So different types of roofing today here at advanced commercial systems. I, I am Marty Grisham, the owner and the founder of advanced commercial systems. Uh, years ago I worked with other roofing companies and it really got my foot in the door, uh, with roofing products and roofing projects but have been in construction. Uh, years before that I was helping manage a around 40 million and a construction projects, uh, at one time that was about four to six different projects going on going on a between Atlanta, Fort Worth, Dallas, uh, Oklahoma all throughout the, the, the u s working with construction projects. So the passion of roofing really came into play years after years and years of working in, um, as a general contractor doing commercial and doing residential construction projects. Really fell in love with with commercial roofing because of the, the challenge of the systems because of just the day to day challenge in commercial roofing broken Arrow of taking a basically almost flat surface and pouring water on it as hard as you can, you know, as Mother Nature does to us and somehow it keeps the water out is just a great mystery.

It’s just a great complex system and assembly of roofing products put together in, which is basically turned into a passion for us. We just love commercial roofing. We think it’s just the greatest job in the world to be here and to be able to serve our clients and show the highest level of accountability to them. The transparency that we, we have with our clients is found solely in our communication with them. A day to day communication. When the project gets sold, we’re communicating with them continually on the timing of the project startup. Uh, what needs to be done. If you’ve got a big parking lot outside your building, do we need to have the cars move where we put a trash dumpsters? Things like that. Cause you know when you do a roofing project it becomes a construction site. When you’re doing a larger or reroofing or full replacement roofing project, it becomes literally a construction site.

So you’ve seen construction sites where people put up, you know the, the orange tape fences with the polls and they block off an entire area. Well we’re unable to do that many times. We’re working right there in the parking lot where all of the employees of the business are working that day. And I, I’ve seen that in Tulsa. I’ve seen that in a Wagner, I’ve seen that in commercial roofing broken arrow. So just pretty much across the board we’ve just seen over and over where we’ve just turned as a normal business, as normal building and to this massive construction site. And so when that happens, you know, it gets messy. I’ve never seen a construction side that didn’t have at some time or another and get kind of messy. And so we do have that happen with advanced commercial systems. Every roofing company, have you ever seen a residential roof where there wasn’t any trash on the only yard or shingles?

It fallen down or paper. It’s always going to be a little message, but when the job is done, when we wrap it up and tie a pretty bow tie on top, it’s going to be spotless. It’s going to be clean and we do have, roofers are part of our crews are continually cleaning as the job goes on. It’s just sometimes there’s more mass created than what they can clean up at any one specific time. So here at advanced commercial systems are transparency in our communication with our clients is hands down our number one goal that they feel like they’re being heard, that they feel like they’re getting all the budgeting, all the different aspects of the job being shared with them. There’s no surprises. We don’t show them, I mean I worked for companies that they would call you out of the blue and have, you know, in 10 minutes the trucks coming your way with materials.

No one’s prepared you, you don’t know where the material’s going to be sitting, you know, you don’t know what’s taking place. Are they putting the materials in your parking lot where you park? Are they putting the materials on the roof? You’re not really sure. Those are the kinds of problems I’ve seen continually with the mismanagement of, of roofing companies that I used to work with. Just a complete, a really just a complete joke with, uh, just the, the lack of integrity and the lack of transparency and the lack of communication. And, and, uh, this one company I used to work with, the lady that in the office, uh, would just yell and scream at people when they, when the job was done to get money. I just, I, I’m shocked that the people are still in business today, uh, and honestly their business broken down and basically become nothing recently just because of just how they treated people over the years.

And so what I learned from those guys is what I don’t want to do, how I don’t want to be, I don’t want to be this crazy known individual in the commercial roofing industry that just flies off the handle and creates incidents and issues and raises my voice and stuff. I just don’t want to be what I saw them doing. And then all the other, uh, just the lifestyle that many people choose and have chosen to live over and over again. And I’ve chosen the wrong way to go. So many times I was so we had advanced commercial systems. We’re going to live, right, we’re going to do right. We say it, we’re going to uphold it. And we hire our, our roof nerds and our staff here at the company, they’re specifically hired out of character number one. If they may have never done roofing, they have never have done a project.

They may have never done, uh, putting on shingles or delivery. They may have never done the things that we’re asking, but we bring them in because of character number one. And then we begin a four month process of training them at a lower pay. We bring them in and we start training them and bringing them to a place of where they can produce the results that we would ask for. And so sometimes you might get a roof nerd with us that’s not been in the industry for 10 years and that’s perfectly fine. It’s going to be someone you can trust. It’s going to be someone who has character morals and basically the genuine ethics in commercial roofing broken Arrow that you would want someone to have that would be doing work for you, that you would be paying thousands of dollars to a for a job. I remember years ago I had a company give me $100,000 check, uh, before the job got started, just to secure the job and get the job moving forward.

I saw that as such a such respect and such honor that they must have had towards me and my company trust in us for what we were doing at the time. What, what honor, what an honor it was to me to be able to have someone trust us that much. And so yeah. So I would just really, there’s a reverence in that to me that people would do something like that. That’s a lot of money to hand it to a company. And so it was a very simple, very, very simple signed contract. It didn’t have a million pages of clauses in lawyer fees and all these different things. So I was, I was really honored and we took care of that roof. We started it in about two weeks after that check was received and it was about a three week, three and a half week job.

It took us quite a while to get it done, but it ended up being a over $220,000 of work and we got it wrapped up and get it watertight and have had great success with that roofing system. We’ll put it on a uh, wonderful, a thermoplastic single ply TPO turned out to be a great roofing system and still today doing a great job. And so every single day we get phone calls here in our office. We get emails, we get requests, we get referrals from clients, we get referrals from people who just know us on Facebook or online, and we get a lot of people that come through that really just want to be a part of what we’re doing. They’re seeing the level of excellence that we’re bringing to the table in this industry to see. I don’t know how much you, how familiar you are in commercial roofing, broken Arrow with the construction industry, but basically the construction industry across the board has a pretty bad name because people can get licensed to do things and then they can just do whatever they want.

Many times it never gets reported and you know there’s not as much accountability and it is what you would want it to be and that’s why I’m actually pretty happy that the construction industry board of Oklahoma brought out of the requirement for the commercial roof endorsement here in Oklahoma and so we’re an advanced commercial systems. You can go online and just type in this CIB for construction industry board and then typing are they licensed and that is just basically you asking a is a commercial roofing company a license and then you can type in the name of that company when you go to that page and you can put in advanced commercial or Marty Grisham and you can pull up that we are valid with our commercial endorsement and that we have good standing with the construction industry board in the state of Oklahoma for legally doing commercial roofing.

And so that’s just a little bit today we’ve just been talking to just rambling on some about what we’re about here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow and really a large part of what we do every single day just to the value and the ethics that we endeavored to bring to our clients, to their buildings. I would completely say is second to none. And so here at advanced commercial systems to just touch base with us, ask us a question. Basically the schedule and a free roof evaluation. Yeah, I said it’s a no brainer. Free, absolutely free, free, free, free roof evaluation and estimate. You just go to our website. Okay. Roof You Click on that and you will find yourself filling out a small questionnaire of your name, your phone number, just some specifics that were really needing from you. And so we will then contact you and with that contact in you. From there we will just either email you or, or, or, you know, give you a call. And from there we will begin to piece together, uh, what needs to be done to take care of your commercial roofing issues. Hey, we appreciate you here at all another podcast while you’re with us on another one here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken arrow. We appreciate you guys always joining in with us and being a part of what we’re doing. It’s not rocket science, it’s roof science here in commercial roofing, broken out and stay dry.