Thanks for coming to the website of advanced commercial systems, the website of the www. Okay. Roof look on the top of our website and you can see a Facebook link. Please go to our Facebook link and log on and check out all the current jobs and the past jobs and even some of the future jobs that we have planned with advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, home of the roof nerds. Here’s a list of some of the things that we do that we offer our commercial roofing clients. We offered 24 hour roof repairs, emergency roof repair, metal roof repair, metal roof sealant, leaky roof repairs, torch down roofs, roofing systems, fiberglass, metal and polyurethane foam roofs, shingle roofing, steep slope, roofing site, roofing, torch down roofs and other types of roofing systems. TPO in PDM, hot tar and gravel, roofing roof replacement, rubber roofing, reroofing roof coating, roof repair.

New roof is construction and installation with built up roofing systems and single ply roofing systems such as EPD m, TPO and PVC. And last but not least, new roof construction here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow, we choose to use the highest quality products that is possible and available and our commercial roofing standards and industry and the Greater Oklahoma area, commercial roofing, broken Arrow and advanced commercial systems have come together with tried and tested products they’d have shown to be the most innovative out of all in the region. Our roofers are roof nerves and technically trained and skilled and every type of roofing system available. We ensure excellent quality and we ensure quality that can adhere with a manufacturer standards. We offer industrial roofing, residential roofing, commercial roofing and many other types of yeah, roofing systems at commercial roofing. Broken Arrow, check us out in Tulsa at Tulsa, Ruthie and Torsa commercial roofing and Tulsa commercial roofing company.

From the start of the job to the very finish of a job, we get the best quality and the best details and our managers, our project managers, sometimes known as supervisors or foreman are actually certified. Hey, engineering trained inspectors with an engineering company that is nationally known and they always have the best planned and systematic place of project management here at advanced commercial systems. Home with the roof nerves. We always offer the most reliable, rational services for roofing in the commercial and industry and industrial building industry. We use high products that are the best in the market. Our roofers are technically skilled and trained. Many times we were found doing re roofs, roof replacement, roof repairs, ballasted roofing systems and new construction, roofing mod bit and other types of asphalt. Roofing is also a large part of our repertoire. Give us a call at (918) 973-1010 in commercial roofing broken arrow.

We would love to take care of you and give you the highest level of our smart roof plan and a free evaluation within 24 hours. That’s just a no brainer. There’s no way you could pass that up with years of experience backing us. Our Name has become a household name and the Greater Tulsa area. Give us a call anytime at (918) 973-1010 we are professionals and we offer in makeable impeccable customer service and the greatest level of public relations that you have known. Give us a shout. A lot of property managers and building owners for commercial and industrial buildings do not know how long their roof will last. You know, commercial roofs don’t last forever. Many of them I’ve only been aged to last between 15 and 20 years. Most systems and membranes only are specifically designed from project managers and from the production, uh, warranties from the manufacturers to only last from 15 to 20 years.

Do you know when you need a roof repair? Do you know when you need roof maintenance? Most people don’t. Most buildings down, most building owners note, does your roof need to be completely replaced? You should ask you that self that question or you should just look and see. Just because the roof isn’t leaking doesn’t mean at advanced commercial systems. At commercial roofing, broken Arrow, home of the roof merits, it doesn’t mean that their roof is not in bad shape. It could be leaking, but you’re not seeing the water come inside the building through the ceiling grid. Our roof inspection services are second to none. We determine if your roof is going to make it with local building codes and is compliant with the Oklahoma and your city building codes. Just recently we had to install three and one half inches of ISO board on a building that we had to replace with liberty mutual paying the bill liberty mutual insurance company paid over $50,000 to put on three and a half inches of ISO to meet the building codes of the broken Arrow city here at advanced commercial systems.

We often see that and we meet building codes and help you get your building up to what it should be. Perspective. We also perform roof inspections continually and many times insurance claims and insurance adjusters won’t us to meet with them to show what exactly we have seen up on the roof. They trust with Our Hague certified commercial roof storm inspection experience that we can bring the table, something that can assist them and their job. Maybe you’re not a rare aware that you need roof repairs. That’s okay. Give us a call. No cost, no brainer. A 24 hour roof evaluation will be put in your hands. You will know exactly the condition of your roof as quickly as possible. We can repair almost any type of roof. If it’s a leaky roof. We’re not scared of that. We can take care of that. It’s not rocket science.

It’s roof science and we are the scientist over roofing. You know the weather patterns that we have in the Greater Tulsa area. Being right on [inaudible] really an I 44 really is an interesting uh, part of the tornado alley we give. We receive hail and wind damage. Other people never have an idea of just a few years ago we had what was called a straight line when I’m 90 mile an hour straight line wind that blew from Oklahoma City all the way across Tulsa. We had from 70 to 90 mile an hour wind blow all the way over our city and commercial roofing, broken Arrow and advanced commercial systems was there on the scene. Helping clients retain a watertight roofing system for their buildings. You may want to sell your building. You may want a free evaluation to sell your building so that you can show the condition of your commercial roof.

Are you maybe maybe needing to update your insurance coverage? No problem. Give us a call at (918) 973-1010 we’re the home of the roof nerds, the roof scientist. We will increase your roofing Iq so that your insurance company can once again update and reapprove your insurance for your building. So there’s many reasons why customers call us and there’s many reasons why people need a licensed roofing contractors like advanced commercial systems. We are a licensed roofing contractor and we performed certified inspections for you certified with the state of Oklahoma. Now, wouldn’t it be really wonderful if every time an issue came up with your roof that the insurance company would cover it? Well, it’s our job to see exactly what they will and will not cover. Having worked with insurance companies well over 10 years, having been on the roof well over 200 times with insurance adjusters and learning from them and sharing with them our vast knowledge as well.

We have built a great repertoire, a great relationship with insurance companies from state farm to metlife to Hartford to liberty mutual to Oklahoma state farm bureau. It doesn’t matter what insurance company is. We’ve always had a great relationship with them, showing them honor and respect so that they would give you the honor and respect that you deserve for your commercial building. It’s sometimes depends on the height, the overall size or even the type or the complexity of the roof that you have, but many times insurance companies will take care of you even if there isn’t any damage. We’ve learned not the tricks of the trade, but how to work with insurance companies so that you will have a longterm insurance policy in place for your commercial roofing broken arrow. If you’re looking for a discount just to give us a call. One of the best discounts we offer is great work being people of our word and our no brainer, 24 hour free roof or valuation with video and pictures and a detailed drawing showing exactly all the problematic areas or the non problematic areas of your roof.

Just give us a call at commercial roofing broken era. We are advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, nerves and commercial roofing, broken Arrow and we would love to assist you in any way possible. Give us a call at (918) 973-1010 you can reach us also on the web at www dot okay. Roof and you can also check us out on Facebook. Go to our website and click on the blue f will take you to our Facebook page. Advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Some people want to ask us what pricing we have. You know pricing varies on the top of roof you had. It depends. It depends upon the height of your building. It might be the overall size or the type of roof in the complexity of the top of routes you have. Pricing oftentimes is a different ranges depending on the different types of materials. When we inspect your roof from there, from the ceiling grid up to the top of the roof membrane or roof decking and every part, the flat roofs, the typical asphalt composition, shingles or whatever time of commercial roofing, you have metal roof. It doesn’t matter. When we inspect your roof, we will give you a full comprehensive layout of what’s taking place with our 24 hour no brainer. Pre roof evaluation, give us a call at commercial roofing broken Arrow, and we add advanced commercial systems. Home with a roof. Nerves will lead to take care of you.