle area that can stretch back and forth. So when the silicone or roof coating product is applied to the top of the cloth, the cloth then becomes waterproof because the coding creates that. Health systems are often used on metal roof seems, and there’ve been quite a few times when there are larger holes and other types of membranes. We can use a call system as well in commercial roofing, broken arrow. If your roof detail, just give us a call at advanced commercial systems and we’ll send our roof nerds out as quickly as possible. Give us a call please at nine. One, eight, nine, seven, three, one zero one zero.