Let’s talk this morning about emergency roof repairs. We get calls often. In fact, you know, very often we get calls for emergency roof repairs from, um, from potential clients that are just, you know, they’re having a problem because maybe their roof wasn’t, um, created well or you know, it’s Oklahoma. So they may have an older roof. And whenever we had bad weather like we have in Oklahoma, you know, their roof may, you know, they weren’t prepared for the wear and tear that their roof may already have in on their commercial roofing broken arrow. So, um, we at Tulsa roof nerds at, okay, roof nerds.com. You know, we’re here to help with any of those problems. And we get phone calls all the time. Like they’ll call at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero, and they’ll call advanced commercial systems and ask for a roof nerd to come out and, um, give them an estimate for an emergency repair because they may have a leak coming into their business or they may have a ceiling towel falling down or just, you know, some problem that’s, that’s been caused by an old roof or roof that maybe wasn’t built correctly.

The system wasn’t built correctly in the first place. So, so let’s talk about that this morning. So give us a call at nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero. If you have any questions, you can contact us and we’d love to hear from you. So, um, so do we, do we do emergency services? Absolutely we do. We have a repair staff and they’re all on call ready to serve you. Um, we know the interior of your building is very valuable and the leagues need to be stopped quickly and as soon as possible so that you can, um, keep your business going and functioning well. So preventative care is the best care for your roof. And we have, we offer smart roof plan and the smart roof solutions for you. Um, give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and have one of our um, roof nerves come out and give you a 24 hour estimate for either repair or roof restoration, a roof, um, just uh, roof coating.

You might, um, some people, I know that whenever we first started this, my husband’s, he is a true roof nerd and so I would ask him what’s the differences all sound the same. Roof replacement, roof restoration, roof repair. You know, what’s the difference? Well replacement, I could kind of figure it out because um, it’s basically a new roof. So if you’re having to get, um, a replacement, um, he was explaining to us yesterday on the show that, um, roof replacement, they can either tear off one layer or you know, there’s codes that only allowed, you know, two layers of roofing so they can, you know, for a little lower cost that can tear off one layer and then put a roof coating on or they can tear off, you know, two layers and completely replaced the roof. There’s so many different options, you know, um, these roofing systems are so there, there’s so many different types of roof and they’re very technical in the way they’ve been built.

And so it’s, it’s very important. There’s so many different determining factors. The roof is age, the current condition, um, the, the condition of the substrate and the decking underneath the roof. Um, those are all important in determining whether they can repair or if they can, if they need to restore it or whether it needs to be completely replaced. Oftentimes, you know, restoration will work. Um, so give us a call today and we can send someone out and they’ll do a free roof evaluation. They’ll take a core sample, they use the best in technology. They have thermal imaging cameras that can determine, they used those to see where the leaks are coming in. Um, they have drones to help you to do, especially on very high roofs so that you can see what’s going on up there in case you don’t want to climb up on the ladder with that roof nerd.

Um, they’ll do it for you. They’ll get up there and they’ll use either a up a camera and take video footage, but they’ll do something just for you to, you know, for your specific roof because they are very complicated and so they can help you. Um, so just determine what type of roof repair replacement restoration, um, which, which type you need or you know, we also know that you have to work within a certain budget and they will work within your budget for your commercial roofing broken Arrow, and they will work within your budget and possibly with your insurance company. There’s also, we’ve dealt with many roofs that maybe they are still under some warranty and so those can get replaced because, um, whatever had been put on from before maybe wasn’t, uh, isn’t maintaining what the way it should have been. And so we can send our guys out and they can determine that.

So they, they do a few things. They take a core sample, you know, to, to really see how old the roof is, how many layers of roof there are there. Um, so, so some people ask what’s, you know, what’s the difference between or a roof restoration and a roof replacement? Well, here’s a few of the differences. A roof replacement can be expensive because they have to do a tear off where roof restoration, there’s no disruptive tear off. A roof with placement can be really high in labor costs. Um, and roof restoration is a lower labor labor costs. Um, there’s costly disposal and landfill usage for a roof replacement. Where as, when you’re talking restoration, you have fewer materials to dispose of and there’s no landfill fees. And then lastly, high cost for new materials for roof replacement where they’d be lower, you know, material costs.

Whenever you’re talking about a restoration and it’s less disruptive to your business, it saves you time and money because, um, because you know, it’s just, it takes less time. Um, and it’s an easier process for them to do. And they can, there’s other benefits because they can, there’s some really good new products and we use only the best products and we make sure that we use only the best products that work with your current roof system. And so that your commercial roofing broken Arrow becomes more watertight, more safe and sturdy to handle. Um, the emergency situations that might come whenever we have deep snow. Whenever we have ice like we had yesterday here in Tulsa, whenever we have, um, you know, you know, just torrential rains when we have hail and wind. So, um, these roof coatings can, um, they can, they can create a seamless waterproof membrane over an older roof.

Um, they, they provide full adhesion. That means there’s, there’s no fasteners or adhesives that need to be added to it. And there are really effective cost effective solution for your roofing problems and to make sure that you have a nice watertight seal on your roof and it prevents leaks and condensation, which can cause real problems within your business. Nobody wants leak or links or condensation. And there’s, there’s also good UV resistance and um, they can be energy star certified and um, it can cause it can actually save you up to 30% in your air conditioning costs savings. So it’s, it’s great. It’s a great maintenance option to do a recoding and a roof restoration on your current roofing system. So give us a call at advanced commercial systems, (918) 973-1010. And we’d love to hear from you. We can send out one of our roof nerds to um, see if you need a roof repair, roof restoration, roof maintenance or complete replacement.

And if, if for some reason you decide, just go with the complete roof restoration, then you, um, then we will definitely help because it can be costly come up with the most cost effective ways. We’re very, we’re, you know, we’re one of the lowest priced in the industry in this area. Um, give us a call, let us give you a quote and you’ll see that that’s true, that you know that not only are we technical experts in the field, but we provide smart solutions for you. Meaning they’re smart technically, but they’re also smart for your, for your wallet, which we know is important for your business. So, um, we will give you a roof inspection in 24 hours. You can schedule us now, we’d love to hear from you. You can also go to, okay roof nurse.com and see and read more about all the other services that we can provide for you. And also see what other people are saying because, um, they believe, you know, you’ll read that we have clients that, that see us as trustworthy, we have integrity and quality and we’re experienced. Um, and so our clients are happy, our clients are satisfied and we know that you will be too. So with us, it’s not rocket science, it’s real science. So for your commercial roofing, broken Arrow, call us at (918) 973-1010 today, and we will schedule your free roof evaluation and estimate.