Welcome to another podcast with advanced commercial systems. This is Marty Christian, the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems, America’s most wonderful and most beloved commercial roofing company. Uh, you know, we just laugh and we’d love to have fun. Uh, you know, speaking of laughing now, that’s one of the things that I really, I really like to encourage people to do in life. You know, we’re, we’re pretty firm Christians and believers in the Lord. And with that, you know, we believe that scripture tells us, we believe the Lord desires for us to just enjoy life. I believe Romans six, four, Romans four, six, one of the two literally says that he’s given us his new life to enjoy. And so that’s a large part of how we have based our business and based our personal living off of is basically just making sure, no matter the challenges of the trials, you know, what comes our way that we enjoy life. We truly love commercial roofing Broken Arrow services.

And so that’s kind of prompted and propels us in to the service ministry. Now on us say service ministry, I mean, serving a, serving people with commercial roofing, commercial roofing is our job. It’s what we do, it’s what we’re the best at. And I believe we’re the best around our customer service and our ability to be able to serve clients and really tried to, uh, try to meet their needs many times before they ever thought they had a need. Try to meet them right where they are and, and really make them a more capable of just enjoying their day. You know, there’s nothing worse than bringing bad news or a bad situation to a client and surprising them with it. And now suddenly they had this big task for this big challenge or this more of a financial burden to deal with. So here with advanced commercial system home with a roof, nerds in a good old commercial roofing broken Arrow, we really endeavored to try to help people enjoy their life, help people enjoy their business.

You know, a business that is challenged with finances continually is a business under a lot of stress. So one of the things that we endeavored to do is we’re not trying to grow too fast. We’re not trying to run in and conquer the world and commercial roofing. We’re definitely just trying to be able to handle it. And the street, you know, what we can, what we’re capable of doing without getting too overstretched. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being stretched. There’s nothing wrong with being pushed where you can grow. I believe suffering and pain is always a good precursor to growth. I firmly believe that. Um, but in the same time though, there are times that you don’t have to suffer in pain and you can still grow. So, uh, in life it making good decisions is a large part of not having to suffer but still grow.

And so you may be wanting to grow your business. You may be wanting to spend a lot of the money you’ve been making and really establish, uh, you know, maybe just a better building envelope for your building. You may have bought a building and gotten a good deal and it’s been kind of challenged with all the problems that it has. And, and we might be the guys that comes in with a commercial roof side and really call it takes care of a lot of problems and, and leaks in your building. Uh, you know, ceiling panels and, and ceiling grid panels falling down. Those things are a real bummer and takes way. Everyone’s joy and no one, no one likes shown up in a Monday morning at eight o’clock at their desk and seeing their desk has been pounded with a ceiling tile that’s gotten three or four gallons of water and it just falls on the computer and the keyboard and ruins it and you lose paperwork.

And these things happen every single day. We see these things and we come in and we’d make these leaks go away. So we are considering ourselves to be in the service ministry and the service, uh, construction industry is a good way to say it. Um, so because we are serving our clients and really endeavored to show them the best that we can so that they can make the right choice. So that’s one part of the service ministry that we bring to you here in a commercial roofing broken Arrow is we do not just bring a price to you. We are looking at working with your budget and so we can bring prices to you. You know, we can bring a preventive maintenance price, you know, twice a year preventative maintenance plan called the smart roof plan that we devise. We can bring to you an introductory level repair.

We can bring you a more advanced level repair we can bring to you potentially if code allows us a reroofing, a process of only a uh, tearing off the top layer and putting on or an entire full replacement. So that would be where we just basically come in and tear the roof off way down to the decking, which would be the most expensive because code does require us to go back with a 21 our value, which is three and a half inches of ice or board. So you get to think, I’m thinking about the ISO board, whether you’re gluing it down or mechanically adhere and it down here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, it increases a total roof price anywhere from 30 to 45% more of an increase. So if we can steer away from that, if you’re have a tight budget, we can steer away from following code on that and just doing more of a recovering instead of a full roof replacement that is a great benefit to you on the financial side.

So that’s what we do. We bring you these different options and then you sit down and say, well, this is kind of where my budget’s at. And then when we see your happy number, we see what we can do the most. We can get you for your happy number, that number that you can fit in your budget, that number that you’ve been saving for that number, that it just really seems to be that happy medium that works for what you’re wanting to accomplish. So, so here at vast commercial systems, home on the roof, nerves with commercial roofing broken Arrow will always endeavor to work with you because he wants us, again, I said like a service ministry or like a service service industry. Um, and I understand the service industry is really more being able to, it’s completely defined differently than what we’re doing, but it’s just the servant mentality and the servant heart that were coming in with really preferring you over ourselves as a large part of what that servant hood mentality is.

And that propels people to enjoy their day. I mean, when you find someone, I just the other day I had a client that we had given an estimate too and we were just one or two days away from starting the job. And I had heard through the grapevine that the client was a little upset about the pricing that we had given them. And so I came back out, literally brought our contract back out, went back over the numbers and lowered some of the numbers to show them the good standing and commercial roofing broken arrow that we are endeavoring to stand with him and be in good standing with them with self. So here at advanced commercial systems faster kind of stuff that we do. Uh, if we walk away making a whole lot of Nice money off of a job, but our clients hated the experience, we completely failed.

That has not been what we want to happen. That is not the experience that we want to create or have worked with you in your life. So here at advanced Mercer systems, home with a roof, nerves and commercial roofing broken hair, all you do is you go to our website at, okay, Ruth, dirt and roof nerds.com at the top of our website, you can see we have a phone number up there, (918) 973-1010. All you do is you call that phone number and we will answer no, we have a 24 hour hotline. So if you do not actually catch someone on the phone because they’re busy on another line, all you do is leave a message. Or you can also go to our website and hit schedule now. And once you click that, you put in just two or three items of your information. And within that, that is sent directly to all of our phones. This is amazing service quality in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

All of our roof nerds are our emails. And when I phoned receiving that immediately we began to call you back and communicate with you. Uh, now we do ask that you also send us your email as well because if we do see that in the middle of the night, we might not want to call your number, we might email your number instead. But if you do give a cell phone, we can also text you so that way just in case you or your spouse or someone’s asleep, we wouldn’t want to wake up someone who didn’t want to be woke up so well, this is how we serve people. This is how we give the highest level of experience that we can hear with advanced commercial systems home with the roof narrative. So having a business that is in the servant hood mentality is a large part of where we come from. You’ll love our commercial roofing Broken Arrow way of business.

And it’s just basically what we’re about. We want to do that to bring joy and to bring peace in people’s lives. I have seen the absolute turmoil on the faces of clients and and really the community. I remember a few years ago, um, when the tornado came through off of 41st street and hit the Remington tower and hit some others. Uh, hours later I’m driving through with my company truck, checking out all the things that took place. Really just getting a good look at what took place. And I saw many companies coming in to assist and everything. And so, but I got a good look, um, that time. And then another time that there isn’t a tornado went through, went through the north side of Tulsa and with that tornado that went through, I spent about three or four hours driving through that area, uh, talking to people in the street, interviewing them, people’s houses were destroyed.

It was pretty, uh, it was a pretty big deal. And I really saw the heart of the community. I really saw a lot of people coming together, bringing their resources, bringing their talents, bringing their skills together. And then you also see some guys, the roofers, they are just blow in from the night they’re coming in and just try to make some quick money. But I’ll tell you, I really saw the heart of the community. I saw the compassion of the local churches and, and just many people in the, in the neighborhoods, in the areas that wanted to do their best to help the community. So, uh, that’s kind of where we come from. That’s our heart. And that’s what we’re about as well here with commercial roofing, broken arrow. So here in advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, give us a call if you need anything, you can reach us at (918) 973-1010. Also, remember here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science and stay dry.