Welcome to the advanced commercial systems. Welcome to the podcast here with a vast commercial systems of podcast that specifically generates questions, comments in tons of, of, of, of pounds of insight about commercial roofing, the commercial roofing industry. You know, here with our podcasts, we cover a little bit of everything. We, we have covered the state of Oklahoma because we are licensed and set up to be uh, you know, commercial roofing. We have the commercial roofing endorsement and the state of Oklahoma and that’s under the heading and the governorship of the construction industry board of the state of Oklahoma. And so we have spent weeks talking about that Sharon with insurance requirements for residential and commercial roofing. If you’ve been following our podcast here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, I can tell you you’ve gotten a pretty good idea of tons of information of what the industry is like here in the Greater Tulsa area in northeast Oklahoma. See how great we are in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And, uh, so today we’re going to talk about roof restoration, um, metal roofs, metal roofing, metal roof. These are things that many, many times we, we see a great need for roof restoration. We also see it with a modified bitumen roofs. I’ve done roof restoration with single plies thermoplastics. I’ve done a lot of roof restoration with a Thermostat, a TPO, I’m sorry, and EPBM roofing system in Tulsa. We’ve don’t tons of roof restoration on all different types of commercial buildings. And so roof restoration. What is it, what it’s about? Well, one of the things, one of the things, let’s talk about first one of our goals with advanced home of the roof nerds. One of our goals is to extend the useful life or the life span of your commercial roof. Now we do that by repairing the roof. We do that by also restoring it. Whichever one best fits the scenario, we might come in and restore half the roof and then half the roof might just need repairs. So when it comes down time to, you know, looking at replacement or reroofing, uh, we want to bring you the numbers of restoring the roof, restoring the roof. Okay. Seriously, try us for commercial roofing Broken Arrow needs.


A roof restoration is basically coming in and adding great of variances of coatings to your roof. And when we do that, we’re giving you many things. Number one, it’s very low weight we’re putting on your roof. Or if you do a roof recovering or you reroof and recover a layer that’s there, you can be putting on considerable, considerable bull, a bit more weight. Our roof coating is super thin and we put it on from 20 to 30 Mil. Now that is from 20 to 30 a thousands of an inch. So you can imagine how thin that is. It is already a very light substance. A five gallon bucket of it weighs about 70 pounds. And so when you get to looking at straight in a five gallon bucket of 70 pounds, when you spread that over two to two and a half squares of 225 to 250 square feet of area, and then that substance actually begins to cure and dry and releasing some of the moisture of it. We love what we do in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

It’s actually getting lighter. It is such a light product that completely comes in and puts together, once again, restoring a watertight roofing membrane for your roofing system. So how do you know if your roof is a good candidate for this? The number one thing you do is you go to our website. Okay. [inaudible] nerds.com you go there and commercial roofing broken Arrow or anywhere in Tulsa or commercial roofing, Tulsa. Uh, you could be looking for a toll. So commercial, Roofer, perfectly fine going and checking us out. Okay. Roof nerds.com when you go to that, you click on your schedule now button and that schedule now button will bring up a page that you fill out. You literally fill it out for 30 seconds. I mean it takes that little time and it sends to us your information so we can reach out to you and as we reach out to you will we basically know the questions to ask.

We’re going to go through a very quick series of questions and then we’ll set up an appointment for a free roof in the evaluation that, let me say this is called a no brainer. When someone is bringing to you the level of expertise, the level of accountability, the level of transparency and commercial roofing that we do every day. The product knowledge, the a thousand roofs that we’ve been on, the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of routes that we work on every year. When you bring all of that to the table with product knowledge and experience and the passion of our roof nerds and all of our roof and herds are specifically trained with Hagar engineering as certified inspectors for commercial roofs. So you, you want a company to come out and do an assessment and do an evaluation. We’re offering it as a no brainer for free. And then we’re bringing to you some of the highest skilled and technically trained commercial roofing experts in the industry of commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

We’re bringing those to your building, flopping them up on your roof or an hour and a half. Now, it could be 20 minutes, it could be an hour and a half, depends on what you have going on. And then we’re going to bring to you a full walkthrough video of what we see we’re going to bring to you. Um, documented, uh, digital photos of any problematic areas with an explanation of what the problem is and that way, you know, we’re educating you that our plan is to increase your commercial roof Iq. If I can increase, if my staff can increase your commercial roof Iq, you’re going to respect us for that. You’re going to say, these guys care about me enough to share with me and not just be some great secrets that they know they’re going to share with me. Really what I should do because they’re experts in the industry and they’re trying to help me make the best decision.

That’s what we do here in commercial roofing broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems. We will sit down with you. We’ll cover the rob or reliability of roof rusted restorations. We’ll cover if is it a viable option? Is this something that you even should consider? We’re going to cover how cost effective is it. Now keep one thing in mind when it comes to radiant barrier, when it comes to creating a UV reflective roof, this is the way to do it. This is the way where you can take a metal roof that you know taking in heat. I can’t tell you that I’ve had my hand on a metal roof and it would be so hot on a 85 degree day because the sun was on it. It felt like as 130 degrees it would literally burn you. You put your hand on it one second and you felt like you got to burn and right next to it is a white coating that we put on this, the kind that we install silicone coatings.

You put your hand on that and it feels like it’s probably about 95 degrees, not hot at all. Now the temperature in your body is 89 or you know what you know the temperature in your body is at right at 19 so or 98.1 yeah, like 98.1 and so it just feels like it’s outdoor temperature, regular temperature because that reflective roof coating in commercial roofing, broken Arrow is specifically designed to block and reflect the UV rays. That is part now of being an expert in the industry. That is part of what we call the the, the reflection of the urban heat reflect or the the urban reflective heat element in an urban area. In an urban area, when you have a lot of roofs that are taking in heat, it will create the entire area to rise in temperature just because of those roofs. Well, when you reflect those UV rays with the products we use, you’re actually lowering the urban heat effect.

So the urban heat effect, if you want to Google that, that’s the word you would go Google the urban heat effect. And basically we are lowering your entire area. The more roofs we do here at advanced commercial systems home on the roof and ours were professionals that roof restoration. You give us a call, (918) 973-1010 we can have roof restoration systems up to a 15 year warranty. There are three levels in three phases of what we bring to you. We can bring a poly white bride, we can bring to you roofing, roofing, supply chain. There’s so many different aspects of what we do, but everything we do is what we call data driven. Now by data driven, we mean we gather all the data, we sit down with you, you share with us kind of where your budget is as we’re sharing with you at the exact same simultaneous time of what these roofs are looking like and what needs to be done and what the price ranges are will help you put together the best roof restoration processes with our expertise in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

And within that you are then the most knowledgeable person in the world. You can make the best decisions and we’ll, we’ll support you, we’ll help you in every way, um, on just by increasing your commercial roofing Iq here with advanced courses systems, uh, you can check us out at, okay. Roof nerds.com. We love to hear from you. We hear from people every day and I tell Ya, we have a great staff that answers the phone. We love to take business in. We love to create new clients and have new things happen in our lives. And I really appreciate all the people out there that listen everyday. Many calls come in at (918) 973-1010 I can see a, literally, we have a capability of recording how many hits come to our website and within hundreds of hits in a week, in a month period of time. It really is an honor to have created such a good business that people trust us and they see the transparency and the accountability that we have as a commercial roofing company. So if you’re looking for a commercial roofing company in Tulsa, if you’re looking for Tulsa commercial roofing or commercial roofing, broken air, you know, uh, you just give us a call, (918) 973-1010 here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We’re going to give you the best that we can. Our roof nerves are specifically trained to help you with any roof restoration that you need in the Greater Tulsa area. Once again, just as a reminder, it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science and stay dry.