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You may be in need of commercial roofing. If show please give us a call at advanced commercial systems, home with the roof nerves. We are commercial roofing professionals

and we have all the resources needing to roof all types of commercial buildings while supplying full product warranties, roof coatings, or specialty to with it with us and also metal roofs. We take care of office buildings, retail and restaurant buildings, and also multifamily. Many times we work with schools, churches, and industrial buildings. Low Slope Roofing is our profession in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. If you have a roof that has a roof pitch that is under two twelfth, then that is considered a slow, slow, slow proof, but many people call that a flat roof. Flat roofs are oftentimes covered with a single ply membrane such as Tpo, PVC, or Edm. We did not see as much he pdm recently because the single plies and the thermal sets are getting more popular. We can help you build a system to bring all of your water into your gutter system to remove all of your rain water from your roof.

In Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, we use fiber tight versa, co Trimco, g, Aaf, atlas, and many other types of products like Geico and polly, bright or polyglass, because we are the roof nerds in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. One of the things that we would like to bring to you and your building is detailed reports and drawings of our inspections so that you have a full understanding of what we’re dealing with and why. Our evaluation says what it says. We also use a Gopro to video our initial inspection upon your roof and we provide that video to you so that you can have the most clearest image possible of what your roof currently looks like and never forget that we provide multiple options for you and your budget. We understand at different times of the year you may or may not have money available for your building maintenance, so we offer multiple budget.

Recently we offered simple repair estimates so that a building owner could then within one year put their money together to do a full replacement roof, which we then could have easily chose a reroofing option to even save more money. Our initial inspection is just as important as our final inspection, our project manager, and sometimes the owner of the company who is the king roof nerd will come out and do a final inspection of larger projects to make sure that the 13 point checklist is done during the beginning of the project all the way down to the 30 point checklist at the end of the project in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, you know how much debris gets on people’s roofs. Upon initial inspections and evaluations in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow, we often see tons of dirt and trash and other products, mostly hvhc panels and screws that are on roofs being blown around by the wind.

This caused as much damage and causes inferior roof system that allows water into the buildings envelope. That’s why we don’t only check, we did not only check the roof system, but we also check the drainage system and the gutter systems life drain scuppers and gutters and downspouts. All of these can easily be cogged up with large objects that could cause the roof to flood upon the good rain, so opponent inspection of your roof. The question will always arise, should we replace or should we repair? You were the one as a building owner or property manager that has to make this decision and they can oftentimes be a difficult decision because the amount of money needed and the difference in money between a repair and replacement.

Our roofing nerd experts at advanced commercial systems in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow will share with you everything you need to know so that you can make the wisest decision for your roof and your budget. Even with new roofs, we see roofs can begin to deteriorate and wear out quickly if they’re not put together with a steady, consistent by annual maintenance plan. That’s why we offer this smart roof plan at advanced commercial systems. Give us a call anytime at nine. One, eight, nine, seven, three, one, zero, one zero. One of the things we will evaluate for your roof is the age of your roof. Your roof has quite a bit of age, possibly older than 20 years. You may want to consider in the next few years of full reroofing or replacement of your existing system. Then we also consider

how many roof leaks or in your roofing system, the number of roof leaks. Let’s us know

if the roof has come to the end of its life. Sometimes there are negligent roof leaks, but sometimes it’s just because the upper roof membrane is beginning to wear out and not perform as it originally should. Some people care about the aesthetics of their roof. Roof aesthetics is basically how the roof looks from another building or when you’re on the roof. Some people’s roofs are never seen by anyone, by anyone, so the aesthetics did not mean anything, but there are many other roofs that are continually viewed that really consider having the best looking roof. And then finally we check out your opinion concerning your budget and your financial situation for what’s going on. We may be able to repair or even do a restoration to your roof, which is kind of pricing between repairs and early roofing. Restoration is putting the coating on to add many, many more years to your life and the life of your roof in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow.

Finally, does your roof meet state and building codes in your city? City building codes in broken Arrow actually allowed us to put another three and a half inches of insulation or called ISO board on a commercial building in broken arrow. Now, tiny in with the fact that your roof may have lots of leaks. We want to look at two main factors beyond that, one of which he is the condition of your decking. If roofs leak a lot, that water can go down and does go down to the metal or wood decking. Metal and wood decking can deteriorate over a few years and caused lots of problems in which they reroofing is required or a full roof replacement is required. Another aspect is what is the condition of your ISO board or installation? If you have any present in your current roofing system and Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow concerning roof replacement, reroofing is necessary to recover your current roof system. If your current roof system is beginning to fail. Roof systems beginning to fail, but can be caused by many types of factors such as the age of the roof, the weather, they just continually beating down on your roof, possibly

poor workmanship from the original people doing maintenance or in or installation of your roof, improper specifications, not the guidelines to properly install the roof. And what about just good old abuse? Abuse from h Vac contractors is absolutely common all the time. I see this more than anything else in commercial roofing that vac contractors do not take care of single ply roofing, causing more and more damage when it comes to roof repairs. We are absolute professionals in spend a much of our daily processes and making sure the right products are being used in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow, we are advanced commercial systems and you can reach us anytime at nine. One, eight, nine, seven, three, one, zero. One. Zero is our job to let you know how much damage has happened from a roof leak. Now you always can see how much the damage has happened to a building’s interior.

Well, really you can’t always see because many times there are lots of water that goes inside the wall, the exterior walls of a building and no one ever knows. We’ve seen and dealt with multiple roof leaks that are not showing anywhere in the ceiling tile for coming out in the floor and hurting carpet and tile and sheet rock along the floor of a building. People think the water’s coming in from the ground outside when actually when actually the water’s coming in from the roof system and going inside the interior wall and coming down to the four system. At advanced commercial systems, we hire skilled and knowledgeable service technicians that have tons of experience and they are well equipped to take care of your boots, your roofs system, because of their experience with roofing systems and their product knowledge. If you need anything, please give us a call at nine. One eight, nine, seven, three, one zero, one zero, and our roof nerves will come out immediately with a 24 hour rule evaluation and assist you with everything that you need. We will bring video and cameras to you that we will be able to inform you so that your budget in your system that you choose will be the best for you at this current time.