Welcome to the podcast of advanced commercial systems here where the advanced commercial systems, we strive to be the best commercial roofing company in, uh, the Greater Tulsa area and the greater broken air area. We actually a function and we operate an office out of broken Arrow, but today we, we are here today for our 92nd, Oh, I’m sorry, our 93rd episode with advanced course with systems where we sit down, we take your calls, we take your questions and we interact with you concerning commercial roofing. So I know there’s not, you know, everyone in the world is excited to hear about commercial roofing. But the one thing about us and the one thing about what we do is when you have a commercial roofing problem, we’re definitely the guys to call. You’re going to want someone that can take care of you. So we, we have a question.

Uh, we have a question today, uh, that came in, uh, early this morning, um, which basically said, I have, I have me read it here from Wilson Wilson. Um, did not going to say the person’s last name. Um, okay. So, um, do I know, how do I know the age of my roof, my flat roof from our commercial building. So this is a very common question in commercial roofing broken Arrow and you know Tulsa area, the jinx area. Could we the sand springs and Glenpool you know Bixby Awaso a lot of the different areas no matter where we do in the Greater Tulsa area. We get a lot of questions along this line of you know, can you, you’ll give me your 24 hour free evaluation and really just let me know how much life is left in my roof. Probably the most important question and the most common question that I get from about property managers that I consistently work with.

Well it’s easy for us to evaluate that for number one, we have a pretty good idea here at advanced commercial systems about all different types of roofing systems. And a lot of it really is opinion to some point because we can look at a roofing system and we can normally within a few years tell you how old it is and then we can go off and tell you it needs to be it. It’s, it’s designed to be, uh, you know, a 13 year old roof of 15 to 20 year of 25 year roof. And so that we just do the basic math. Uh, but you know, there’s, there’s some things we need to take into effect here that just because we do the math doesn’t mean you know that you have five years of roof left over life left in your roof. It could be much more than that.

Uh, like the, one of my favorite roofs that I really do like is modified bitumen. That is the roll roofing with granules on top. The kind that I like because it’s easy to repair, is easy to find leaks. It’s really a great product is it’s strong. It can take a hell hit. It can take, uh, Hva. Say you mechanical guy dropping a screwdriver on it. It’s really a strong, good roof. Um, I think it’s a great system to, whether you, you know, you cold apply at hot, apply it, no a hot tar, whatever system you use, even to peel and stick conversions are really good products. But in, in talking about modified bitumen roofs, many times they’ll go far beyond their expected life age because I think they’re just a really good roof. I’ve seen some that have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years go 25 to 30 years in commercial roofing broken Arrow because they’re just a great roofing system.

And so if there’s no ponding areas, if there’s nothing that really stands out that was causing the life of the roof to, you know, to increase in age and rather quickly way, then the roof can last quite a while. So, um, within asking that, I was asked the other day, you know, do we have an emergency, uh, commercial roofing repair service? And we do we do you give her or our phone call at (918) 973-1010. We have a 24 hour, seven days a week. Uh, commercial roofing emergency number in that that’s it. And they will invest for just setting an appointment or calling us specifically to you know, check out, you know, might have some interior damage in your building. Uh, probably the biggest thing I get from clients or just new perspective clients is I have a brown spot in my ceiling tile in my office, in my lobby and my office in the bathroom or I have Cillin tile falling because they’re wet from a roof leak.

That’s the biggest thing I hear from people who are having leaking issues cause the majority of the commercial buildings, a lot of them, you know our office space and are they’re going to have, you know, many times a ceiling grid which we actually here at advanced commercial systems because we do a lot of commercial work. We actually uninstalling or install new ceiling grid. We’ve been a lot of jobs where we have put in ceiling grid. And so just, what was it three or four days ago we were replacing some ceiling grid that had gotten wet and had fallen down in two different buildings for two different. One was with kindercare and one was with dollar general. And so working with these companies, we spend a lot of time really trying to meet their needs and where they are with they’re having, if they’re having a problem in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, if they’re having a problem right here on the spot, then we might want to address the problem they’re having the stuff, just encouraging them to call another contractor.

You know, they can do ceiling tile. We just step in and take care of the ceiling title ourselves. So, uh, here’s a, here’s a question that we have. Um, how do I know whether I need a roof repair or not? And so what’s the determining factors that decides whether I need a roof repair? And so, and there’s a big question in the industry continually about the ethics of roofers. Have some roofers, Jess trying to lead people to the place of doing a reroof or doing a roof restoration or full roof restoration, which can be costly or just doing a full roof replacement in commercial roofing broken arrow. There’s a lot of questions in the industry right now about um, the ethics and the moralistic character of some commercial roofers that only just want to do roof replacements because their profitability is going to go from, you know, $1,000 to $20,000.

And so here at cu and advanced commercial systems, we sit down with you and we share with you the roof evaluation that we come up with. And in doing so we share with you in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, um, really exactly what’s taking place in your repair time versus your replacement time. And so we give you multiple budgets and then we explained to you if we do repair, your roof has about six more years of life. If we do a replacement, it’s going to cost this much. It’s going to cost 20 times more, 30 times more. But you’re not going to have to touch your roof. I’m going to do a 10 year warranty, a five year warranty and no league warranty. You’re not going to have to touch your roof or worry about it. I have any concerns. And if you’re going to go consider selling your building in the next five to 10 years, the price of your building is going up because of the work that we’re doing to it.

So, and as a commercial realtor, I do commercial and residential real estate and just my personal life as well, I can tell your roofs are a very large part of inspections. They are a very large part of being able to sell a commercial building or even rent out space. Having worked with a lot of property managers and the businesses that they have in rented space, uh, it’s always challenging to hear how they try to settle, whether who’s responsible for the roof. Well, if we do a roof replacement for you, I’ll tell you who’s responsible for the roof. But we are here at advanced commercial systems because when we do, when we diagnose and take care of your roof, the roof replacement, roof repair, roof maintenance were basically owning that roof and we’re taking care of the issues that you have there.