Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow | Choosing the right roofing contractor

Choosing the right roofing contractor is oftentimes challenging. Oftentimes you see many contractors on the Internet, but never really know which one to choose. Today. We’re going to give you a few tips that will help you find the perfect professional commercial roofing contractor for your business. The first thing that you would like to look into is the length of time that the company has been doing, roofing established companies or show themselves to be so by the systems and procedures and the professionalism that they offer in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow, advanced commercial systems has been in business and doing roofing for a long time and has been in commercial general construction for many, many years. The next thing that you would like to look into is the type of work and how they perform their work. Do they use subcontractors to perform their work? Some contractors have their employees and some contractors use subcontractors.

One way is neither any better than the other, and with advanced commercial systems, we have employees that do and perform work and we also use our own subcontractors. Another aspect to look at is do they have a permanent business location? Do they have a permanent phone number and email account as well? You can go online and look at the location of their business and you can see if they are in a commercial building or place of business or if they are out of the home. It’s always easy to find out by just going on Google maps and checking that out by putting in their address. The next thing that you can look at is, are they a member of the better business bureau or like our local chamber of Commerce, advanced commercial systems advisors to contact the better business bureau if necessary, or go online to check out to these facts with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds in commercial roofing broken Arrow, just give us a call and we can advise you.

Also, does the company just give a verbal estimate or do they have a written contract on letterhead? A written contract on letterhead is a large aspect that should be looked for and also you can ask for references and asking for references. The company should give you multiple commercial building owners or property managers that you could call up on call and these just asked them how long have they worked with the company and what types of jobs and how many jobs have they performed and how satisfied are they on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the highest with the work that they’ve received from that commercial roofing company with advanced commercial systems, we advise you that you could call multiple businesses such as bower and associates, realtors and kindercare to contact them and ask them of the work that we have performed for them, but other aspects look at is does the company have a safety workplace schedule put in board?

Do they have safety training continually with their crews? Another thing to look at as well is insurance. It’s always required in Oklahoma for commercial roofing contractors to have at least 1 million insurance with a 2 million aggregate advanced coursework is insured with Caitlin Insurance Company, and Caitlin insurance company will submit you a certificate of insurance up on request for job to be started. Looking for a contractor who offers emergency services is always a large part, and that’s something that we do in commercial roofing broken Arrow, also looking for a contractor who has professional certifications with product manufacturing companies. Manufacturing companies often offer product certifications for professionals like advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerves. We become certified to install certain types of roofing and that guarantees that the product warranty will reach its fullest extended live here at advanced commercial systems. There’s one thing that we know and that’s roof restoration over many years in the roofing and commercial roofing industry and commercial roofing broken Arrow replacing a roof or a full replacement or a reroofing project has oftentimes been the majority of the roof work done outside of repairs, but over the last 15 years there have become more and more roof restoration possibilities because of the advancement of chemical compositions of roof coatings.

A roof coating is a liquid applied roofing membrane that can be put upon any or most types of current roof systems to seal them and create a water tight membrane with UV reflective potential possibilities. Roof restoration is a very large part in roofing and is growing more and more every day. One of their main reasons is because of the cost efficiency. If you can add 10 years of life to a roof that needs to be replaced right now, that allows a building owner or property management company to budget correctly to prepare for a full roof replacement in the future. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Currently a roof restoration process could be done to the entire roof and add 10 to 15 years of life to a current roof system at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement or reroofing. Roof replacement is even more expensive than reroofing because roof replacement is removing all of the current roofing system down to the wood or metal decking or concrete decking.

This is removing also the installation on a reroofing projects. If the insulation has not become saturated with water and more than 20 percent of the roof area, then the roof can be replaced or be reroofed at a fraction of a cost of the roof replacement, and then a roof restoration process could be done over the entire existing roof at a fraction of the cost of reroofing. The very first question that we want to answer for you is this, can your current roof in the leaking areas that you have be repaired? You know, most building owners and property managers do not really care if the roof is leaking or what kind of shape it is if they never see the leak areas. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow Sometimes you roof can be leaking inside the roof system rottening and rushed him out your decking and causing tons of internal roof system damage, but never have water coming inside the building to put up a red flag.

Basically a red flag is anything coming inside the building that’s causing you to be aware that you have a bad roof leak. So we asked the question before anything else. So for the purpose of saving money, can your roof be repaired? This is oftentimes much more inexpensive and great for budgeting over repair periods of time every year or so, we need to come out and began a smart roof plan. Our smart roof plan is where we come out and begin to buy annually. Inspect your roof to ensure that your roof is in its current condition and has no leaking areas. Roof repairs are great because it doesn’t matter the size of the hole or the size of the leak. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow They oftentimes can be repaired very quickly and very easily. This avoids bigger problems that ultimately can cause tons of damage inside the roof system. Wet insulation is a huge problem and a huge factor that we have to continually.

If you’re installation is getting wet, mold and mildew began began and this installation can oftentimes hold the water for a very, very long time, which then results in the decking beginning to rust and be deteriorating with wet insulation will also not do its job. This can cause damage to equipment that is up on the roof. This can cause damage to inventory that you have inside your building. Also, insect investigation infestation is something that we have to consider. Higher utility cost is also something that we must consider trying to help you with budgeting for your commercial roof. When it comes to repairing their leaking roof, we look at penetration seems. Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow We study ponding water and we continually look at membrane failure. Basically penetrations are any areas where there are holes such as skylights, been pipes, drains, hvhc components, different types of patches, things like antennas. We just typically look for all the years in the roof that had weak points that are allowing water in these vulnerable areas.

These vulnerable spots allow the water in creating further damage. Then we also study the seams. The seams are where the all of the membrane layers have been and foldings have been either heat, welded or glued or compressed together. These very easily can come apart and allow water damage. Ponding water is oftentimes where water sits for more than 48 hours on a roof surface and not draining off of the roof. Membrane. Failure is also something normally due to age or manufacturer. Defects are roof nerves. That commercial roofing broken Arrow or professionals in membrane failure seemed penetrations and ponding water problems at commercial roofing. Broken Arrow home with a roof. Nerds here at advanced commercial systems give us a call at nine. One, eight, two, six, nine, nine. One eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero.