It doesn’t matter the size of your business and it also doesn’t matter. You’re building size. We here at advanced commercial systems, we are experts to providing solutions for you and your commercial roofing issues here in commercial roofing broken arrow. You know, a lot of times we’re asked to work with architects and a lot of times we’re asked to work with other contractors, you know, for metal roofing, shingle, roofing, flat roofing. Doesn’t matter the type of roof in it is. But you know, the Times that we were asked to work with these architects and contractors, other contractors, remodeling contractors, very often there of there’ll be a building get into remodeling and will be called in to assist and to, especially a lot of h vac contractors, a lot of HVAC contractors specifically need us to come in a before and after they install a new unit so that we can lay out the area that needs to be, you know, what needs to be done with the roof, the flat roof, and we can help them and access in the roof and, and then making it watertight again. We love commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Uh, so many times we work with these guys, uh, to develop a customized plan for what they’re trying to do and the overall remodeling or the overall job that’s being done for the new construction commercial or the new commercial construction job or just an even our remodeling commercial job. It doesn’t matter. We are have skill in tons of expertise in either way. Now our team is licensed, our team is professionals. Uh, you knew that about us. Our roof nerds. Uh, we are trained highly, uh, some of the best trained in the state for commercial roofing. So we’re considered experts, tons of years of experience of what we’ve been bringing to roofing projects. And one of the, one of the reasons why I love our company so much is because of how highly trained our roof nerds are, especially when it comes to new roofing innovations, new roofing projects, new roofing products, materials, new types of systems. We provide exceptional services in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Uh, there’s no system we haven’t heard of in this area. Now you can go to other states far away and then you, you can, there’s systems there that are never sold here, are never installed here. And so we don’t know every system in the world, but as far as it comes down to Oklahoma and what’s required and what’s needed here, we definitely having a lot of expertise for that. Um, so whether it’s a no, yeah, it doesn’t matter. Um, you know, our team is licensed, we are professional and we’re experts in the industry with years and years of experience for every top of roofing project. Um, we’re highly trained and the different types of innovation out there, we stand up and acknowledge and learn and get the skill needed for every type of new roofing. Now. Dot. Keep in mind, one of the big aspects who we are in commercial roofing broken Arrow is our specialization in single ply roofing.

Now that’s going to fall into EPBM modified bitumen, low slope, a TPO, roof ceiling, a lot of different aspects of the industry that we are highly trained in. And we do it every single day. You know, there’s one thing to learn something. I would never want to go to a doctor who’s just learned everything in metals, medical school, but it’s not operated yet. That would be the last person that’d be the last surgery not ever choose to go to. I would rather have a surgeon that graduated school 40 years ago but has practically been operating and doing surgery for 40 years. And so someone says, oh my gosh, it’s 40 years since he’s had school. Yeah. But his schooling is every single day when he performs an operation. That’s his continual experience that you can glean from the wisdom of what he deals with on a day to day basis.

And that’s what we are about here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow you can lean on and glean from us because we do this every single day. Now we are endorsed with the construction industry board. We are absolutely legal doing commercial roofing and the state of Oklahoma. Pretty soon we’ll be branching over into Arkansas and we’ll be getting, uh, at least that’s our plan at this moment to getting our licensing and everything established. And the state of Arkansas as well. Um, just because I have a lot of ties in Arkansas, we live close to it. I spend a lot of time over there. Uh, but this company here in Tulsa, advanced commercial systems, we’re not going anywhere. We’re long term. We are the next 40, 50 years here if not more. And so don’t ever worry about, you know, getting a roof done in 15 years later are we here because we, my cell phone will be working, we’ll be here.

Our roof nerves will be still highly trained, ready to help you in commercial roofing broken arrow. So, so seeing how we specialize in single ply, single ply roofing and epds, Tpo, a lot of the different types of Mod bit systems, you know, um, self, self at stick, cold, applied, hot applied of self, self adhered of self sticking and so and then also built up roofs, low slope roofing, sealing those using roof coatings, roof restoration, roof maintenance, roof repairs. These are the things we do every single day. And I want you to know that we’re available seven days a week. So you give us a call if it, you don’t hear from me, you’ll be hearing from us very soon. And that’s just a lot of the aspects. And what we’re about here with advanced commercial systems, you know, all different types of single ply roofing. And so Monday through Friday that’s what a lot of roofers work.

That’s not what we work seven days a week, 24 hours a we’re capable of being reached. And really, you know, we don’t get a lot of calls at night. We don’t get a lot of a lot of emergency calls. We don’t get a lot of calls on the weekend. I just think it’s really just a great measure for advanced commercial systems and the roof nerds here in commercial roofing broken arrow. I think it’s really just a great measure that we can show how much we care for our customers, how serious we are about commercial roofing, how serious we are about offering the best service in town. You know, there’s other commercial roof for companies, commercial roofing contractors, commercial roofing contractor, commercial roofing company. There’s others out there that you can probably work with and trust. I mean, not everyone in the world does a bad job.

Um, but I want you to know for sure that you can definitely, you can definitely trust us. Um, I would say trust us, give us a chance. There’s other good companies out there, but we know that we can get the job done right. We can do it, get it done the first time. And one of the aspects which I share almost every podcast at least over the last few months, is how we bring you multiple budgets. Now we call this your smart solutions. And so you’re smart solutions is basically built around us, not just bringing you a number and saying, hey, this is what it’s going to cost to put you in new TPL and we can give you a TPO estimate. We can give you a recover estimate, we can give you a restoration estimate, we can give you a bi annual maintenance plan estimate in which we take care of all the leaking areas and problematic areas now.

And within that we can give you a lifespan that we’re adding to your roof and really where your roof needs to be in the next five years, eight years and 10 years. That’s what we do. It’s what we bring to the table every single day. I had a TPO, flat roof, probably about 55 60 squares, uh, off of 71st and Yale, and a few years ago they came to me and said, we, we don’t have insurance. We know there’s problems with this roof. Can you replace this roof force? And I said, yeah, I can replace it. And they said, well, we changed their mind just that quickly. We just want it repaired. We don’t have the money to put a $40,000 roof on right now. We know it’s going to be in the neighborhood of 40,000. We don’t have the money to do that now. What we need to do is specifically just take care of all the leaking.

There’s while I got up on the roof, I mean the roof is an absolutely horrible shape and I said to him, what I’m going to endeavor to do here is add five years of life to this roof, which I’ve added a year and a half. It’s been a year and a half since I began to work to it. And they’ve had to pay some money. There’s been some costly repairs and some, some problematic areas that just pop up. But basically the entire roof is, it’s a TPO, it’s beginning to crack. It’s just got to such an extensive age in commercial roofing broken arrow that it’s literally beginning to, uh, to just fall apart. And so right now, even just the snow and the rains and the things we’re getting right now, it’s holding this watertight status. It’s doing a good job, but you know, and the next two to three years, it needs to be replaced.

There’s only so much you can do. And that’s not a candidate that TPO this become to that such a situation. It’s no longer a candidate for a restoration process. Well, you can say, well, isn’t restoration capable of being put on a single applies? Absolutely. But when the roof has come to the place where it’s beginning to crack, beginning to lose its strength of, of just Alaska ability and beginning to just really lose its capability of even being strong and not tearing. When a roof gets to that place in commercial roofing broken Arrow, hands down, the first thing you need to do is consider replacing the roof. But they didn’t want to do that. And I extend exclusively take care of all of their roofs in the entire state. This one corporation and they’ve got about 20, I think about care about 20 of their roofs.

Uh, this last year I replaced full replacement on three. They were about $40,000 a roof. Nice, Nice. Really Nice roof. Put some brand new ones and they look beautiful. So they were some nice shingles, steep sloped roofs here in the basket. Marshall Systems. Give us a call here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We’d love to hear from you at (918) 973-1010. I’m going to pick up where we are in this story right here on the next podcast next week. We were glad you guys joined with us again, another week here in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. Hope you have a great week. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science.