Thanks for joining in again today with advanced commercial systems for another podcast that we’re doing here in commercial roofing broken arrow. The podcast that we’ve been doing here for oh about 109 weeks now have been educational podcasts to help property managers, business owners learn more about commercial roofing. You know, there’s nothing more discouraging than having a new car and you don’t know and you know where to change the oil or you know the cars back in the, he had the sixties and seventies and eighties when you open the hood of the car or the truck, it was pretty easy to look at something and know, hey, that’s the alternator and that’s the coil. And you know, that’s the, you know, everything can be very easily recognized. Well as times get more complex, you know, over the years now you open the hood of a car and you don’t hardly recognize anything.

There’s wires, there’s casing, there’s all these different gadgets and all this stuff. And unless you’re a professional mechanic, you really don’t even know what you’re looking at. Well, a large part of that is still true. Even with commercial roofing years ago they were just three or four different types of roofing and that would be used. But over the last 25 30 years, you know, built up mod bit metal roofs, the main roofs, you still see him, but we’re not installing them near as much as we used to. Now. I didn’t do roofing and 30 years ago, but I do roofing today on roofs that were installed 30 years ago. So here in commercial roofing broken out, we spend a lot of time having to continually study and stay on top of different kinds of proofs because there’s always a new types of roofs, new types of systems.

And there’s just new things that we’re always coming up with. We’re always having to work with to make sure that our clients are personnel truly get the best that they can from us as a roofing contractor and as a roofing company. So whether it’s roof repair, if it’s a roof replacement cost or if it’s just basic roof replacement had, doesn’t matter, matter, um, metal roofing, you know, roof shingles, a roof pitch. Uh, if you’re looking for roofers near me on the line, I mean go to Google and type in advanced versus systems and take a look at our reviews. Like right now I’ll go to Google search engine and I will type on Google maps. Now clicking on Google maps, it brings up a map of the area on the end because as I do that, it allows, uh, my gps allows me to be located online, so his undo that it begins to find all the different roofing companies. So when I type in, let me see real, real quick. Uh, I want to type in commercial roofing company and commercial roofing companies and roof replacement costs roof, great place.

So no matter what industry that you’re in, a roof installation is going to be something that you need because you probably have a building or have an office space. And so roof installation and for commercial roofing with slate roofing or different types of metal roofing, you know, even that of a roof coating, you can’t deny that a roofing system is going to need, it’s going to be needed by you. So that being the case, let’s go now to our website here at okay. Roof in commercial roofing broken arrow. And as we go to the website, I want to scroll down to the bottom. So I click on it. That’s commercial systems on the top and I read that it’s not rocket science, it’s a roof science schedule, your free roof evaluation, an estimate, and then Matteo’s pizza, uh, Osu farmers insurance, chewies restaurant, Walgreens, kindercare, Bank of America or roof repair, roof restoration and roof maintenance.

And so when it comes to roofing contractors and when it comes to roofing companies here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, you really want to click the button and schedule time with us now because what we say is our systems are genius. Um, as far as our smart roof plan, our plan is to help you increase your commercial roofing Iq. And so our systems are genius, whether it be built up, roofing, steep slope, roofing. Now lots of roof coating and modified bitumen roof and metal roofing, single ply roofing, doesn’t matter. The system that we’re using, whether it be m t, TPO, PVC, doesn’t matter Thermostat, a thermostat or Thermopylae thermoplastic doesn’t matter because there’s a science behind what we do. It’s not about a roof in commercial roofing, broken arrow. It’s a lot more about our roofing system and that’s where our roof nerds come in.

We are certified with Hagar engineering. And so with that being the case, you know, you can call us for emergency repairs. We have a number at the top of our webpage, our website, which is (918) 973-1010 you can call that number and when you do, we will answer the phone and it can be for emergency repairs. So whether it be smart solutions or technical expertise we bring to you. Now I remember the last emergency repair we did today is the ninth so it must’ve been 10 days ago. We had an emergency repair on January, on December the 31st on December the 31st I’m about three o’clock in the evening. We’re getting real close in the day to beginning to shut down everything here. The business where a lot of businesses are already shut down because it’s new year’s eve that we were getting to the place that we’re fixing to shut down the business.

One of my property managers gave me a call, he had an emergency leak and I immediately stopped everything I was doing and I was there in 35 minutes so he called me on a holiday and I was at the building in 35 minutes. I actually was with him today and we were doing the interview and we’re talking about, you know, the good, bad and ugly of roofing. We were talking through things and he began to share with me really that much more how impressed he is here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow with advanced commercial systems because you know, if he would have called other companies, he would guarantee you there’s no way you would’ve got another company to get there the same day. Just for a leak. They don’t come the same day much less in 35 minutes. I I, the owner of advanced commercial system stopped what I was doing and drove to the leak, climbed on the roof, met with the people in the building, talked with them about what was going on, where the leak was, got up on the roof.

I worked two and a half hours myself by myself on the leak. I went to a store, bought some product, came back in commercial roofing, broken Arrow or killing the roof and then I was back again in two days to inspect again and actually found another spot. See what happened on that roof was just recently in Hvhc company came out and they installed, we using a crane. They installed a new h Vac unit on the top of the roof and in doing so they did some puncture marks. There are some areas in the TPO thermoplastic that basically just had holes completely punched in. There was quite a few areas where there were some pretty deep gouges and scratches. And then also when they joined the airbox of the HVC unit to the actual condensing unit, um, that union of those two mechanical pieces actually was not a very good union.

And so that union literally was allowing water in some, we did some patching on the h Vac unit forum. And so we’re actually a pretty, a pretty satisfied with how everything turned out. So here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we roof nerds here, advanced commercial systems, we’re continually striving to really just blow away your expectations. He was expecting me to get out there and the next four or five hours I went out in 35 minutes. So that’s the level of expertise that roofing contractors are not giving today. That’s the level of expertise, expertise and the level of dedication that many roofing companies just don’t give. So roofing contractors and roofing companies, you know, they’re really not doing the best that they should along those lines. So we step in. We’re just basically a commercial roofing company and the Greater Tulsa area. We are here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow ready to serve.

Our clients are ready to show. It will go the extra mile. We’ll do the things that need to be done so that our clients understand. Now. There are some problems we deal with in the industry and one of which one of the most challenging and most perplexing problems I deal with specifically on a weekly basis is some leaks are just really hard to find. What do you do? That’s a good question for this to wrap us up. What do you do when there’s a leak? That’s just really hard to find. I had a leak one time. It took me about two months to find and that was about five to eight visits continually going out during rain after rain and we finally found the leak. It was about 25 feet away, 30 feet away. I’m way over by an h on the other side of an Hvhc unit.

Um, the water was coming in to small hole the size of a dime and was traveling 25 feet inside the roof decking and leaking, pouring into, um, the seating area of a restaurant over in sand springs. Well, when we finally found that, oh, it was just, I mean, all the pressure was gone because we’d been looking for a long time. So you know, there is nothing, uh, there is no part of this industry, um, that is perfect. Now as someone could say, well, you could have used a thermal camera to find that will actually you couldn’t because it was leaking from that dime size hole and going straight to the decking. So a thermal camera would not reach down that far. It will not reach down two and a half inches. Um, to be able to locate where there was water that went down metal. That’s not even there anymore. The actual membrane of the roof system was not being submerged with water. So a thermal camera would not have helped in that situation. So, hey, we, thanks for, thanks again for joining in was today, once again here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We really appreciate you joining in and, and listen to what we’re doing here with advanced commercial systems. Although the roof nerds.