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Advanced Commercial Systems is the home of the roof nerds. A roof nerd is a technically skilled and trained Commercial Roofing expert that is knowledgeable in all types of roofing systems and all types of roofing materials and products, and their warranties. If you ever have a leak in your roof our roof nerds will come out at no cost and give you a free evaluation for your commercial roof in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. Let’s face it, business owners and building managers are not experienced and are not fully knowledgeable of their Roof Systems. For free our roof Nerds come out and educate them on the type of system they have, the number of layers they have, the life expectancy that should be left in the roof, the type of substrate and decking they have, and the type of insulation and R value that they are currently achieving from the roof. Many times insulation in Commercial Roofing is not up to code. In the Broken Arrow area, we are in Region 3 of the international building code 2015 version.

This requires from 20 to 25 r value poor insulation above decking. We’re currently working on a roof at this time with an insurance company to bring the insulation above decking up to code. This is a great benefit for the building owner because the insurance company is responsible, per their current policy, to bring the building up to code in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. Have you ever wondered if your building is up to code? Have you ever wondered if your building has wind or hail damage. Hail damage on a commercial Roof System that has caused damage to the roof membrane, does not necessarily mean that the roof is leaking. I recently inspected a TPO roof that had thousands of hail hits on it in Oklahoma City. There’s another one here in South Tulsa that I just recently inspected and both of these roofs have extensive damage and are fully totaled, meaning they need to be replaced. When you have an older TPO roof and a large hail hits it causes a circular form and shape cracks that expand out like a star.

All these cracks have broken through the upper layer of the TPO membrane and have often even created damage in the scrim in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. These roofs need to be replaced immediately because they are allowing moisture into the installation of the roof. Once the insulation gets wet in a saturated then all the insulation needs to be replaced all the way down to the roof decking. After a hail storm we will come out and evaluate if your roof has any hail damage that is allowing moisture and small amounts of water into your insulation above the roof deck. Our roof nerds in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow what do this for free so that you will have a full evaluation of your roof system and you can make decisions upon the information we give you. Wind damage in Broken Arrow and Oklahoma is very common.

If you have an exterior parapet wall on a building, as part of your roof system and its part of the exterior rooftop of the building, then you have a higher chance for wind damage when wind comes. It’s obvious to know the higher a building is, or the taller it is, the higher the wind speed will be. I was recently inspecting the Harvard Tower at I-44 and Harvard. I was 6 stories in the air and it is very shocking at how much more wind and how faster it is the higher a commercial building is. We are often on two and three story buildings because there are more of them in the greater Tulsa area and in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. Low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise buildings all can suffer from wind damage. So, a parapet wall on the upper level of the roof, when wind comes against that parapet wall it goes over the wall and then down hard on to the roof system and the roof membrane. When this happens a force is created called lift. If you’re not familiar with lift then you need to understand that it is the same force that causes airplanes to fly.

So, think of the power that lifts has to keep an airplane in the air, this is the same force that can go against your roof and pull it up with an uplift. I was recently on a gravel roof, commonly known as a ballast roof in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. The corner of the building and the Roof System had all the gravel removed from the wind. As the wind come up over the edge of the building the wind would just place the gravel just on the corners of the building because the wind has its highest speed going around the corners of the roof line in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. When we install ISO board and single-ply membranes, we use almost twice as many screws and plates on the edges and the corners of the building’s roof in commercial roofing Broken Arrow. This is because of high winds creating lift and trying to lift the roof membrane from its secure place on the substrate and decking. Plates and screws are often tested with a pull test.

A pull test is performed to see if the roof system can properly hold the screws and how many pounds of pressure is needed to pull the plates and screws loose with commercial roofing Broken Arrow. Many different lengths of screws are used depending on the length needed to reach through all the layers of roofing and insulation. The screws need to penetrate the roof decking and have about one to two inches of pass through. This will ensure that the screws will not pull out with a little backing up over time. With Advanced Commercial Roofing and commercial roofing Broken Arrow, you can be sure out roof nerds will help your new roof installation be as wind proof as possible.