Well, welcome again today to advance commercial systems are 86th podcasts that we’re having today. Hey, today’s podcast. We’re going to have some great things to talk about, but real quickly though, we’re going to actually kind of go through our website. Our website is okay, roof nerds.com in commercial roofing, broken arrow. You often check our website out and see that we have services, gallery testimonials. Faq is a contact us button, Facebook button of phone number, which is (918) 973-1010. Uh, we show that why roof nerds. We are the home of the roof nerds. Um, there’s a lot of different aspects of our roof, uh, but when you pull off of our website, but when you pull up the front of our website, the homepage in commercial roofing broken Arrow, you see, I’m pretty quickly our slogan that we started, I actually started this slogan years ago. I was working in roofing and I had a residential roofer that had brought me in on the job and I was looking at the commercial roof and we begin to measure, begin to come up with a roof systems and stuff.

And this guy says to me, he says to me, man, this roof is a, it’s a, it’s, it’s flat. It just sits here like a swimming pool. He said, man, isn’t this just like a thousand times more complex than that of of uh, you know, residential routes because you have this steep slope. Roofing is specifically designed to get the water off as quick as possible. You know, the water is what causes leak. So if you’re not getting the water off really fast, then you have more of a potential for the roof. The leak in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Well, so he said, you know, isn’t this, wow, this is complex. You must really know what you’re doing. I said, well, I do know what I do and, but I need you to understand it’s not rocket science, it’s just roof science. And when I said that, it really clicked on me.

And then a few months later I was in another situation very similar to that and I said the same thing. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof. And so in doing so I’m trying to let people know that um, you don’t have to be, be a rocket scientist. You don’t have to be the smartest man in the world to do commercial roofing. But there is a science to roofing, there is roof science that you need to know. There are products that will work and will not work with other products. There are, I mean on an average month I interacted with about 12 different kinds of roofs. Um, that’s about the average 12 to 13 different kinds of roofs every month. Now there are some months and sometimes where I would get up to 20, but on an average month for month, I’ve got about 12 to 13 different types of roofs that I interact with PVC, PDM, our panel, um, standing seam built up gravel ballast, built up a gravel ballast EPD of stone ballast, EPBM, TPO, fleece back, TPO, peel and stick EPO, Ppo, you name it.

There’s, there’s about 12 to 13 different types of roof systems. Duro last, I’ve been looking at a lot of deer last room. And so when you get into all of that, you can’t just put any product and lack of, if we want to come in and work with an old dear last roof, you can’t just come in and, and uh, you know, just put any product down. You won’t know. I’ve got news for you. We’re going to work with an old door. Last roof. I actually am certified, our company certified for doing dear last roofing. And in having that certification, I got my cell phone, the name of the guy in the and, and the, the last representative out of Oklahoma City. We’re actually, he actually lives in Edmond, has lunch with him over and over. A good guy. Uh, I met with a many times and in doing so, uh, went to their class and had been educated and trained as a certified installer for deer last roofs.

So, you know, we’re not just in this just to say we’re doing roofing. I mean, we’re actually in this still learn the systems. The learn the science behind it. So when I named my company advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and I specifically, I really feel like the word advanced really come from a heart, but the word systems that really came because I had been doing commercial roofing a long time. And to me it’s not a roof, it’s a system. It’s a roofing system. When I look at shingle roofs, I basically see a roof. I basically in my mind on, I know all about it. I’ve been doing them for years. But basically when I look at a steep slope sheen, we’ll roof, I normally just see a roof because it’s, it’s not complex. You need to know what you’re doing, you need to do it the right way.

But it’s still not very complex. And especially when you see the, the number of Wa who’s out there doing the roof’s, right? But when it comes to commercial roofing, I mean basically you’re creating a huge swimming pool liner on a flat roof that only has one eighth of an inch, a minimum of one eighth of an inch, a slope out of every foot. So every eight to 10 lineal feet, uh, you had one inch of drop. So when you have a hard downpour, torrential rain in Oklahoma, you know what your have, you basically have about an a three quarters of an inch of water is just standing on that roof for an hour or two or three back to back to back. You have a hard rain like we’ve had here. There are ponding areas that can get six, eight, six inches, eight inches deep and nine 12 inches deep on roofs because of how the roofs are designed.

And so we come in in commercial roofing broken Arrow, and we add the science to flat roofs. You know, so you know, one thing I love about commercial roofs is the word flat roof. Because when I, when I, uh, named my company advanced commercial systems years ago, I did it with flat roofs in mind because it takes a complex scientific roofing system to take a flat roof and make it water tight. Water tight roofing is what we shoot for every single time. So when you’re on our website, you can see at the top of the page you have a little blue tab that says free roof inspection in 24 hours. Now you may have heard the terminology of a no brainer. What is a no brainer? I’ll tell you what a no brainer is that tab right there that says free roofing inspection in 24 hours.

Um, joy hit, you got a leak in your building. I double dog dare you go call about for commercial roofing companies, not some residential guys cause they gonna come screw something up. Anyway, go call and I double dog all dairy. I’ll give you a hundred dollar bill if you go call for commercial roofing guys and you can get all four of them to show up in 24 hours without twisting their arm off. Just setting an appointment and have an all four up. And all four of them show up within the timeframe they said they would. I’ll bring you a hundred dollar check from my business. That’s how serious I am about this free 24 hour, no brainer. Roof inspection, a roof evaluation, roof estimate. Because I know what those guys do out there. They’re 50% not showing up the day they want to and 50% not showing up the hour they say they are because they don’t learn to manage their time.

They’ve not learned to manage their time and manage their business and that’s where we at advanced commercial systems, we, I actually have a business coach that it trains me and equips me with time management skills. So even these podcasts I’m doing right now, these podcasts where, because I have a business coach saying, you need to get us a podcast on this week, every week, this is our 87th podcasts. My business coach looks me in the eyes and says, I need podcast this week. And so everything we’re doing is like clockwork. Now, if you’re a businessman and you’ve worked in the business and you understand business management, you understand finances, you understand what it means to own and run a business, you can respect Tom Management because I’m sure many, many times over the last few years, you’re always running into the same problems we all do. Being able to deflect distractions and being able to write goals and write out a daily process of what needs to be done each day.

And that’s what we do here at advanced commercial systems. All of our roof nerds, our entire staff, every day we have a 15 minute meeting in the morning when we had that meeting in the morning, we all sit down and really write out before we talk, we write out our plan for the day and then they share that plan with me and I’ll make corrections where the needs to be made. Corrections and Ashley, I’ll tell you the quite a few times, there needs to be made corrections to quite a few times. We need to redirect each other. That’s why I’m the boss. That’s why I own the company and that’s why we’re all growing together. We’re learning how to work together. We’re growing together in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you’ll find out real quick. It’s not just rocket science, it’s roof science. Not only in doing roofing but also in just time management.

So time management is what we’re kind of talking about right now. And we will never get you a free 24 hour roof inspection or estimate or evaluation if we’re not managing our time correctly. Now, I’ll tell you there’s something that we specifically will ask for if we come out and we do this for you. We’re going to ask that you’re there to, cause there’s been a few times that we’ve had here in Tulsa and Coweta and sand springs and Bixby also in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Uh, we’ve seen a few times, uh, where our clients weren’t ready for it and they were like, oh, you know, come out at 10:00 AM 10:00 AM and we show up at nine 55 and then we’re waiting till 10, 15. No, that doesn’t bother me. Uh, we have schedules. We’d like to keep those as well. That doesn’t bother me, but I want you to just at least acknowledge and see that we’re on time.

We will not be late. We will be their own time or someone’s getting fired. I won’t put up with a character problems. I will not put up with people. Uh, not showing up for work on time and not doing their job every day. We very strictly micromanage our roof nerds. We macromanage our office staff and we really just, we want to work as a team. We want to enjoy our day, but at the same time, uh, we want to continually send people to our website. So let’s get back on the website. As you scroll down, as you scroll down a website here you can see three circle cabs, uh, three big circle tabs in the middle of the screen. One says roof repair, one says roof restoration and one says roof maintenance. All three of these, you can click on these and when you click on these, it pulls up that specific line item for advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken out.

So I challenge you to take some time and your own personal time. Pull up our website, click on roof repair, click on roof restoration, click on roof replacement, click on roof maintenance. And uh, even hey, here’s a good one for you. Click on the schedule now button. I just cliffy cause I’m sitting on our website as well. You can put your name, email and phone number, you can shoot, submit that. And I’ll tell you, it will come directly to us and is it does. We will be contacting you how quickly? Well, you know, within 24 hours because when you shoot that our way, we’re immediately seeing it within just a short period of time. Even if you’re sitting in the middle of the night. It’s the first thing we look at. We wake up at seven o’clock six o’clock in the morning. We’re looking at that. We’re getting started with a, with a brand new day. So hey, once again, 87th podcasts this week, it has been a pleasure bringing you more information about who we are, what we do, how we are specifically building our team in designing our self to establish credibility with you. Give us a call on our website at (918) 973-1010 click on her Facebook checkout. Why roof nerds and once again, above everything else in commercial roof, in broken Arrow, we asked for you above everything else in commercial roofing, broken Arrow to stay dry.