Welcome again to another podcast with advanced commercial systems. I am the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems. Uh, Marty Grisham. And I’m having our, our co owner here with me, Jennifer Gresham, and, uh, she might have some questions today. Uh, you know, when we’re running the business and all the stuff that we’re dealing with inside the office, like processing payments and all those kinds of things, she’s really in charge of all the financial side of it. So, Jennifer, do you have any questions, um, that you, you know, things that you get asked that you would think some of our future clients would like to hear him? Well, I get a lot of

questions about different budgets. Um, you know, can, you know, how do they know whether it needs to be, um, whether a roof needs to be repaired or if it needs to be replaced, you know, so can you kind of walk us through how, you know, um, the, the life expectancy that’s left on a roof when you first, the first time you go up and, and, uh, check it out?

Well that’s, there’s so many levels of that answering that question. The first thing I’d say is if you have that question, then it’s a pretty simple answer of go to okay, roof nerds.com that’s her own line website and go to the top of there and click schedule appointment. Now that would be scheduling a 24 hour free roof evaluation. So what that means is within 24 hours we’re out there, we’re doing it now that I’ll complete evaluation of your roof. Here’s what that consist of, your current roof system, we’re going to gather all that data, we’re going to drill a hole in your roof and see what kind of installations there, see what kind of decades there were going to gather all that data. And by the way, we’re going to fill that whole back end off so it doesn’t leak. And we found that a law often have, a lot of times that happens in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and so, and when we’re done with that, we’re going to do a full walkthrough video of the entire initial walk on the roof.

And then if there’s any problematic areas, we’re going to take very close up, detailed high def pictures of those. And if we need our drone to come out and do, we need, we’ll be able to use a drone and our thermal imaging camera to show any information or any data that you need. So once we gather all the information, we’re going to sit down with you, we’re going to talk with you about I specifically, what your budget is and what you would like to see done. Sometimes we’re going to basically present to you, maybe you might only need a full reroofing or a full roof replacements. So it’s really going to depend on multiple things. The age of your current roof. Um, it’s going to depend on how well your roof has been taking care of what type of roof system you have. Do you have ponding areas? Do you have areas where water excessively stays more than 24 48 hours? You know, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association, all low slope roofs, the water needs to exit them within 24 to 48 hours. So, um, we need that to happen and we need to gather that information to show you really what we’re coming up with as far as whether we need to repair or just start a bi annual maintenance plan or whether we need to reroof


You know, it’s, I think our listeners will be glad to hear that they don’t have to climb up on the roof themselves. So, um, you, you provide videos, you have drones for really tall roof so that the clients can really see what’s going on without having to get up there themselves. I have no, I would be happy to hear that. And personally, um, another thing you mentioned you just casually said, and it seems crazy to me, you said that some people don’t fill in, um, a roof when there’s a core sample done, which would cause a pretty, I can imagine a pretty extensive leak. So I, I want to just point out and you might, can expand on this topic. It’s so important to use a roof in a roofing company that you can trust, that has great reviews and um, that you can trust to not do something like drill a hole in your roof and leave a hole there. Right?

Yeah, exactly. You know, and that specific story that happened about six or nine months ago, I was called out to a roof by one of our top property managers. One of the top companies in town called me out to a roof that I’ve done maintenance too in the past. And they basically said that there’s the other side of the roof that I’ve never seen before. There’s a leak going on over there with over, um, you know, a haircutting salon. And so, you know, it’s a big storefront area. So I walked over and checked it out on the roof and I basically found were another roofer in the last few years, have done a core sample and they went to feel the core sample in, but it didn’t even feel it in very well. And it was actually leaking because of the hole that they had done to assess what kind of roof it was.

Wow. That’s awful. I W you know, so anyway, you won’t get that with the, okay, roof nerds are guys are experts and that’s, that’s really a real rookie mistake and that’s not taking care of our clients. You know, we really do want to take care of our guys at two of our clients and our guys are, are there to just walk you through the process including, you know, any insurance problems you might have. You know, we have a lot of calls about that also, um, when people call into the office, you know, is this going to be covered by insurance? Do you work with the adjusters? You know, how does that work, Marty?

Well, as far as insurance claims and our adjusters are concerned, um, yeah, what you do, you reach out to us and let us know what you’re thinking. You know, you might call and say, Hey, um, I’m at so and so intersection here in commercial roofing broken Arrow or in Tulsa, we’re sky took. And so you let us know where you’re located. We can go back in the last 12 or 24 months and look at the records of wind and hail damage. We have the all the records of when the hill was from the past, and then also the diameter and the size hail of that area. So if you are wondering if you’ve had hell damage and you’re, let’s say you’re at in sky took, you know, two to three blocks off of main street and you think you had hail damage last week. Well, I could pull up pretty quickly and let you know whether you really did or not just by the online records that we’re keeping on online.

And so there’s so many, yeah, things that we can do to assist you in and really just want to answer your questions. If you have questions in commercial roofing broken Arrow, or if you have concerns, our number one job is to educate you to increase your commercial roofing Iq so that you can know how to make the best decisions, the wisest decisions for your business. So you work hard doing your business every day. You’re doing all that you can to keep a profit. You’re trying to keep your, your production staff down. You’re trying to keep your, your money lean. And in doing that, you don’t want some roofer to come along and hit you for a few thousand extra dollars that they should have never hit you for it. And so within that, we lay in front of you all the information is just like you’ve been on the roof.

It’s just like you’re a roof nerd yourself. We’re actually turning you into a roof nerd so that you can be the highest technically skilled and the particular field of commercial roofing for your specific group. So we literally turn you into a roof nerd, laying all the data in front of you, explaining what it looks like, explaining what it means, explaining the multiple, I don’t mean two options, three options, five options. We want to lay lots of options in front of you so that you can make the best decision with your money. Well, I’m not in charge of your money, I’m just in charge of your roof. So I’m gonna lay you in front of you the options that gives you the best capability of making the right decisions for your budget.

That sounds great. Marty.

Yeah, I all so once again, uh, we want to thank everybody for coming in today with us and uh, listening to our podcast and I’ll tell you

there’s nothing, uh, you know, I remember years ago working in construction and working on roofs and just the satisfaction that we would get whenever we would do a good job, you know, when a job was well done. And I’ll tell ya, even now when we finish a roof, we finish a repair. I personally get it in my truck and drive to many of the locations, you know, during the next big rain or after the big next big rain. And I walk in and say how the roof do. I don’t know of any roofer in the entire state that does that. I’ve done that. What, 40 times in the last three or four months. Literally driving to all my clients like during the rain or after the rain and walk in and say, how’s that roof doing? The roof. I worked on the roof, I’ve replaced, how’s it going? How’s it going? And they walked me around and I’ll look and see that there’s no leaking. So yeah,

I don’t know as I’ve ever heard of a roofer that does that, and the reason why I do that, I want to make people happy. That’s the plan of our business. That is the purpose of our business that keep people in joy and peace where they’re not sitting at home at night wondering what the water’s doing there. They have the assurance that their roof is being taken care of. So you could be in sky took jinx a Washoe Katusa Claremore Bixby Glenpool it doesn’t matter. Tulsa north, Tulsa West, also commercial roofing, broken arrow. It doesn’t matter where you’re at. Well, did I even say Coweta you can be all way out and I know low Wagner and it doesn’t matter where you are, we will come to you, inspect your roof, give a 24 hour free. Say this with me, no brainer, no brainer. It is absolutely a no brainer. When someone is offering to give you video problematic pictures and a full diagram of your roof for free, no one’s offering that for free. We give that to you. A No strings attached. We walk away and you decide what you want to do, but our plan is to educate you or you suddenly become the roof nerd for your roof. Well, once again, we’ve had another good podcast today. We thank you for,

well everyone for listening to him with thanks for all the questions being emailed in. If you ever have a question, you could send that to advanced. Okay. At cox.net or you can just run over to our website at www dot okay. Roof nerds.com at the top of the page you can see our 24 hour hotline phone number for emergency repairs or anything else that we do. (918) 973-1010 give us a call. Let us serve you. If you want to just send us a message on line. You can see this

schedule now in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you can say schedule now, click that and we will receive your message as soon as you click that, and as soon as we’re capable of, we’ll get back to you and start processing, uh, what you need and how we can help you. We appreciate you, appreciate you guys for tuning in or reading this article after we put it on a, on our website. Once again, it’s not rocket science. It’s real science and stay dry.