Welcome to advanced commercial systems and all that we have to talk about today is all the different things that we can do for you, including commercial codings, flat roof repair, flat roof replacement, all types of commercial roof replacement really. And we’ll talk about insurance claims and how advanced commercial systems and the roof nerds home of the roof nerds can help you with your commercial roofing, broken arrow. So, um, as we get started today, don’t forget that you can go to our website at okay. Roof nerds.com or contact us by calling (918) 973-1010. And you can of course go online or give us a call to find out any more or to schedule for us to come out and see you. So, um, let’s talk about commercial codings. Commercial coatings is a way for us to, um, come in and we send one of our roof nerds out to come in and, and do an overview of your, of your roof.

And it’s a way to extend the life of your current roof. Often it’s, um, you may have a roof that is not in horrible shape. It doesn’t need completely replaced. It might can just have a good commercial coating put onto it, which is we call it a a roof restoration. We can restore your roof by using these special products and um, and it basically will create a new watertight seal on your roof. And it’s a great economic and Greenway to take care of your roof. It’s a great solution and a cost effective solution for your roof. So sometimes tearing off the roof, um, is not feasible or it’s, it’s not even required and some, and so often the best option is to look into the alternative of a commercial roof coating. And it may be the perfect way for you to save money and protect your roof and again, extend the life of your commercial roofing, broken arrow.

It can extend it by as many as 10 years, which is a big deal whenever you’re just not ready to do a complete replacement, you know, um, roofs according to Code can only, you can only have two layers of roof. After that, you’ll need to at least pull off one layer and sometimes two layers. And that can be costly. Um, for, for a large roof, it can cost a lot. So often you’re not maybe ready to do that full investment or if insurance isn’t covering it, you aren’t ready to do the full investment and you’re not ready to put that kind of money into your business. And so this is a way to extend the life of your roof until you are ready to do that. And, and create good watertight seal so that there won’t be any leaks inside of your commercial roofing, broken arrow.

So give advanced commercial systems a call and they’ll come out and inspect your roof and give you a free evaluation in 24 hours and you can schedule them anytime at nine one eight, nine, seven three one zero one zero. Contact them and we’ll send a roof nerd out and they can let you know if a roof coating will work for you, if that is a way that you can extend the life of your roof. So when it comes to commercial grade roof coatings, um, the decision of how you, they decide it depends on the age of your roof, the type of roof, your climate and where your building is located, what type of business is it? It is and are experts in the roofing fields can come out and let you know, um, what, what type of situation you have with your roof and whether that would work for you.

And either way they will, they will come out and, and just really give you a good overview. They use cameras, they use the latest technology. We have, um, we have videos, we even have drones that will come and do some footage and they’ll do a great, um, extensive estimate so that you really understand what needs to be done on your roof and your different options. These guys are great at explaining everything to you and making this an easy process for you because of the number one goal for us is of course customer service and make you happy. But W for your roof, we know water protection and protection from leagues is the most important thing. So that the inside of your, your business stays dry and working and functioning the way it should be. So we offer the latest in technology with our coatings or any other systems, even if it’s a repair, we offered the latest in technology and we have great product knowledge.

Our roof cards are up on the latest in the products and the knowledge of, of applying those correctly in the correct situations because whether it be temperature or weather or of again the age of your roof, um, it’s all, all those things are important and when they decide, um, how to repair or restore your roof. And so we want you to just do this by doing a roof coating. You can protect the roof from extreme heat, rainfall and temperatures. You can prevent pieces of shreds coming out. It also acts as a means of repair as well. And it prevents dampness on roofs. And of course leaking inside. You’re inside the building and it can help to reflect the heat and hints, control the temperature inside your building so it extends the life of your roof and it slows down the process of depreciation. It’s a great solution.

So you could certainly give us a call for your commercial roofing broken arrow. Give us a call today at (918) 973-1010 if you want to find out if a roof coating would work for you and your commercial roof or your industrial building. We work on, we’ve applied these coatings to medical facilities. Sports Complex is manufacturing facilities, office buildings, shopping centers, retail outlet schools, industrial plants, churches. You know, oftentimes we have someone call in and they may not be the guide for their company that actually goes up on the roof so they don’t even know what type of roof they have. They just really have no knowledge of roofing. And let me tell Ya, that would, that would have been me too. I now know more because my husband teaches me about roofing all the time, but um, these guys know what they’re talking about. These roof nerds know and they will, they will walk you through this process and they will let you know what type of roof you have, whether you have a built up roofing, single ply roofing, metal roofing, modified bitumen roofing, steep slope roofing or roof coding, like what we were talking about.

Um, we can do all that. We can apply these systems and our systems, our genius here at advanced commercial systems, home of the roof nerds, and give us a call for a roof inspection in 24 hours for your commercial roofing, broken arrow. And we want to, we will help you come up with what is the best type of coding for you. There’s a lot of different types of coatings. There’s acrylic roof coatings, there’s poly urethane, silicone PVDF roof coatings. There’s a lot of different type of roof coatings. So it’s a lot more complicated than just, you know, apply a coat of paint on there. You know, it’s way more complicated than that and we will seriously help you, um, get the best solution for your particular roof and your company so you won’t be disappointed. You can also check out our, um, go to Google and on our website, check out our, um, um, endorsements from people, what people are saying about us.

I reviews you will read that we’ve applied coatings to businesses all over the Tulsa, the Greater Tulsa area. We work in the Greater Tulsa area and people, um, are very satisfied with the results of their, um, uh, repairs and the restorations to their roofs. So for your commercial roofing broken Arrow, you won’t be disappointed if you give roof nerds, I call or of course visit. Okay. Roof nerds.com for your roof repair, roof restoration or roof maintenance. And we have smart solution, systematic plans, product knowledge and technical expertise. And we will help to, um, uh, maintain your commercial roofing broken arrow. So give us a call soon and we would love to hear from you.