Welcome to another podcast where the advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. I am the owner and founder Marty Grisham. I am a professional commercial roofing contractor. I’m a professional commercial roofing contractor in the Greater Tulsa area and in commercial roofing, broken Arrow for many years now. We’ve been doing commercial roofing and we have done well over 200 podcasts and articles about commercial roofing, about uh, different aspects of commercial roofing. Uh, the best way for setting up businesses, the best way for financing, the best way for structuring your business plan, a lot of different things we’ve covered over the years and we will continue to do so because here at advanced commercial systems, we love to share with the community. Uh, our secrets. No, there is no secret this, there’s, there’s not whole lot of new information in the world. And so we just help people learn what we do with commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

Maybe they can copy what we do and, and grow better and become a large part of society of themselves and what they’re doing as well. So with advanced commercial systems, few things that we offer you this really an outstanding process. And procedure that really stands out, one of which is just a high level of communication that we continually bring and with through emails, through even texting, um, all the different ways of emailing and keeping in contact with our clients so that they have a full understanding of where we are in the process. See, doing a commercial roof is a system. It’s a process. It takes time, it takes energy, it takes effectiveness. And as we do a commercial roof, I think you’ll see pretty quickly that we are the best roofing company in a commercial roofing broken arrow. So today we’re going to talk about what’s in the industry referred to is steep slope roofing, steep slope roofing is basically the majority of the time, the majority of roofing.

That steep slope is that of shingles shingle roofing, which you oftentimes would see on a residential home, which you see also on many, many commercial buildings. Shingle roofing is called steep slope roofing according to the National Roofing Contractors Association that is basically over residential and commercial roofing here in the United States. And so with advanced commercial systems, there’s a few things that I’d love for you to keep in mind when it comes down to picking a contractor for steep slope roofing, one of which is someone that’s just got tons of experience, um, because that’s really a large aspect of what’s needed. Um, when it comes time to doing the poop, the pipe, not the poop, but the pipe boots and all the different aspects of ice and water shield doing all the extras that so many times is needed for a steep slope roof for the valleys to be well taken care of.

These things, you really have to stay on top of these things to make sure they’re being done the correct way. So whether that’s commercial systems, we have a full system and for project management put together that’s specifically designed to help you, uh, before we ever start the job, know exactly what’s being done, know exactly what needs to be done with many years of experience. We sit down with you and we go through the, the a best ways of doing the roof, the the be best ways, the c best ways. We look at all the different aspects of how to do a toll. So commercial roofing toll, so commercial roofers and commercial roofing, broken Arrow and vast commercial system. You know, when it comes to steep slope roofing, we still use tons of science. We still use tons of technology, tons of experience that we’ve gained over the years.

And so our slogan’s still stands true. Just even beyond that, a flat roofing over to steep slope. It’s a, which is our slogan, which is it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science. If you’re looking for shingles, um, I tell you, we will lead people 10 times out of 10 to a laminate shingle when now sometimes they’re referred to as an architectural shingle because of the laminate and the architectural look. They’re basically the same shingle. Uh, and now we’re talking about today is fiberglass. Shingles were talking about asphalt, fiberglass shingles. We’re not talking about steel shingles. We’re not talking about slate. We’re not talking about other different types of shingles. We’re talking primarily today because you will see 99.5% of the industry, if not even more, more than that. Maybe 99.8 is specifically geared towards a fiberglass and asphalt, a laminate architectural shingles. So here to vast commercial systems here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we still hold true to our slogan, which is it’s not rocket science, it’s true of science.

So when you were a lot of people, people, they hear the name advanced commercial systems and they immediately begin to think, wow, you know, you do metal roofs, you do flat roofs, you do all types of roofs, but they many times don’t realize that the shingle roof for commercial is often very much almost identical to everything that we would do for residential residential roofing, uh, through insurance companies and commercial roofing. The pricing as far as steep slope roofing many times falls right in the same. Uh, residential roofing sometimes may come out easier with getting multiple trades, like if gutters need to be done and if maybe hail hit some of the siding and put some holes in the siding. Uh, when it comes time to file the claim and commercial roofing broken Arrow, many times it’s easier to get a 10 and 10 in the industry is what we call tenant in, which is called overhead.

10% profit, 10% so we just say 10 and 10 it’s an additional, or when they come up with a total price of the roofing job in the entire job for the process through the storm damage through the insurance company, they add on another 20% because they basically saying whoever’s there needs to be a general contractor that runs the multiple traits, the multiple different types of contractors and subs that are needed to finish all the different aspects of the job. And so what we do is we step in as the general contractor because honestly as far as residential and commercial construction or concern, advanced commercial systems and southern restorations, another, another brother, company virus has been doing residential and commercial construction and remodeling a for years. And so with the years under our belt, it’s really easy for us to step in with our experience of working with other contractors and making sure the gutters get taken care of cause we actually do gutters and then also siding or painting or you know even, I remember there’s a lightning bolt that hit a house last year, hit a residential home.

A friend of mine contacted the homeowners, said, hey, you need to give Marty a call. I came out, I state farm, replaced the roof. A state farm took care of all their electrical inside the building because all of the electricity inside the building, many of the, the sockets were burned out. The electricity hit the electric of the home and, and kind of fried quite a few plugs. And then also the, the, the lightning hits so hard that it cracked about 10 or 15 brick on the front of the home. And so we stepped up and became the general contractor over that job. And we did receive an extra 20%, 10 and 10, uh, for the overhead and profit for that job because we stepped up and became the general contractor. We ran the brick, uh, installers. We ran the roofing job with our own crew.

We ran all the electrical and the painting and there were nail pops and painting and cracks in the building that needed to be done. We took care of all of those four different trades. Uh, we did not have any gutters because it was a lightening strike. So there wasn’t any gutters that got damaged because there wasn’t any hail or wind. So it was basically a tornado that came through tool. So, but this happened to have one lightning strike. They hit this home. And so here at advanced commercial systems, we can step in as a general contractor for your steep slope roofing job for your commercial building or for your residential building here in Tulsa. Or you might be in Jenks or Bixby or sand springs, Sapulpa doesn’t matter. Claire, more Katusa, commercial roofing, broken Arrow, doesn’t matter where you are. We are the best at what we do and we’ll step in and help you with your project will help you with your roof.

And I guarantee you when we’re done, you’re going to have a smile on your face. You’ve got to say, this was a company that I’m going to refer to my family. This is a company, a commercial roofing company, a commercial roofing contractor in broken Arrow that I’m going to refer to my family and refer to my friends. And so that is the response that we get all the time. Now if you’re questioning me saying this, I just challenge you. Go online right now and the typing an advanced commercial systems and you’ll see where, pull up pretty quickly, uh, on Google maps. Click on that Google map listing and you’ll see how many reviews we have. We have a well over 105 star reviews. These reviews are from clients and people we’ve interacted with concerning the commercial roofing and some residential roofing projects. And these people have been highly, highly, highly satisfied with the level of workmanship, the level of competence, the level of communication that we brought to the table, our experience, our product knowledge, we really showed them.

Uh, we really shined as a company because many times construction companies because you just never know who’s running them. You never know sometimes how organized they are, how, how substantially, um, you know, relevant they are to what needs to be done. Well and what I mean by that, as you could have a residential roofing guy bidden uh, and doing the estimates for a commercial job and he doesn’t know that much about flat roofs. And so that’s not what we do. We focus on the things we do and we’re the best in town. What we do, hey, thanks again for joining in here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow joining in for another podcast with us. If you are looking, uh, in the northeast Oklahoma, if you’re looking for a commercial roofer in commercial roofing broken Arrow, hey, give us a call at (918) 973-1010. We would love to assist you. We are the best roofer near you.