Thanks for tuning in today to our podcast here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. Uh, today we have a full line of things to talk about with you and to share with you concerning commercial roofing in the Greater Oklahoma, Greater Tulsa and broken Arrow area here with commercial roofing advanced commercial systems. So today, uh, I want to share with you some things that we’ve been talking about quite a bit at our office, working through specific problems and things, you know, what do we deal with on a day to day basis. But first let me tell you, you can reach out to us and, and could give us a call if you have any questions or you can give us a call during the podcast today. We do receive calls or staff would receive calls and discuss with you any questions that you have. And those questions also could be brought up on the radio or the podcast is we’re moving forward here today.

Uh, I would for one thing I want to specifically talk to you about is how you can reach us at (918) 973-1010 at commercial roofing broken Arrow and you can also check us out on Facebook. We have a Facebook page, a advanced commercial systems at roof nerds, Tulsa. You can check that out. You can see some specific jobs that we’ve done. You know we’ve done a a commercial building, Santos auto here in broken arrow. We just finished to have just a few days ago and I’ll have a job that we finished right before that with Walgreens at 51st and Sheridan a job that we finished there so you can check us out and see what we’ve done with some TPO and some ISO recently with some of those jobs. But today we’re going to talk specifically about a roof coatings and the properties of it, the benefits of it and some of the, some of the aspects of it that’s not desired.

There are some good and some bad and some ugly, but mostly good with the different types of roof roof coatings that are applied to day to roof products over the last few years. There’s been great science, I’d like to say, uh, added to roof coatings, the elastomerics and some of the codings that we’ve see from 15 years ago. Uh, nowadays they’re really chalky. They don’t handle, uh, over 10 years. They don’t really handle UV well. They begin to get chalky and begin to break down. And one of the things that’s missing out of the last, you know, 15, 20 years ago, some of the roof coatings that we’re, you know, we began to see here was the elasticity, uh, that we’re missing. Uh, you know, when we’re checking in and inspecting roofs that have had jobs done years ago. And so the last two is one of the biggest aspects that we look for in a roof coating, mostly because of how your roof is always moving.

Whether you have a steep slope or especially a flat roof where we call a low slope roof in commercial roofing broken Arrow, do you know your roof is continually moving, not just by wind but more by heat and cold. You know the differences in temperature causes your roof to stretch because it to contract and that moving, whether it be a metal roof, a Mod Beta, TPO or whatever it is, that moving will cause roof coatings to tear if they do not have a lasting city. So the last test he is one of the things that we look for and that’s why we’ve ended up really preferring silicon based roof coatings. I’m just like silicone caulk that you would get at home depot and caulking around your window. It’s very similar in properties because of the elasticity is there. But this caulking, uh, this, this silicon coatings that we’re using, the silicone based high fiber, they are meant to handle and reflect UV rays.

And so reflecting the euro rebase, I’m sorry, the UV rays from the sun’s heat, uh, up to 90% is, is, is a reflected and some of the bad year of a UV rays can be absorbed to keep the roof, uh, from, uh, you know, the, the urban heat effect from rising as well. So oftentimes we’ll receive an email, we receive a contact from someone they’re wondering should they have a roof repairs or they have a roof replacement and will come in sometimes surprisingly to them and offer roof restoration services within a smart plan. One of our smart smart roof plans to follow up on that too. I annually or biannually, uh, keep, keep dibs on their roof to make sure that’s in good shape. Once again, you can reach us today if you want to call in nine one eight, nine seven three one zero one zero. Give us a call.

Now when we get to talking about older roofs, uh, like a mini of the roofs, you see they come in a darker colors and you know, over the time, uh, it’s pretty well obvious that they really absorbed tons of overheated a UV rays over the summer months. You know, your energy costs go up dramatically during that time. So that’s why a lot of our roof restoration projects, it’s not just about making the water, making the roof water tight again. Um, it’s more just as much about energy efficiency for your building envelope, building envelope, energy, fishy and efficiency in commercial roofing Broken Arrow is a large part of the play. We will dramatically reduce the heat applied to your roof because of these products that we’ll use a, it will reduce the cost, it will also waterproof your roof. And also it will give you con continual support in the points area per year.

Uh, led certification, um, roof coating savings is always part of the National Roofing Contractors Association. They’re always helping us learn more and more of what we should be doing as contractors. Um, we have a roof savings calculator that can use, you can use in your geographic location, uh, that will help you understand the code needed for your installation and you cost electricity. And so give us a call at (918) 973-1010 at commercial roofing broken air here to advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. Just recently we had a gutter system, uh, over uh, off of Sheridan Road here in Tulsa. The, the entire gutter system was somehow allowing water into the building envelope and so we cleaned very thoroughly the gutter system and then we came in and applied a roof coating to the entire both walls and bottom facing of the gutter system in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And as you can have guessed that that created a complete rubber silicone based watertight membrane.

The good thing with the coatings, the silicone based coatings that we use is you could, you could use them like a lining of a swimming pool. They can hold water for year after year. Now, if you recall, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association, ponding water on roof should be off of the roof within 48 hours. It should never stay there for a long period of time. Uh, you know, when I look at roofs like asphalt roofs, built up roofs, modify a bit of an roofs, those roofs deteriorate much more rapidly in ponding areas. Now these silicone based products that we use for roof restoration, you could have a pawning area there and they could stay there because you were going to create almost like a swimming pool liner on that ponding are in that Pawnee Nerium. So I have seen pawning areas under or where these silicone based products had been applied year after year.

Look, just as new as when we put it down in the very beginning, uh, been highly impressed with the, uh, lack of, uh, an absorption properties and how well it is. Here’s to the products that we apply it to, which brings us to acrylic roof coatings, a acrylic roof coating. So they’re good. They’re, they’re known also for great strength and great durability. Plexiglas is a product of an all acrylic base and a, it has earned respect over the years. It has a great impact resistance as also continually bringing in the UV resistance to which we love so much. Um, acrylic roof coatings, um, they bring a seamless application to whatever we apply them to. A, they, their, their adhesion properties are highly effective. We really like it because of that as well. Uh, you can give us a call here at (918) 973-1010. We’d love to assist you in any way.

Uh, is, we’re still on the podcast number six today talking about how the acrylic roof coatings, they, uh, they adhere in thick layers, um, and we can put them on is up to 30 or 35 meals. Um, so that is on the thin side. Even less than that of single ply roof coatings or single ply roof. Membrane’s I’m sorry. And so that’s a great aspect of being able to cause per gallon. Uh, more usage, you know, to keep your price down. Now there’s dirt resistance also, um, that we see with our silicone base and acrylic based at roof coatings and these, these roof coatings, they resist, they resist the sticking of dirt. Now you need to get that done and you get the roof dry, the coding dry before any wind or blows dust on it. Um, but it keeps you roof looking new, keeps it looking really good.

That’s one of the high, uh, aspects of him. Um, and then there’s just the basic sun reflectivity is second to none. Here in advanced commercial systems, we bring you the highest products in commercial roof, in broken arrow. Well there’s a variety of acrylic color options as well. Now if you have a small repair or a small roof, we may not be able to get the color options for you, especially in our silicone based products. Um, one of the reasons is because sometimes you have to order maybe up to a hundred, uh, buckets, which could be, you know, as far as 450 gallons before it could be premixed for color for you. But you know, if we have a, we have a solution for you, we will definitely find that for him. Now the cost effectiveness of the silicone based roof coating in the acrylic based roof coating, uh, these are quick and easy.

I would for many styles of different types of roofs. We can apply these to literally to Tpo to PDM. We’ve done that to BBC two metal roof standing seam, our panel, it doesn’t matter. We can apply these to built up mod bit SBS, many types of roofs. We can apply these to cause the elasticity of second to none. Now depending upon some roof products we use, they may need a primer, but that’s not a big deal. We are extensively a guarantee, a long warranty with climber based products as well. So give us a call when you get a chance here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roof in broken Arrow, give us a call at (918) 973-1010 or check us out on the web at www dot. Okay. Roof or you can check us out on Facebook at advanced commercial systems. At roof nerds. Tulsa, thanks for joining [inaudible] 60th podcast today. This is Marty Grisham. Assign it out. Hope you have a wonderful day. Stay dry. Oklahoma.