Well today we’re having another podcast here with advanced commercial systems every week here at advanced commercial systems. Uh, we do podcasts for the local area, the local region around here. And in these cop cop podcast, we cover many of the different aspects of commercial roofing, the industry, the products, different things that, uh, are being done in the industry so that we can educate and what we say we can increase the commercial roofing Iq of the local community because it’s our desire for property managers and building owners and maintenance crews to be able to have the best possible knowledge where being able to take care of their own commercial roofing systems. And so here at advanced commercial systems, our name really says it all. I am Marty Grisham, the owner of advanced commercial systems, uh, here in commercial roofing broken arrow. And I tell you, I specifically chose the name, uh, advanced and commercial systems because a roofing systems is what we do.

And we really focus on commercial roofing systems, a roofing systems, or had been a big part of, of my life. And what I’ve learned for commercial roofing and just the technical data and just the skill that we’ve gained over many, many years of working in the industry, working with other contractors, working with a property management companies, working with tons and tons of building owners. We’ve really developed a great system in which we offer the highest level of interaction, communication and accountability and that you can find in the industry. And so what I mean by that is like if you were to go on our website at, okay, roof nerds.com, you’d see we’re in the toll. So the Greater Tulsa area, we’re in broken Arrow, we’re in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’re in Jenks, we’re in this whole area around here, Bixby, Claremore, sandy springs, Katusa. Um, you know, we’re in the total area of the North East Oklahoma area, you know, all the way out, the Waggoner out to I nola [inaudible] all the way to Skyhook.

We’ll take care of your commercial roofing. You know, if you’re within a few hours of here, we’ll take care of you and do the best that we can to assist you and your needs. But what we found in the industry is, um, clients really want expert, uh, the highest level of communication. And so one of the levels of the communication that we start off with that we begin to show immediately with our clients is when someone calls and they ask for our free 24 hour roof evaluation here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, uh, we come out and we communicate what we’re doing before we do it that we’re going to evaluate the roof, we’re going to evaluate the roof that’s there. We’re going to evaluate the layers there, what’s there? We’ll evaluate the concurrent condition of the roof, the current lifespan left in the membrane and the roofing system, the parapet walls, the coping cap, you know, penetration points, the scenes, all the different areas where the roofing membrane and the system is terminated.

We’re going to evaluate what kind of substrate there is, what kind of decking there is. Is there leaking, is there saturated areas in the roof that are having water problems that would need to either be lightly addressed or calls the entire roof to need to be taken off the reroofed because of a deep saturation of water. These are all the things that we deal with on a daily basis. And I’ll tell you, I have to say we really love what we do. Uh, it shows and our character, it shows in just how we interact with our clients. So every day we get calls from our clients and we begin to share with them our three steps that we give you for our 24 hour free. Now this is a no brainer. Now get this absolutely free, 24 hour commercial roof evaluation. There’s three things that we offer you now, one of which is all of these are, are just completely encompassed by a highest level of communication and explanation to you.

Well, the first thing we offered you is a walkthrough video. So when we get on your roof, we set up a hero six or hero seven video camera and we attached it to ourself. And we do a full uh, walkthrough and audio explanation of what we’re seeing. The type of roof system that you have, we present that to you within 24 hours. So it’s just like you’re on the roof with us. So if you don’t like to climb a ladder, if you don’t want to get on a roof on a cold day, uh, we do it for you. And then the second thing we offer you is specific pictures of problematic areas and we take a close up pictures so you can get a good idea. Sometimes we take it from a little distance and then we move in and take it closer. Cause here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, uh, it really comes down to accountability.

With roofers we’ve seen so many roofers just say, oh, something needs to be fixed well and then they start charging money for it. We lack the shoe, show you through pictures and through a video if there we say there’s something you should be able to look at the picture and we should be able to help you identify that is truly something that needs to be taken care of. So here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, every single time we’re going to get you some pictures. We can give you the initial walkthrough video and always refer to it this way. The pictures are pictures of problematic areas that need to be addressed. And then the final that would give you is a either a photo satellite cause we do have drones to take a photo from above set of satellite satellite view of not from satellite and then or we can get a satellite view from online.

Uh, or we can do draw a diagram, whichever really best represents what we’re trying to accomplish with showing you the most information as possible for your roof. Let’s say the satellite video footage is, is or um, photo aerial shots isn’t up to date and that we don’t have our drone with us, which wouldn’t be the case. Then we could specifically at that time really just, uh, be able to draw a diagram and show you all the specifics. You know, the HVHC, Eunice, any types of mechanical equipment, you know, where the parapet walls are, any specific areas. And with that we also have thermal imaging. And so that’s a really a fourth thing that we can offer you with our thermal imaging. We specifically can show you areas where water has leaked into the roof system and has, has a different temperature as a sunsets in the evening time is showing a different temperature.

So, so these are the things that we offer you and so we, we bring all this to you and laid in front of you for free. Absolutely a no brainer idea here in commercial roofing, broken error. No one’s doing this now. The reason why we do this and it costs money, it costs time. I pay my roof nerves, a lot of money for what they do. It costs me money, it costs me time. But I’m endeavoring to build a relationship with my clients where they know what I say is what I do and what I do is what I say. So if there’s any problems, there’s any challenges in anything, we step up and take care of those problems. And so when it comes to property management companies, we just had a property management company calls today and ask us if we’ll come by and chat with them about some, some different types of roofing systems and some things that we’re working on.

And so I’ll tell you, uh, when it comes down to it, uh, we are a, we’re going to go out of our way to make our clients know that they’re number one and it’s not about profit. Now profitability is a large part of commercial roofing and you know, marketing and sales is a large part of every type of business we are, we’re not a nonprofit. We are a profit for business, for business, for profit. Um, but at the end of the day the profit would go very far if we did not take care of our clients and offer them the absolute best that we could in the industry. So we are competing against some large, very large, very successful commercial roofing companies. And when I found a lot of those guys, when it comes to the smaller jobs, they really neglect the high level of expertise. Like, I’ve just seen some repair guys show up on a roof and start patching things and didn’t really even try to figure out where the roof was.

And I was on the roof working on the other side and one of the big companies in town, they sent two guys out and they started patching or spot and I said, hey, why are y’all patch in that spot? Said, well this is probably where the leak is. Well it was, it was far away. It was on the other side of the building from where the leak actually was. And I said to him, I said, number one, you’re not supposed to be up here. This, I’m taking care of this roof today. And number two, because I’m kind of confused here, is, uh, why are you passionate spot? This is not even Lincoln. And so with that, uh, what I want to share with you today is that, uh, given us a call, I’d like to really set a precedent in place here in commercial roofing, broken arrow.

It kind of like this to set a precedent in place that uh, if there’s anything you need, you can go to our website at. Okay. Roof nerds.com and when you go to that website, you can look at the top at (918) 973-1010 that is our website in our phone number, which you can give a 24 hour emergency phone call to us here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we answer the phone and we commercial roofing, broken Arrow if we answer the phone and we take care of you. And so this is all about you and me. This isn’t just about us, this is about both of us. We need a client and you need a contractor. And we’re going to step up. We’re going to show integrity, we’re going to show honesty, we’re going to show ethical, moralistic decision making, characteristics of our business and what we do. And I think after a period of time, you’ll begin to really see the difference that we make here at advanced commercial systems and the education and the training that we’ve given a with the engineering certification that all of our roof nerds have for commercial roof storm damage. I think you’ll definitely see very quickly the difference and the, the type of, uh, professionalism that we bring to the table. Hey, once again, we appreciate you for joining us for another podcast today. Uh, once again, it’s not rocket science. It’s real science and stay dry.