Advanced commercial systems. We are a top rated in every way, commercial roofing company in the greater total. So Harriet, you know, uh, we work on Moscow pieces were roofs. And I’ll tell you, we’ve had so much fun working on the roofs because uh, over the years in commercial roofing broken Arrow toll, so sand springs Bixby working on Maggio’s roofs, uh, many times, uh, you’re up there during the noon hour, the pizza smell, the cinnamon rolls are being made, the pizza smells coming out. And I have to say the majority of the time when we have been up there working on their roofs, we decided to, hey, it’s time for a lunch break. And so just sharing with you some of the funny things that we deal with in the commercial roofing industry on a day to day basis. Um, so here at advanced course of systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, the one thing that you can always count on, uh, with your commercial roof, with your residential roof, with the roof system that you manage or you are the boss over or you have the say so over the one thing you’re always going to uh, have this just inevitable as this like part of Murphy’s law, it’s going to happen is you’re going to have a leak.

You’re going, I mean almost everyone eventually is going to have a leak and the reason for that is basic deterioration. Roofs get old, they get worn out and they begin to deteriorate. Now when that happens, you give us a call and you go to our website. Our website is so easy to find. You just got to remember that we’re the roof nerds. You go to, okay, roof and that’s with a www at the beginning. So it wouldn’t be all together. It would be www. Okay, roof nerds or dot. Okay. Roof and you just give us a call at nine 1897310101 of the things that I’ve loved about what we do in commercial roofing is our capability of being flexible with our clients. Uh, so the flexibility I’m referring to is called what we’ve called and what we’ve labeled as our smart solutions, smart solutions, kind of a spin off of the roof nerd aspect of who we are and what we do. Smart Roofing, a smart roof solutions. This

is basically offering you a lot of different aspects and a lot of different possibilities of how you roof can be fixed, how you roof can be restored, how your roof can be made better every single day. And so if you’re looking for just wanting to gather information, which I see this all the time, I remember one of the first time that really stuck out was years and years and years ago as an industrial building in North Tulsa and the owner or the managing got hardly spoke any English and I think it was a very wealthy company, a very wealthy gentleman. He contacted us. Uh, you know, I came out, uh, I look at the roof. The roof had tons of problems. They had all kinds of, it was a metal roof, had all kinds of issues. Um, you know, just 10 miles from commercial roofing broken arrow. And really what I got done, I mean I spent an hour to hour and a half on the roof gathering information, really seeing, just taking in what’s going on and say when you walk on a roof and you look at a roof anywhere between the layers, the incident

elation, how they every single edge of the roofing, how was it terminated? How do the, was it screwed down? Was it nailed down? Was it hot, hot, applied, cold, applied self stick, you know, how was it installed? Was it mechanically fastened with screws? Was it a glued down with blue? It just depends on the type of roofing system that you have. We gather all of that information in and as we gather that information we put it in a way that makes it presentable to you. Cause our job for our smart solutions isn’t for us to get smarter is to get you smarter. And that’s where we always say we love to increase your commercial roofing Iq. Now that’s a spin off of a Robert Kiyosaki years ago had the, the increase your financial IQ where he talked about learning about terminology and he talked about learning about financial terminology, real estate. And the more familiar you are with terminology of that profession, the more your Iq would increase concerning that profession. And that’s really from the same perspective that we are working with here for commercial roofing.

We’ve come to understand that people own an average. No, very, very little about roofing. Now, back many years ago, many years ago when I only at the time was doing residential roofing. I remember many appointments that I went on in commercial roofing broken Arrow, Tulsa Jenks Bixby, sand springs, Sapulpa, Katusa, Claremore, Coweta, uh, all over the area. I remember many roofing projects and roofing estimates and, and uh, you know, appointments. Then I went on that. I literally found myself in the yard with a 65 70 year old gentlemen who had been in business, who had been in the military, would owned his own business or who was just really bored, has been retired for a few years. And every single thing they do, they know micro, micro, micro, micro, micro manage it. And it’s absolutely annoying to the guy who’s trying to sell a roof and trying to, you know, try to sell a country, get a contract sign from someone that micromanages every single nail, every single aspect of the,

but the one thing I can respect about that is their desire to learn and their desire to know what exactly stack in place. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, when you own the property, when you manage the property, like a property manager, when you’re the one in charge, if it’s done right or if it’s done wrong, it’s going to come down to you. It’s going to be sitting in your lap whether it was done right or not. And so in commercial roofing broken Arrow with avast commercial systems, we truly endeavored to do it right and do it right the first time. And so I don’t mind the micromanaging. I do mind second guessing like when we have already got approval for something and we’re moving forward with that and they want to do some changes, there will be some charges for doing changes that’s just basically standard in any construction industry.

If you’ve already picked a way to go and you change that, well there will be a change form which is going to be a requirement of you to sign and there’ll be some minimal change requirements assessed to that. Some cost, the assessed because if we’re having to restock materials, if we’re having a change of the system that we’re doing, what’s very common in commercial roofing with commercial roofing broken Arrow for there to be charges for there to be specific charges along those lines. But that’s just standard in any construction industry. And so now as I began to talk about in this podcast, um, being at the cutting edge of technology and being at the cutting edge of roofing materials and products, you can’t not talk about TPO. TPO offers so much to us as installers. TPO offers so much to the clients and the customers that we have that, that want Tpo, that need TPO that think they just want to go back with the same roof they have.

They’ve had a roof for 20 years. They bought the building 10 years ago. The roof’s done okay for 10 years. It started to leak. We look at it and we let you know that it’s starting to get that in the last two or three years of its life. It’s really come to the end of its life. And you’re like, well, just put the same roof up there. You really need to sit down with us and let us share some aspects of thermoplastics of what TPO is all about. The thermoplastic and the thermo polyolefin is a great product. Uh, the, the Olefin, the elasticity of the roof, the water, uh, the waterproofing, the, the basic, uh, it’s just a complete 100% waterproofing membrane. The weldability and listen to this, the re weldability. So what that means is you can, you weld it the first time you’ve, you’ve, you’ve put it together and then if there’s an issue you just come back and re welded.

You can rebuild it unlimited times now that is up on the roof not being destroyed or the same or the patch not being destroyed. When we originally or someone originally welded the first few times, the roof still needs to stay in good shape. And you know, there needs to be some, some of the membrane actually able to be welded to the other without holes not being melted too much or anything like that. But the elasticity, the UV reflectance, see, um, the re weld ability of the product. Now let’s talk about elastic city. It can stretch double its size. It can seriously debt stretch, double its size in commercial roofing broken arrow. So just think about a roof, how your roof is going to move your, your building structure is going to move. What if we had a small earthquake? I just found some big cracks in the roof the other day because of movement of the building here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, the TPO roof that we install for you has the capability of creating a water tight membrane that reflects UV rays and has the elasticy that you need to have a longterm great roofing product and give us a call today.

We would love to help you with that.