I advanced commercial systems is a commercial roofing company and the greater tools area in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and we have endeavored to give you the best quality experience we can here in the Greater Tulsa area. We’ve been here for years, I’ve lived here personally for 20 years, so that gives you some reassurance that we’re just not some guys just moving into town to just take over some jobs and get paid big money and up and leave. How I have to tell you, I have to mention that because over the years being in the industry with residential and commercial roofing companies, I’ve definitely seen a lot of guys, a lot of stories where a roofer came in, no one knew the roofing company’s name. They’re like a new company. They do uh, do three or four jobs. Literally just three or four jobs get paid pretty good and then they go get a $10,000 check from a client and they put it in the bank and they drive away and go back home to their state.

I see this happening over and over and over and there is no finding them. There is no contacting them. They are gone and they took your money and there’s nothing you can do about it. Uh, outside of getting a private investigator and hunting those guys down, I, I don’t know what to tell you. And so this stuff has happened over and over and over and over. And this is why I’m Whoa, because I live in broken arrow. I’ve lived here for 20 years. We are not going to Kansas. We’re not going to Texas and trying to do jobs and trying to sell jobs. We’re going to stay where we live. We’re going to stay where we belong. And we’ve been in the construction industry. I personally been in the construction industry my entire life. My father was a builder and I used to remember as a is 12 years old.

I, uh, was helping my dad proofing homes. And, uh, you always working on something and installing cabinets in homes. Uh, there were some homes that had, had fire damage that he and I would work on together. And so I always remember there being a great background in the commercial and the residential construction of homes and buildings. And roofing. And so that’s led over many years later to the start in the success of advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerves here and commercial roofing broken arrow. So let me tell you something about broken era. I think it was a one or two years ago that broken Arrow was deemed a one of the safest and friendliest cities and best, and if I remember also there was another report that said, um, one of the fastest growing cities in uh, in this region of the u s or of the u s it was kind of shocking to me.

I thought there would be some areas that would be potentially more friendly, potentially more, uh, you know, with more growth. But I’ll tell ya, I have really been excited to see all the things that are happening out in the east side of broken arrow. There is a lot of growth and also on the south side as well. And having lived in the city here exactly 20 years this year, starting my 21st year right now. Uh, it’s really exciting to see all the things taking place and it’s exciting to be a part of the construction here. Um, you know, where we can be a part of what’s taking place as well. And so, um, for today’s podcast I want to share with you some things with um, of a group of people. I’ll call the construction industry board because we are talking about construction today. We’re talking about how I come from a background of construction and we’re talking about our company, advanced commercial systems.

Home with a roof and urge is a construction company. We construct commercial roofing. And then there is something in the say Oklahoma City. There’s a group of people call the construction industry board. Now the construction industry board is under a, our governor, which we have a new governor now and they basically have a lot of different roles in which they play in the construction industry and one of which is to put, to put together testing to put together all of the requirements, all of the standards for the construction industry, for electrical, plumbing, HVHC and roofing. And so over the years they have developed a more stricter guidelines for the commercial roofing company. And so now there’s something that is required of commercial roofing companies called uh, the commercial roof endorsement and which there’s a commercial roof endorsement tasks that you have to take. And so we have taken and passed that test.

So we are legal in the state of Oklahoma to do commercial roofing. Now I’ll tell you there’s a lot of my competitors out there that are not illegal. There’s a lot of competitors out there, uh, in commercial roofing broken arrow. And so if you ever want to check out to see who, if someone is legally doing commercial roofing or not, all you have to do is do the go to Google, the construction industry board. Are they licensed? That’s what you searched for. Construction Industry Board. Are they licensed? And that will pull you up where you can type in the name of the company or the name of the owner of the company, first name, last name, and it will pull up whether they are licensed for roofing and if they have the commercial endorsement and which it would say valid. And I’m very happy to say to you that we are valid.

We are licensed in the state of Oklahoma and we are valid with our commercial roofing endorsement. And so we do have workers compensation insurance. We have contractors that work with us, are now, I require 100% of our contractors to have commercial commercial workers comp insurance and also a commercial grade general liability with a 1 million per event and a 2 million per aggregate. And so that is something that we have and we require of our contractors as well. And so here at advanced commercial systems, uh, being in construction and head fully adhered to all of the requirements and standards of the construction industry board, uh, it’s really good to know this. You just got two thumbs up for the state of Oklahoma saying you’re here, you’re local. They could, they think thank you through a pretty extensive testing a process. It’s really a hard testing process, um, for you to be able to have the commercial endorsement and they go through quite a few questions.

You have to prove he has approved your registered residency here in the state of Oklahoma. You have to prove your citizenship to the United States. There’s a lot of different things you have to prove before you can even get your, your roofing license. First you have to get your roof in license and then after that you can, you can pay for and set up the standards to begin your commercial roofing test and your commercial roofing endorsement. So with that being the case, uh, I had to buy probably close to $1,000 of books just to be able to take the test. It’s an open book test, but it’s extremely, extremely in depth with some of the questions. So we’re, we’re happy to have passed that task. We’re happy to have our commercial endorsement of place and we’re very happy to just continually be able to serve a broken arrow, Greater Tulsa area doctrine jobs out in Wagner as far as I know, La Sand Springs.

Coweta Glenpool Jinx. SAPULPA Katusa Claremore you know, just the entire area around here. Paul Huska I know, uh, uh, we can go any direction and begin to tell you the roofs that we’ve worked on and jobs that we’ve done for people. So it’s been really a pleasure over the last few years. We have created a website that we call our roof nerd website and it is okay, roof nerds.com and then also from our website you can go to the top of that. There’s a little f on the top, a little, a little uncapitalized f I’ve probably blue, if I remember correctly in commercial roofing, broken arrow. You can click on that and they will go to our Facebook page. Now on our Facebook page, what I have been doing is I’ve been posting a lot of different jobs just because it’s easy to post information about some repairs that we’re doing.

So on our Facebook page, I’ve been posting a lot of different things of concerning different types of repairs, really just for an educational purpose. You know, talking about how water tries to get into the building and talk about different silicone coatings, talking about just different types of things in commercial roofing, broken Arrow that we think we would like to be able to educate our clients, educate the community so they could increase their commercial roofing Iq. So with advanced commercial systems, one of the, one of the wonderful things that we offer you is that of the roof nerds, the roof nerves are what we bring to you. They are highly trained, highly skilled technical geniuses in commercial roofing. Now when you look up the definition of a nerd, what you’ll see is something along the line of a highly skilled, highly trained person in a specific technical field.

And so when you look at that, uh, apply that to a roof nerd, we’re talking to specifically about a highly trained person trained up in the technical field, the specific technical field of commercial roofing. And so as a roofer here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, I can say that I’m a nerd and the people that work with me, all of our staff here, even the office staff, they are all roof nerves and our roof nerves are second to none. They literally have gone through extensive training and every day we have meetings and we trained and we really stay on top of information products, product knowledge. We stay on top of the industry, we share as we interact with building owners and other roofers. We share information of things going on in the industry today. And so with that as well, all of our nerves have a graduated classes and schooling and teaching and Instruction in commercial roof, uh, wind and storm damage.

And so basically we send our roof nerves down to Texas. There’s a great engineering company down there. Yeah. Has spent well over 25, 30 years studying wind and hail damage for, for commercial buildings. And so our roof nerves have gone down and have taken the testing and uh, have become certified. Each and every one has become certified with a Hague engineering, which is an engineering company. There’s basically okay for below saying, Hey, wind and hail damage where the experts, the total experts in the nation in what they do, they’re called in for, you know, Katrina, they’re called in for every time there’s a major catastrophe when there’s more multi million or billion dollar buildings with damage, there are oftentimes called in to assess what happened with the wind, what specifically took place, and the entire building envelope is being looked at by these guys. And now, so we bring that same level of expertise here to commercial roofing, broken arrow. So we appreciate you joining in today. We’ve been talking about construction, the construction industry board, the commercial construction, roofing endorsement task. We’ve been talking about all different aspects of commercial roofing. Thanks for joining in with us today. Once again, stay dry.