Welcome to the podcast of advanced commercial systems home with the roof nerds here in wonderful Tulsa and

broken Arrow, Oklahoma. If you’ve ever been to North East Oklahoma, we would love for you to come in and see us here and just visit the beautiful city of broken arrow. You know, a few years ago, it was one of the, one of the best cities in the nation to live in. One of the best cities in the nation is to move to, and it was also one of the, one of the lowest crime and fastest growing city in the nation. It was in the top three or four of lowest crime and highest, fastest growing in the city. Now that’s due to some wonderful companies like shell homes, uh, Terry, Terry L. Davis homes, you know, they that build a tons of new construction. We, I used to work with those guys and now as a realtor and as a new home construction, a manager, I used to work with a shell homes and those guys, and I’ll tell you, they’re top notch in commercial route broken af.

So companies like us, advanced commercial systems, company like them, uh, we all worked together to really strive to make it a lot of jobs for the city here and to create just a, a great influx of jobs and, uh, our fluency in the, in the area. So with the people that work here and live here. So it’s, it’s great to be here and, and Tulsa and in broken Arrow, especially in commercial roofing, broken Arab because commercial roofing really is a great industry. Uh, there’s a lot of a cheesy, you know, drug headed crazy people in every industry. And I know commercial roofing has its own. There’s, you know, some twisted weird people out there. I’ve met quite a few of them in the industry. I could name them all for you. You could, you could Google it and now on the web and you can find names of those people were pretty quickly the things they’ve done, the stuff they do.

But I’ll tell you what, we endeavored to serve God. We endeavored to put him first, morally, ethically. We hire people of character. And so because of who we are and where we are in commercial roofing, broken out at vascular systems I believe is one of the most honest and reliable commercial roofing companies, uh, in the area. So having that be as said, uh, let me go here to um, uh, look at some questions that we may have received in the last day or so. So what’s going on with the uh, with the free free estimate? So basically someone was asking, so what is your free estimate and involve, um, cause on our website, let me click on our website here on our website. When you pull that up, Veritas, when you pull up the website and go to the front, as you pull that up here in commercial roofing broken out at the very top, there’s a blue tab that says free roof inspection in 24 hours now.

So that free roof inspection, that’s an inspection and estimate and evaluation, whatever you need that to be. Basically, you know nothing about your roof and you want to learn a whole lot. You want to learn what’s its past condition was how much life span is left in it, what his current condition is and what’s it gonna look like in two years, five years, in 10 years. That’s really the majority of what most people want to know. And so that’s exactly where we focus on bringing you, uh, you know, different estimates with different size budgets to meet your $2,000 budget, you $200 budget, good luck getting any roofing done for $200, but our minimum is normally around three $5,400 for, you know, a legitimate actual legitimate roofing repair. Um, so your $400 budget, you’re $2,000 budget, your $5,000 budget, your $10,000 budget and you’re full roof replacement, which can go way on up to, you know, 50, 60, 120,000.

I did a $220,000 roof just a while back. And so the roof, the roof size and the system added to the roof is really fluctuates a lot with what we’re doing here. So here at advanced commercial systems, home with the roof nerds in commercial roofing broken out. When we come out to give you that 24 hour evaluation, it may involve, uh, being an inspection alone or it may also just involve being a, an evaluation or an estimate. If you need some numbers to get those that budget lined out, that’s exactly what we give you. So we kind of talk with you beforehand and kind of get an idea of what exactly you’re needing at that moment. And so when you contact us, we have a, you know, call us schedule now, contact us. Now when you do that, um, I have to say, first of all, I’m saying to you nothing’s better than a new roof.

But then the only thing this almost equal to a new roof is our capability of roof restoration. Roof restoration is where we come in and we restore the current roof. You have many times with different types of coatings in which would add anywhere between an eight and a 15, sometimes up to a 20 year lifespan added to a roof system to make it, um, basically to completely protect and create a new UV radiant barrier. I’m reflecting barrier and water, watertight waterproofing, um, um, silicone or less code membrane on top of your current roofing system. So here in commercial roofing broken arrow, we do that. Uh, and we’ll get an estimate for you for free. Now, if you want to take the opportunity that we can cause you to be, you know, well-informed where you can make responsible decisions, whether you’re doing a roof upgrade or whatever it is for your business a year, it could be your business, you could be a property manager or property owner, doesn’t matter the situation.

Um, the best decision possible for you is really the one that we want to lay in front of you. But sometimes you know what you want more than we do. So we, we lay multiple options and when we meet with you, that really is, that personally is a big role. Um, for you to be able to select what’s, what system is right for you. You know, there are so many people that, that are over commercial roofs that really have no idea what system they have, what’s up there. They don’t know anything about membranes. So there’s many times we’ll bring TPO, PVC, modified bitumen, uh, even built up, we’ll bring specific types of, uh, samples so that you can see the sample so that you can have an idea of exactly what system is up there. It’s good for you to get your hands on it, you know, that way if when I show you how I can put a coating on a mod bit, SBS modified Bruce, you have a better idea what the coding is.

You have a better idea of what’s being done. So a TPO, you know, people look at TPO and I said, man, that’s just look at, it looks like it’s 10 times thicker than, you know, a trash bag. How does that, how does that survive? Well, that’s where the science has played in. There’s a lot of science, roofing science, this are wrapped up in the manufacturer. And that scram all the way from the base of the scream all the way up to the top coat of that a TPO membrane. Now I love an 80 mil. Uh, it’s such a great product but we normally use 60 just because of the price variance. So with that, as we meet with you and talk with you, we’re going to find out pretty quickly because it is our job to really interview you and it’s also our job to do one thing to commit to you 100% satisfaction.

Well, we show you the credentials, we show you our accomplishments. We want to do what we can in commercial roofing broken Arrow to build trust with you and you build trust with us. I want to trust you to be honest, because I want to make sure you’re going to pay me. And they quite a few times in the industry, it basically is a standard that we ask for a certain amount up front, whether it’s somewhere between 30 and 50%, sometimes 40% the good number. Um, that’s really good to get that up front and I’ll take that strictly to the supplier supplier straight to the supplier and get the supplies put in place and get that order. And they normally can deliver those within from 24 to 36 hours. And so it’s normally, it’s not too big of a deal to go ahead and just take that money straight to them and get that in place.

Um, so we can get the order and we can get the roof started as soon as possible. That’s always a variant based upon, you know, especially uh, in commercial roofing, broken out always based upon whether we want to make sure we keep our eyes on weather. Um, and really just making sure that, uh, we’re showing you that we are a top contractor. Now what does it mean to be a top contractor? It means your customer service is taught, it means your follow through is Tom. It’s nothing to finish a roof and there’d be a problem and you’re, you don’t answer your phone. I just got a call or we just put a finish to a pretty good size roof. Just recently a TPO with that three and a half inches of ISO. Uh, we put termination bar around the h vac units. Basically abuse of TPO covered now drip edge around the flashing around the entire perimeter.

And we had a leak and I just got to call a few days ago. We’re heading out there and get that link taken care of. I answered my phone, I was pleasant when they called and said, hey, we’ve got a leak here. I said, okay good. It will be out Saturday, you know, so we endeavor to be people over word. We endeavored it. If there’s something that we need to take care of, we’re going to do it. So if you ever have a problem, I challenge you, just give us a call, let us show you what we’re about. Let us show you the technical expertise. Uh, let us show you. Um, from from day to day, what we do with product knowledge, with systematic plans and our smart roofs are smart roof solutions are absolutely excellent because our whole purpose in a maintenance plan called our smart smart roof, the whole purpose in that plan is to educate you.

It’s not about making the roof smarter itself, it’s making you smarter so that you know what next year looks like, what two years looks like, what five years looks like. We want you to be able to budget work with your board of trustees or whoever it is who’s over your money. We want you to be able to budget and put things in place where your building envelope can be number one when it comes time to maintenance budgeting for the year. So we were working with tons of commercial roofing broken Arrow and commercial roofing, Tulsa property managers that specifically deal with that one thing. What does my next five years look like? And so we love the have to come in and take care of a faulty problematic areas where they’ll get another five years out of that roof. The roof should be taken care of. It’s a $45,000 roof, but we’re going to end up doing about a 1500 this year and 1500 next year.

And so it’s going to end up being only about $4,000 for the next four years while they’re saving up money and get it in place to be able to do that full roof replacement in five years. So we, we do the budgeting and we do all that we can to work with those guys in commercial roofing broken. Hey, we appreciate you here at advanced courses systems. Thanks for tuning in to another time when it’s our 95th podcast today. Thanks for tuning in. Was, uh, it’s not rocket science. It’s through science and wants and more for all stay dry.