You know, some people say that good defense is the best offense and that was never more true than if you’re talking about your commercial roofing broken arrow. You know, it’s super important that you play defense with your commercial roof and make sure that you are prepared for any problem that might come any, whether that may come in the rain that will inevitably come heavy snowstorms that may come. It’s very important that you take care of your commercial roof because it is one of your biggest assets and it has the greatest potential for savings and return on your investment. You know, we believe that your commercial roof is a very important asset to your business and it’s an investment that you need to manage and take care of and properly maintained. And we want to be your standby roofing contractor. We want to be your roofing experts for your commercial roofing, broken Arrow in the event that anything ever goes wrong and you need a roof repair.

So let us share with you about our smart roof plan and let our guys come with their expertise and work with you. You can call (918) 973-1010 at advanced commercial systems and give our guys a call and they would love to come out and put our genius to work for you. We have torrential rains in Oklahoma and advanced commercial systems is they’re not just about roofs there about complex roofing systems and there’s a big difference because you know it’s not just like they do residential routes. We, we work on residential roofs but these guys, these roof nerds, they are experts in the field of commercial roofing broken Arrow and while inspecting hundreds and hundreds of commercial roofs in Oklahoma, we’ve seen two major problems. There’s a lack of product knowledge that’s used by many roofing country companies and contractors that don’t really know what they’re doing and this can cause longterm complications and there’s also a problem with people not having great product knowledge and that can cause really great problems for your investment.

I second problem is no accountability to the building owner when it comes to work being performed on time and being performed correctly. Our roof nerds, we’re an open book to you. We want to have you in on the process and understand each step of what we’re doing. We take videos, we take pictures and we write a systematic plan and explain to you a smart solution, a genius solution and a great system for your commercial roofing, broken arrow. We help our clients to determine the present condition of their roof and we, oh we go over the best possible products that they can be used and we have documented performance and workmanship was system details and photos so that you know that when all is said and done you have a great new system on your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So our roof darts are like roof scientists and they will come up with smart solutions and genius systems for your roof.

So give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and we will send out an expert to tell you about our preventative maintenance program. These, we have something called the smart roof plan and crucial to the life of a roof. You know, a building is only as good as its roof. If a roof is ponding or if it’s leaking or if there are, um, you know, um, little pits or if there’s, you know, seams that are open or maybe some wind damage or some, a shingle that has come up, you know, depending on the different type of roof, there’s many different types of commercial roofs. Well, uh, building, uh, a cost conscious building owner, you know, this, these can cause tough issues for them. So we want to work, we work with any type of budget, right? We work with insurance companies and we work to make sure that w that we work with in your budget.

But of course doing maintenance and doing a smart roof plan is like a preventative measure to make sure that you don’t have any giant budget issues in the future. Like if you have a big leak and it ends up having to be a huge costly repair, you know. So really what we’re saying is when we say a good defense is the best offense, it means, you know, let’s do preventative care and let’s make sure that we have a smart roof plan working on your commercial roofing, broken arrow. And we’ve done this with multiple companies and let’s say a company, we have companies that have multiple buildings under their franchise and, and we will, you know, do a, an inspection on that roof and we, we maintain it, you know, throughout the year and make sure that it stays, I’m in great shape and you know, routine maintenance is very important so that you’re, because products and shingles and the different types of roof, maybe TPO, they have warranties, but these warranties only work if you have made sure that your roof has been properly maintained.

So it’s very important that, um, you provide preventative maintenance and, um, to your commercial roofing, broken arrow. And that’s what we want to supply to you. So whether you’re under warranty or you’ve never had a roof inspection, your roof, your roof does need continuous care investments you’ve made in your roof and assets beneath your roof should be protected. So for more information you can go to our or you can give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and ask about our smart roof plan for your commercial roofing broken arrow. We want to keep you dry and keep you, um, keep your business running smoothly and perfectly. Whether you are looking at maintenance and repair or if you’ve have had a storm come through and you’re needing emergency repaired. We are fully insured and licensed. We have our commercial endorsement in time. So, um, advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds, we are there to work for you were trustworthy.

Great guys, we have great guys. Only the best we look for guys was strong moral character. That’s important to us when we’re hiring our employees and that’s who we send out to work with you. So we want our clients to be satisfied and happy with us. If they’re not, we’re very open to see what we can do to, to uh, fix whatever the problem is and make sure that we have satisfied and happy clients. So you can certainly go and look at our Google reviews and read what the clients are saying about us. And we love our clients and we love that they are so happy to share their good results from working with us because we really do work at love working with them also. So, and you know, if you’re interested in having a guy having a roof nerd who’s a technical expert in the field of commercial roofing, broken Arrow come and give you his perspective on your roof.

Give us a call today and we will be out. We’ll schedule something within 24 hours. Some of our clients that we’ve worked with are chewies, Walgreens farmers, kindercare, Maggio’s Bsn, Osu medicine. Yes. So look at our website and see what people are saying about us. They’re saying that we have integrity, we’re trustworthy, we’re experienced and were great to work with. And when they, I have called us for emergency repairs. We are reliable and honest businessmen that you can trust. And we like to say our guys are pretty nice too. So it’s nice to have a nice guy to come out too. And not only are the smart, but they’re really friendly and we really love to work with our clients and have a great relationship with them and keep them in the loop, um, of the entire repair so they know what’s going on because it’s such an important investment to our clients and our business owners. We understand that and we want to help extend the life of their roof. And that’s what we’re here for at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds with us, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. So schedule your free roof evaluation, an estimate today at (918) 973-1010. We’re here to answer all your roofing needs from simple repairs to complete roof systems for the most complex of facilities. So give advanced commercial systems a call today and we will get your project started.