Welcome to the website of advanced commercial systems and welcome to our 58th podcast talking about commercial roofing Broken Arrow. Please go to our website if you get a chance and check out our information concerning our company on www dot [inaudible] dot com or you can give us a call at (918) 973-1010 Britney specific questions that you have for commercial roofing for your building or any buildings that you are a property man manager of here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we have vast experience and expertise in the field of commercial roofing, whether it’d be steep sloped roofs or low slope roofs. We have a vast amount of expertise to offer you with multiple levels of budgeting for your replacement re-roofing or repair needs. We are a local Oklahoma company here in broken Arrow and the Greater Tulsa area. We reached as far as Oklahoma City and throughout most of the state here in Oklahoma.

We have been offering commercial roofing for commercial plants, banks, schools, all types of office buildings. For many years. Our expert roofing services include commercial roof repairs, roof installation, maintenance packages that we call our smart roof plan and other types of specialty roofs here in commercial roofing Broken Arrow, we provide detailed project scopes for the building owners and many times property managers continually call us back over and over again because of the comprehensive cost benefit analysis that we offer them. It makes them look good in the eyes of the building owners that they serve. And on each potential commercial roofing project, we offer pictures, video, and a full detailed, yeah, drawing of every project as a trusted commercial roofing expert in Oklahoma, we received calls every day concerning technical issues along the lines of a lot of flat roofs, issues and technical questions. Concerning one. For instances, can EPBM be covered directly by a TPO or does there need to be a divider in which we answer? We continually strive to keep asphalt and rubberized products away from TPO because there can be a compound breakdown in the molecular structure of TPO.

Jess recently, we’re using Berserko and GAF and shoot jams, Mansfield, TPO products, uh, with quite a bit of PVC products as well. And Tamco Owens Corning and atlas shingles are often used for our roofing systems for steep slope roofs. Um, the approved manufacturers that we use. Uh, give us the full detail instructions for application and installation of the many types of roof products that we offer. Now, you can be a building owner, you could be a property manager, you might even be over a homeowner’s association. You might be a commercial realtor or just even a regular licensed realtor, or you might have a need in some way or another where you’re just specifically over the maintenance issues of a specific building. Uh, we urge you to give us a call. We would love to work with you. We offer a full suite of services for your commercial and multifamily roofing projects.

We do continual, uh, government jobs and a lot of individual jobs, a lot of public bids with offering complete line of a consultation services, uh, with lots of damage assessment and commercial roofing, broken Arrow project scope. We offer detailed estimates, um, many times in that is needed with the cost benefit analysis in commercial roofing broken Arrow at least two to three times. Uh, recently we have proposed maintenance service plans that are implemented with our smart roof plan. Our smart roof plan is our annual or by annual checkup, a maintenance plan that we offer for commercial buildings, whether it’s steep slope or a low slope. It doesn’t matter. These proposed maintenance plans as part of the smart group plan and commercial roofing, broken Arrow and in commercial roofing Tulsa. These plans have a fool, a onset draw out a diagram of the building’s roof with all of the HVHC units, all penetrations, parapet walls.

Um, everywhere that t bar is termination bar as we call it in the industry to make sure every screws sat tight, you know, screws every 12 inches is the water block behind the termination bar still said well, uh, we do a full spectrum with pictures and, and have a complete data analysis for you. Um, our plan is to increase your commercial roof, who our staff is mostly comprised of that, of the advanced commercial system, roof nerds and our staff. We maintain the highest level of communication, um, from the very beginning of the project all the way through to the long project or a short project until the project’s been complete. Um, during our initial consultation phase, our goal is to listen to your needs and then we sit down together as our staff in a meeting and we draw up the best commercial roofing plan or multiple budgeting financial options for you, for your commercial roof in commercial roofing, broken arrow.

Now your project would have a specific project manager, which would be one of our roof nerds and that project manager, he or she would provide a free commercial roofing inspection. The purpose of this is to assess the damage of your commercial roof. Um, assess, you know, how many layers there are. We can do, of course, apple ss. Um, has there been a coating applied? What repairs have been done in the past? We assessed all of this for your commercial building, your industrial building or your multifamily buildings now are highly detailed estimate that we offer you by one of our roof nerves are project managers. Um, we review this with you, we sit down with you, we review it, we go through it and we won’t insure you that you’re uncomfortable with the solutions that we are offering and our recommendations. And so in that we always try to bring at least two, sometimes up to four different budgets for different, um, ways to fix your roof if possible.

Uh, depending on whether we need to get to get up to code, that will, uh, that will determine some of our aspects of what we’re capable of bringing you for your commercial roofing project. Now, our proposed maintenance service plan is basically as we’ve said, um, after installation where you’re automatically getting a, a one year free, um, you know, installation, uh, service plan, a smart roof plan for one year, and then for a small price you can carry that on for your commercial property. That would just been roofed. We can carry that on for an annual or biannual inspection. Um, for that smarter roof plan we have when we put your roof on, it literally becomes a smart roof. And when I’ve been doing so, it prolongs the life of the commercial roof. Um, and now not only just do we offer a great warranty service that we offer, whether it be two years, three years, or even 10 years, depending on the specific roof that we’ve been able to install for you.

But we also offer a lot of manufacturer warranties and you know, some people think that might not be, uh, important. That might not be something that’s used. But in the industry you have to, after many years of doing this, our roof nerds have learned that, uh, it’s really good to have a roof warranty from the manufacturer of the product. Sometimes, uh, warranties, uh, are, have to have to be paid off because the roofs, uh, have a manufacturer defect. There’s awaring spot. I’ve seen TPO this worn out in a spot within a year. It wasn’t manufactured correctly. I’ve seen shingles lose granules in certain areas because of how they were manufactured. So we like to encourage our clients, um, and if they want to go the direction of a manufacturer warranty, then also it would be even better to go that as an MDL. Now, Ndl l stands for a no dollar limit in commercial roofing, broken arrow.

Uh, no dollar limit is where the manufacturer, they make sure that we are properly installing. They come out before and after an inspect, they make sure properly installing the roof upon completion of the roof. They give a final checklist, they go through, inspect the roof visually and then from that point on they send you a document saying that you have an NDA for so many years. Many times it’s like a 10 year or 15 year. India with that NDA ale, if anything happens to the roof beyond that of a normal storm damage like winter hill. If the roof has a manufacturer defect, if the roof had an installation defect even from the contractor that installed it, the manufacturer, the warranty or the the manufacturer that that produce the product would come out and assess the situation, assess why it’s leaking a very quickly. And from that point on they would pay any exterior damages to whether it be labor and product and a new product to fix the roof. Now there are some Indians that talk about covering the interior damage of the building and commercial roof in broken arrow. Um, I like I’ve heard and actually have been trained with Dura last to install their roofs. I’ve gone through their three day class. But in doing so, sometimes those warranties, they lay those over and let those piggyback upon the Insurance Policy that you have with your building. So you really need to check out the fine line print of if you’re trying to go the way of an MDL that might cover interior damage.

If you’d like to learn more. Of what we do here at advanced commercial systems. Please, I urge you to give us a call at (918) 973-1010 our roof nerds in our consultations are perfectly free and we’d love to come out and assess your building, or if he didn’t like to stop by her office, give us a call. We’ll give you directions on how to find us. Come on out and see us. Check us out at www dot. Okay. Roof nerds.com and we’ll talk to you next time. Have a good day.