This is Marty Grisha with advanced commercial systems. Thank you for coming in and checking out and listening today to our 61st podcast with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerves here in eastern Oklahoma, the Greater Tulsa area in commercial roofing broken arrow.

Today we want to go over a few of the things here in this podcast. If we have any calls in or any, any emails come in, we’ll address those questions. Uh, today we would do want to go over our website that can be found at www dot. Okay. Roof nerds.com and you can click on a batch commercial systems and you can pull up the top of our uh, website talks about why roof nerds. And that’s one of our topics of discussion today. I’m in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Now just keep in mind you can reach out to us and contact. I said anything time at (918) 973-1010. And as well as we always say, you can check us out on our Facebook page. Our Facebook page is advanced commercial systems at roof nerds, Tulsa. So if you could and get a chance, check us out there.


But back to our website, you’ll see at the top of our website, we have a free roof inspection in 24 hours. Now that’s a guarantee and that’s really one of our, a no brainer offers that we have for you is the free roof inspection. But the timeframe that we do it in is the no brainer. I mean, who can turn down not getting a full evaluation with pictures, video and a diagram drawing of your commercial roof who could turn that down if they’re guaranteed to get that in 24 hours. And that is free at no cost to the property manager or the building owner. Call us today for advice on commercial roofing broken arrow.


Now the slogan of advanced commercial systems, or our motto is it’s not rocket science, it’s roof science. And we came across that years ago, we were working with some commercial roofers on a project and there was a commercial roofing job that we were being brought in for our expertise. And one of the commercial salesman said to me, one of the, one of the residential roofing salesman said to me, um, you know, how much more complex it seems, you know, in commercial roofing. And so just, uh, automatically out of my mouth I said those words, it’s not rocket science. It’s root science. We are the experts in this sort of science for commercial roofing broken arrow.


And ever since that time, years ago, it’s kind of been the motto that we’ve had because there is a lot of science behind commercial roofing. There’s a lot of science behind what we do here at advanced commercial systems. And that’s why we have roof nerd. Because a nerd is technically it is a, well let me pull up the actual definition that we have on our website.

A nerd is defined as a single minded expert in a particular technical field. Well that’s exactly where we come up with the terminology roof narrowed because that’s what a nerd is. And our roof night nerd is a single minded expert in the technical field of commercial roofing. And so our slogan, it’s not rocket science, roof science in commercial roof in broken Arrow works really well with uh, who we are. We are roof nerves. It is our expertise and we do enjoy our job. Now at the same time, keep in mind the commercial roofs are complex. They are not just a roof, they are a roofing system. And that’s the difference between a lot of residential, the mindset of a lot of residential residential roofers. They just like to come in and do, you know, do some, uh, on a five eighths inch decking, lower nine, seven, six, nine sixteenths inch decking and then put it on some shingles and then move on where there is an entire roofing system.

And uh, what we do with flat roofs in commercial roofing and one of the big differences is the moisture barrier that we add. And then also that we actually do add our value and installation to flat roofs where that’s not as necessary to the exterior portion or above deck is, we call it for a, you know, steep, steep slope roofs like shingle, roofing. But there is extensive technical expertise that we bring to the table. And there’s a lot of science because when you take a flat roof with only one eighth of an inch, you drop according to the National Roofing Contractors Association for every lineal foot. Um, creating a water talk roofing system is complex and that’s where our high level of expertise and training and product knowledge comes into play. So whether it’s roof repair, roof restoration, roof maintenance, reroofing or full roof replacement, we are here and our systems, we call them genius. We say that our systems are doing this because we work with multiple types of systems in commercial roofing such as roof coatings or modified bitumen roofing or single ply roofing and commercial roofing, broken Arrow or steep slope roofing, low slope roofing, metal roofing and built up roofing.


We bring smart solutions, systematic clams, product knowledge and technical expertise to all of our class working with retail outlets, churches, shopping centers, industrial plants in commercial roofing, in broken Arrow office buildings, schools, sports complexes, medical facilities and manufacturing facilities. Well it looks like we just got a question in from our email. So one of our pod listeners. And so here it is a, I have a commercial building in Tulsa. Um, we work a lot and then going through the questionnaire. Okay. Um, do commercial roofing repairs take long. Okay, so there’s a question for the day. Um, so basically commercial roof, roof repairs, it really depends on the type of roofing system that you have. And then also the size of the roofing system. Some roofing repairs might be along carpet wall that might stretch 80 feet long. Um, you know, I have a right now at 260 foot long repair, 265 feet around repair on a PVC, single ply, a church building that’s going to take about two weeks to repair.

And that’s a guy work in two guys working 40 hours a week for those two weeks. So that’s you’re above your average size of repair. Most repairs we get done within four to six hours. Um, because we’d normally can come in and repair the area that’s just a small leak in area or we could put a coating on a ponding low, a damaged area fairly easily over a few areas. Error, few hour period of time to get that repaired in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Now keep in mind, I don’t know from probably 75 to 85% of roof repairs are pretty obvious to find the leaking area and extremely easy to diagnose. Oh, but that 20% out there in commercial roof, in broken Arrow, that’s harder to find those leaks. Uh, really might even need to wait to the next big rain. I have a TPO roof right now over 81st and Sheridan until also that I’m trying to find the leak area.

And I’m not sure if it’s water pipes in the attic area or if it’s just the actual roof leaking. And so what we’re doing right now is we’re waiting for the next big rain to come to. We can assess where the water’s coming in during the reigning time. But the one thing that a lot of people, a lot of building owners in a lot of property managers do not to pay attention to is ponding areas on there. Commercial roofs. Uh, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association, the NRCA, they state that in a little low slope, a minimum for a roof slope is one eighth of an inch drop per inch slope. So when it comes to ponding areas, we see often that there were areas that there’s tons of water build up for sometimes weeks and weeks on end. These pony areas, um, oftentimes depending on the type of roofing system and upper membrane of the roof system, many times deteriorate, uh, four to five times quicker than normal, like a normal mod bit roofs that we work on when we get to the pill or the three foot wide roll roofing area where there’s a pond area, the granule loss is within just two years.

And the base, uh, sps base modified bitumen base of the product is beginning to deteriorate and crack when the non ponding areas still looks in great shape and just looks to be brand new. So the water sitting on these products is not meant to happen and this needs to be changed or at least, um, if you don’t have to build up the area, which is more costly, you can apply a roof coating restoration product to create a water tight membrane just like a swimming pool liner would do. Now you might be wondering, is that something that the insurance company would take care of? Well that is actually when you have a pulmonary, it’s more of a manufacturer or an installation issue. The area should not have ponding if it was installed correctly and it should have been built up even during repair times. And so insurance companies really for the most part, take care of what they call acts of God.

And that is normally wind or storm or a tree falling on or something like that. So these pawning errors are really out of the hands of an insurance company. So it’s not worth calling an insurance adjuster if you’re having a ponding area. Even if it’s creating, leaking inside of the building and creating damage and costing you money, the insurance company will not cough cover that because it’s not storm related. Now when you look at a ponding area, it is more challenging to determine the age of a roof. You have to look at the area that’s not in the pond area to try to figure out, you know, like a modified bitumen roof. It should last 20 years or 15 to 20 they say, oh, they can last considerably more than that if they’re a, if they had good drainage. So there’s no ponding and this works.

More roof plan comes in and we here at advanced commercial systems or you can call us at (918) 973-1010. But we would come in and offer not only to repair the ponding area, but we would also offer our smart roof plan on that roof in which a restoration process could be added to the areas, just keeping a water tight membrane in place, uh, stopping any leaking into the roofing system. So that would be highly recommended in commercial roof, in broken arrow. And if you need a tapering system for your roof, we can do that as well. And a lot of times you can use tapering ISO products just in the ponding area to build it up. Uh, many times we use a half inch or one inch fiber board to build up low areas to just keep their, keep a good a roof. Uh, the drainage off the roof at that one eighth of an inch, a slope. But anytime you can give us a call, we do have an emergency number with you’re having leaking, um, emergency commercial roofing repair service 24 seven. You can give us a call at (918) 973-1010. And we thank you for tuning in today for our 61st podcast here with advanced commercial systems in commercial roof in broken arrow. And we hope to see you next time.