Advanced commercial systems is a commercial roofing company in the Northeast Oklahoma area and I am the owner, Marty Grisham. I have been the owner and operator and the one that started this company, the founder, uh, many, many years ago. And we have set new standards in the commercial roofing industry and we always up to bring the best that we can for our, our clients. Uh, the community. Uh, the professionalism that we offer, uh, on a, on a continual basis is a large part of the commercial roofing experience. So concerning metal roofs, if you have a metal roof and you’re not sure the condition of it, give us a call. We are metal roof experts. We are a metal roof company and a metal roof contractor. So, and basically a metal roof, commercial roofing company. And so we do metal roofs. We do built up a roofing systems, a single ply roofing systems, which no modified bitumen built up slate, clay tile shingles for like steep slope roofing. We are experts in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

We do all types of commercial roofing and we really enjoy what we do. We enjoy the business, we enjoy the expertise that we’re able to bring to the business. And so our last podcast, this is another one of the podcasts that we have over 220 podcasts that we’ve done every week doing a podcast to share our expertise, to share just basically general commercial roofing information so that our clients and the potential community can learn more and more about what we do. Because at the end of the day, someone is going to need a commercial roof that listen to this podcast. I know there are a lot of people that do and commercial roofing broken arrow. And so last podcast we were talking about, um, how we Ruth nerds here are the advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, how we are specifically trained and certified with an engineering company.

Now you know there’s a mechanical engineering, there’s petroleum engineering, there’s electrical engineering, there’s structural engineering, there’s a lot of engineering. This falls more under this under the thesis of structural engineering. So structural engineering has to do many times with building property, building components. And so under the heading of structural engineering, we’re certified with Haig Engineering, h a g Hague engineering. They are an engineering company that has specifically for 50 years worked with the structural composition and fabrication of buildings after storm damage. So with wind and hail damage, they found their niche was specifically with wind and hail. And so here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, although they’re not here we are and we’re an extension of those guys. And the next thing that really makes her stand out above the other guys, cause you know, a lot of the other guys, they have the late appointments, uh, their, their follow up is very poor.

They show a continual lack of communication with clients and we’re not here to put down anyone. I’m never going to say any specific company’s name. I just see the overall general thesis and the overall general status of the industry. And so I’m thinking I’m perfectly fine and ethical and don’t show a lack of character is sharing with you what other companies deal with. Because I’ve talked with the clients, I talk with the people in the community who are still waiting. Not, I talked to a guy a while back, he, he called three roofers and none of them came out. None of them came out. It was really just so, I mean, he was really disappointed and this was in commercial roofing. They never came out and some don’t answer the phone. And so it’s really disheartening if you have a leak in your roof and you’re, you know, you look like a fool when you’re running a business and your business has water porn in it and your own employees are looking at looking at you saying, how come you can’t, you know, you’re on the business.

How come you can’t get this leak stopped? And so what we bring to the table for you that other roofers don’t always do, because many times they’ll do a one size fits all kind of mentality. Um, because basically a lot of times they just want to go after a roof replacement. That’s where the money is, right? And they do a roof replacement and a week and a half takes them a week and a half to do a big roof replacement job. And they make $45,000 profit and they walk away happy and so instead though they could have done about five or $6,000 of roof repairs and made the elite go away and then put it in a preventive maintenance plan that is very, very cost effective, efficient. And so that’s what we do here with advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We’re always trying to find what we can do to save you money.

Listen, we, we like making money, we like doing big jobs but we know statistically proven that there aren’t going to be tons of big jobs. It’s still come our way. Even though a lot of them we still turn into just repair jobs because in the future, five to seven years from now when we have a maintenance plan put together and we hold that for Sabic five to seven years, we’re going to be the roof of the ever does that fruit roof replacement. But what we’re looking at today is doing what’s ethical. What we’re looking at today is, is in commercial roofing, broken Arrow is making the right choice and helping our clients make the right choice. And so we offer what we call smart solutions and that’s basically we offer multiple solutions that fits your roof’s problems and that also falls within the budgeting that you’re looking for.

Now, some people say, well, Marty, I don’t want to tell you my budget. Well that’s perfectly fine. Let me share with you. Okay, so hypothetically we sit down with a client, they’ve got a hundred square roof and I believe we can, you know, uh, put some life back in that roof. I think we can get another eight years out of it. If we do some maintenance and we do some repairs, make some links, go away, take care of some faulty areas. I think we can get like five to eight years out of it, pretty easy. And so I’ll share with them three, three options. Option number one, come in and make everything water tie. Take care of bad ponding areas and commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and basically make the roof where it’s going to survive. A good seven to eight years and not have much issues, but we still do our biannual prevented maintenance, uh, by biannual checkup plan, which we call the smart roof plan.

And so we keep doing the smart roof plan to stay on top of any issues that might arise, but outside of that we’re staying on top of everything and the roof is dry. So that’s one option. Second option, roof restoration where we come in and do a coating over the entire roof, going to be adding between 10 and 13 years of life to the roof. Okay, so that’s a great option and it might be adding 15 years of life to the roof, but at this point in time, we’re going to say around 10 to 13 that’s a great option in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow. Okay. Third option, come in and do a roof. Recover if the roof allows it. Because see, according to the international building code, which broken Arrow and Tolson this region, they have adopted the the insulation requirements for the international building code for building, for above decking installation.

This is not below decking installation. There’s also code for that. This is for above decking insulation above deck and installation needs to be a 21 our value. So with that 21 our value, if we do a full reroof on the building and go all the way down to the decking, the code requires us to put back this expensive three and a half inches of insulation and then the roof, then the roofing watertight system. If you do not tear the roof all the way down to the deck, then there’s no requirement to have this. None. So to have the installation installed and that installation, three and a half inches of insulation, you’re talking about another $300 a square, you know, 275 to $300 a square more, well probably around $250 a square and more just because of the insulation it’s, you’re adding that code is requiring, well, you might have your doors open, you might have the warehouse might have the doors open 24 hours a day when you’re working and you don’t really need, you have big fans well, and you don’t care about the energy efficiency.

You just need the roof to stop leaking and you prefer to get a new one. And so then what we do is we step in and do a roof recover where we just take off the top layer. If your roof allows it, we take off just the top layer, or if it only has one layer at the time and commercial roofing, broken Arrow, then we can just put a new roof on top of that old roof. And so that would generate and create a new watertight system. And that would still be the fraction of the cost of doing a full roof replacement. The full roof replacement and the gates more money and the gates, more time and more labor. It’s just cost more. And so these are the things that we deal with on a day to day basis here at avast commercial systems, home of the roof nighters. That’s us with commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And these are the things we deal with, not just on a day to day basis, but we deal with so that we can help our clients make the best decisions. Now, I know you’ve probably heard this before, but I’m gonna say it again. I really think it’s catchy. I think it’s a, it’s really good and and it says exactly what we want it to. We love doing increase your commercial roofing Iq. If you’re a building owner and especially a property manager that, listen, if you’re a property manager and you’re listening to this podcast, you have to know you know some about roofing but you don’t know everything, right? Well if we can increase your Iq concerning commercial roofing, it is absolutely going to make you more money. It is absolutely going to make you look better to your clients. You will be a better property manager, hands down in every way and that’s our job is to better people to better their properties and the better the lifestyles of the people working for us and the people will work for. Hey, we appreciate you guys joining us for another podcast today or a member here in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow, stay dry and it’s not rocket science. It’s through science. Oh by the way, you can go check us out on our website and okay, roof here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And then you can also fall. Call our phone number (918) 973-1010. We’ll be sure to answer and we’ll be sure to take great care of you and you commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.