Thanks for coming to the website at and seeing the website for advanced commercial systems for your commercial roofing broken arrow. Advanced Course courseware system is a commercial roofing contractor and general contractor in the greater state of Oklahoma. We are focused out of Tulsa and broken Arrow, Oklahoma and commercial roofing, broken arrow. We are the registered home with a roof nerves where roof nerds are technically skilled nerds and technicians in a particular field of commercial roofing period. Our clients range from Oklahoma medical, two farmers insurance, Walgreens, chewies, Maggio’s, kindercare, BSN sport and many other commercial roofing companies, commercial roofing buildings here at advanced commercial systems. There’s a few things that definitely stand out with our company from the other side of the track. One is how we are certified with an engineering company called Hague engineering. All of our roof nerds are certified inspectors with Chain engineering in the expertise and area of commercial roof, storm damage, hail damage and wind damage is our expertise with Hagar, engineering and engineering firm throughout the u s also we have smart solutions and we bring smart solutions for the roofs issue.

Why Shins and the roof problems. For our clients. By that we mean this in commercial roofing broken Arrow and in commercial roofing Folsom. We mean that we offer multiple solutions to meet the budget of our clientele to help fix the roof problems over there. Commercial buildings. There’s another part of our business called transparency. Now transparency is how we use video and photos and a diagram during our free 24 about minute 24 hour evaluation. We provide these free videos and walkthrough of the roof to our clients within 24 hours if the roof evaluation to ensure that our clients know that we’re not cheating them, that we’re honest and ethical with them and that we’re taking care of them because we are advanced commercial systems and we endeavor to have the highest level of ethics with our clients to build a long term relationship with them. Anytime that you have a roof problem, you can always give us a call at (918) 973-1010 you know, there’s a lot of storm chasers in Oklahoma and actually the construction industry board of Oklahoma under the rule of the governor of the state has put together multiple rules and parts of their governing body to make sure that storm chasers are not given free access and the power of acting like normal roofers in the state of Oklahoma.

Let me explain. Part of what storm chasers do is they just move into town and buy a phone number and start chasing the hail and wind storms that come through tornado and through this part of Kansas and Oklahoma and Texas. This is found to be very common with storm chasers in Oklahoma City and Tulsa and the broken area area. We had advanced commercial systems, actually have lived for 20 years and broken arrow. I had been a resident of Oklahoma for 20 years and I’ve lived in Tulsa and broken Arrow that amount of time for a few years. We did live in Bixby, Oklahoma as well. I started advanced commercial systems because when I was a young boy, my dad was a general contractor and he did lots of roofing and he was a home builder during the summertimes. I remember as young as 10 or 12 years old, I would work with my dad and roofing to help him get roof jobs done. We go above and beyond for commercial roofing broken arrow services.

I would walk around the yard and pick up shingles for hours upon hours and put them on a trailer to help my dad accomplish a job for one of his clients. I learned hard work, I learned ethics and I learned what it means to do an honest job for an honest pay. That is the principles 35 years ago in advanced commercial systems was built upon and that’s the reason why today we endeavored to be honest and ethical and upfront with everything going on with our commercial roofing projects. Our clients have known in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, that we are the best at what we do and in commercial roofing Tulsa, we are a professional certified and insured and licensed tool. So commercial roofing company have the name of advanced commercial systems. Let me share with you some of the things that we do. New Roof construction, new roof construction is a large part of our business in a large part of what we do and also we are experts of reroofing and roof maintenance free by annual roof inspections are what we offer as part of our smart roof plan to keep your smart roof to be smarter and to increase your roofs.

Iq. Also there is a free roof evaluation and roof repair that we offer to our clients. Roof repair comes with Ruth Ruth Restoration and roof replacement. The smart roof plan and The Hague storm inspection program is part of what we offer to our clients for insurance purposes. Well low slope slope roofing and steep slope roofing is also part of what we do with advanced commercial systems. If you ever need a difference in your commercial roofing situation, you can always give us a call at (918) 973-1010 we’ll be sure to take good care of you and give you a great experience. Now concerning roof replacement, our roof nerves, we’re working directly with your property manager or your project manager, the building owner or whoever it is that takes care of your property. Our roof nerves are technically skilled to work directly with your property building manager so that we can develop the best system that is for your roof, for your situation.

It might be just small repairs that need to be plucking, taking place at this time, but we will try everything we can to help you make the right decision and for you to keep it within your budget. Keeping within your budget is our plan. The lifespan of your roof that needs to be installed or to be repaired is always being considered by our roof. Nerves in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, also to also commercial roofing. Tulsa commercial roofing company is the large part of what we do in the commercial roofing. Broken Arrow energy savings are both big part of what we applied when we interact with you concerning ISO board or reflective properties for our coatings using ultraviolet light. Reflective coatings is a large part of our industry. We do lots of repairs with these coatings. Not necessarily for the energy savings but because some of the silicone based polyglass products that we use our top of the line, they are over $200 per bucket but the reason for that is because they are high solids and they adhere extremely well to every product we’ve used them on.

We strongly recommend, this is not rocket science we’re talking about this is roof science. It’s not really that hard. It’s just complex concerning the 24 hours free roof evaluation that we offer, it really is the best deal in town. I mean when you think about it honestly it’s a no brainer. It’s a no brainer that you call us whenever you have any kind of roof problem and we will come out and give a free that I say free, I mean absolutely free roof evaluation for your roof with pictures and a full walkthrough video. In this walkthrough video we walked to every problematic area with a full verbal explanation being in the audio of the video so that you have a full clear image of exactly what’s taking place. Also within the pictures we also install or give to you a diagram which allows you to have a full understanding of your roof and where h vac units are laid out were problematic areas are and even the hatch going up into your ceiling.

All the different aspects of your roof will be understood once you received this fool drawn diagram of your roof. Here at advanced commercial systems, our roof nerves are absolutely professional in everything they do, especially that as we specialize in roof restoration. Roof restoration is many times to find or generally defined as taking in an entire roof and putting it through a reconditioning process or the reconditioning of a roof system. Now don’t get this confused with roof replacement. Roof replacement has taken off an old roof and then within time putting on a new one within the next few days. This is taking now this is Ruth restoration in roof restoration. It’s normally performed with high solids, silicone coating materials or a American coating materials with roof restoration. We come in and clean your roof specifically every area that needs cleaning and then we come in and do a full coating often either spraying on or rolling on a coding to all areas before that.

In the problematic areas there may be holes or penetration areas or large cracks that need to be filled in. Sometimes we can do this with an the motion. Oftentimes calling it an asphalt emulsion in which he feels in cracks and everything and drives normally within 24 hours. Then we can come back and apply our roof restoration coding, polyglass roofing and waterproofing systems. There’s a great full line of silicone based products. We’ve used them a lot. The last Tissie of these products is second to none. They have an extensive loan term warranty that we uphold because they uphold it here and if that’s commercial systems and commercial roofing, broken Arrow, our roof nerds are specifically chosen to have join our company and work with us and then go through our extensive training. We send them to hake engineering certification class, a three day class down in Dallas, which allows them to learn all the specifics of storm damage such as wind and hail when they joined with advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and Tulsa commercial roofing company. We always give them the best experience and the best expertise and training so that they become a certified roof nerd with advanced commercial systems. Just remember, it’s not rocket science. It’s real science. So at anytime, please give us a call at (918) 973-1010 we would love to help you or you can check us out on the web at www dot okay. Roof we would love to assist you in any way possible. Thanks for coming through our website.