Well. Good morning is another one for gay here at advanced commercial systems in wonderful broken Arrow Oklahoma at matched commercial systems early, early this morning. And we’re doing a podcast right now. It’s 6:47 AM so we are not live on this podcast but we are getting this recorded for some live showing soon. And so every week for week after week after week, we had been doing podcasts here, um, in the commercial roofing industry to let people know more about the commercial roofing industry and what we’re all about as far as a commercial roofing contractor. If you would ever like to hear more about our company or see, you know, just really, I mean the majority of people, they’re going to call us and they’re going to contact us in commercial roofing broken Arrow because they need a, they need to bid, they needed an estimate, they need an inspection, they need, they’ve got a leak, something’s going on.

They want their roof looked at, they wanted an evaluation and that’s what we do. That’s what we do. Absolutely. Every single day we come out. And whether it is some medical facility, retail outlet, office buildings, it doesn’t matter. You could have a shopping center, sports complex, manufacturing facility, school, industrial plant, church, office space. Doesn’t matter what you have, just basic warehouse space. Give us a call. There’s a warehouse space over in sand springs. The warehouse space was leaking. Oh Gosh, there’s, I’m just going through my mind right now. The number of warehouse spaces that we’ve worked on in the last six months, one after another after another because it’s just open warehouse space. But the leaking still causes problems for the company to be able to accomplish what it needs to accomplish. So if you’re looking for integrity, if you’re looking for quality experience and trustworthiness, hey, give us a call here at advanced commercial systems, we, uh, are highly recommended by all of our class.

They, people that have worked with us, uh, I know the black, there’s one company in, in, in mind that just refers me to their family. So it is a commercial property management company and they’ve been referring me to their family to take care of their families buildings and take care of their families, residential homes. And so because they work with, and this is my number one client that I do the most with, that I’m on the phone with almost every day and they referred me to their family and there are professional property management company and so I have to say when it comes to endeavoring to bring the highest level of expertise, but we really, we really do. To do that, I consider that we’re hands down the best commercial roofing company in commercial roofing broken arrow. Here’s just some of the things that we do for you.

A steep slope roofing, low slope roofing. We are with hey storm inspection. So we are a certified inspectors with the Haig engineering. Uh, we have um, birthed and have invented and brought through the smart roof plan. And if you haven’t heard about it, you definitely won’t do it. It’s really a great process of what we do for roof maintenance. And then we have a free biannual roof inspection, which is part of that smart roof plan. We do roof maintenance reroofing. Uh, we do new roof construction here and commercial roofing broken Arrow, reroofing, um, roof replacement, roof restoration, roof waterproofing, roof repair and also our free room for evaluation. These are a lot of the things that we offer and shows a little bit of a difference between us and the other guys. Like how they’re storm chasers. They can be basically, um, there really many times poor at showing up on time.

They try to do a one size fits all mentality of just giving you one estimate or one budget, you know, the don’t really sit down with you and talk with you about what you’re looking for as far as your needs. And then also how they’re very questionable. Um, because I’ve just seen real shotty work. Second rate work using second rate materials. Um, you know, if you have a small area of a roof that needs a coding, uh, uh, cheap roofer can go to home depot or Lowe’s and buy the stuff for $80 a bucket and they can buy a white roof coating for $80 a bucket that’s probably expired. I mean cause they do expire. They said they have a shelf life medium of six months. Well how often do you think home depot and Lowe’s sells those? They don’t sell them very often because it’s a crappy product.

And so I’m just being honest with you today, here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, they don’t sell a lot of those white Alaskan American codes and different things because they’re basically pretty crappy products and they don’t do well over any period of time. And so what happens is you have a roof or go out and get those and do your roof and you’ll be smiling. You think everything is wonderful about two or three years into it or even last time. That product does not. It begins to crack. It begins to open up and your, your roof has just as in a bad a shape as it was before. And many times these guys don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t put the stuff on thick enough. They don’t really fill in cracks and seams that need to be taken care of. Well, instead of an $80 bucket, I buy a $220 bucket.

I don’t buy any buckets any cheaper than that. When it comes to white coatings, I always go with silicone and I always buy the best I can because I want the product to have the last [inaudible]. If you don’t know what that word means, you should look it up. It means that when the roof is moving, so does your coding. So does the restoration coding that we put on your roof, it has the ability, lack of rubber band a stretch. It has a lasting city. And so the other coatings, they don’t do that. They don’t have that. But so when the, the roof begins to move and by the way your roof is going to move and when it begins to move, it’s going to tear. That coating is going to crack, that coating is going to open that coding and that coding is not going to do its job of creating a watertight seal anymore.

And that’s a large part of what we’re talking about when we talk about, uh, you know, the other guy’s not doing the best work that they could doing shoddy work. You know, using seconds using products that aren’t as good, you can go buy a brand new product that’s just not good. Um, you know, at home depot and Lowe’s, cause I know I did it years ago, I thought those products that you know, many, many years ago, I thought those products were pretty good. I bought one five gallon bucket because I wanted to do a test and so I took her to a roof over in sand springs and not, not over here in commercial roofing, broken error. And I applied it to a small roofing area. And then I came back a few months later. And I saw pretty quickly, okay, I’m gonna have to Redo that. I had to go get some new product or better product, and I had to come back and refinish that and Redo that over again because the products that many guys by, they’re just not good.

And I tell you, if they’re not using silicone products on smaller jobs, I would not use this roofer at all because they’re just trying to buy something cheaper. They’re buying $130 buckets. They’re buying $100 buckets, five gallon buckets, and I’ll tell you the cheapest one. I buy the cheapest one with taxes around $220. Now there is different types. Know when you get away from the, the white silicone coatings, there is about $145 bucket of a fibered emotion. Uh, what’s it called? Fiber to aluminum. So it’s a fiber to aluminum, rubberized Cody, but it’s still rubberized. So it still has a last tip city. That’s the one thing that, that these coatings have to have, if I’m going to use them, if without the elasticity, they’re not going to do their job. They’re supposed to because the roof is going to move, it’s going to swell, is going to contract, is going to shrink, it’s going to move out, is going to do that because of the heat and the cold that we deal with continually here in Oklahoma.

So give us a call it an advanced commercial systems and we can share with you all the ins and outs or what we can do for you in commercial roofing, broken arrow. You can go to our website at okay. Roof nerds.com and then you can really just see it in the many different aspects of what we’re about. And what we do. Single applies are very large, large part of our industry. Single plies, modified bitumen, uh, you know, metal roofing, our panel standing seam. These are all the terminology and all the times of roof and built up. These are, you know, ballasted these are all the kinds of roofing that we do. Now, there was a bank here off of 71st street, uh, that we’ve worked with some in the past. They had the most unusual roof of all. I haven’t seen a whole lot because there’s just not a lot here in the greater Tulsa area, but it is a roof specifically.

That was an EPD m roof, which is a single ply thermoset. And so a Thermostat, rubberized, you know it’s a black rubber. Um, and so it’s, it’s a decent roof but they put paving stones over the entire roof. And I’m thinking to my mind, I know there is no scram, there is no supported backing to EPD PDM. It’s just basically like a rubber tire. It is absolutely horrendous to me to put paving stones that could have an edge that’s rounded that someone could step on and just the wrong way and calls that paving stone to really begin to dig in that EPD em. And then when the lead comes in the building, it can move 10 15 feet in any direction. Imagine finding a leak and an EPD flat roof that basically paving stones are sitting on top of there. You can’t really even see any of the black roof.

It sounds like an absolute nightmare. And so these are the things that we deal with every single day. These are the things that we, we come up against that we want to share with you, the ins and outs of the industry here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We really endeavor to give you our best that we can. So if you need anything, you can always give us a call. Our phone number is (918) 973-1010. When it comes to dependability, we are the dependability roofer in town. If you want to go on Google and look for a Roofer near me or roofers near me or commercial roofer near me, uh, you know, you can just bypass all the time wasted there and go directly to (918) 973-1010 or dot. Okay. Roof nerds.com where there’s one thing we always know and that is, it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. So here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we appreciate you guys joining them with us. Another week of joining in with us to hear a podcast and it’d be a part of what we’re doing.