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With Advanced commercial systems home with the roof nerds you’re guaranteed to get an excellent job with your commercial roof. Just recently the roof nerds inspected and asphalt built-up roof and Broken Arrow Oklahoma.

Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow is our specialty the roof was having a few leaks and the manager of the building called the roof nerds out for a roof evaluation. Upon arriving at the building we shared with a manager what our expectations were and what his expect stations should be with the roof valuation that we would perform for him. While climbing on the roof we began to notice signs of storm damage and especially hail damage with a built-up roof. Many built-up roofs have a built up ballast system that is gravel. But this Ruth did not, it had a top coat of asphalt called a flood coat. It’s basically hot liquid asphalt that is poured on the roof to seal the top of the roof the built-up roof is built of multiple layers of fiber and asphalt layers on top of each other. When I noticed hail damage in a circular shape with cracks in the flood coat of the Roof System, I knew immediately that we needed to call the insurance company. This is very common with Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. I advise the manager that the insurance company needs to be contacted if the manager desire to file a claim.

Because we are experts in filing claims with insurance companies, we actually filed the claim for the building manager to make sure all of the questions from the insurance company were answered correctly. When I spoke with the insurance company on the phone they asked me one of the most important questions. When did the storm damage happen? Insurance companies ask this because they are continually endeavoring to make sure that the building was under insurance and the correct policy at the time of storm damage. Another reason I like to know the exact date of the hail damage and storm damage is because they like to check the records to make sure there was actually a storm with wind and hail on that specific day of the past.

They also know the size of the hell in every area because of how radar provides this information. I knew better than answering the question on Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow I told them we did not know the date of the hail damage on the roof and advanced commercial systems would like to meet them for the roof inspection. This is very common in Commercial Roofing Broken Arrow. I have met roof adjusters probably 200 times and for the most part have learned much about roof inspections from roof adjusters of insurance companies. This is a great asset in reaching our goals of replacing the roof with a full replacement system. One of the highlights of my career is being able to attend Haig Engineering in Dallas. They are the four most experts in the field of storm damage by wind and hell. They had published many pamphlets, articles, and other technical products to set the standard in the roofing industry for storm-related damage.

I attended their classes and I’m now a certified inspector. As a certified inspector I do commercial roofing Broken Arrow often. When the claim was filed for this specific building, I was told that the insurance adjuster would soon contact us to set up a time to look at the roof for the insurance inspection. About a week later I met the insurance adjuster at 9 a.m. at the building. At this time of year I normally do not like to meet so early in the morning because the roots are often wet with Dew and condensation.

But this morning wasn’t too bad and the insurance and I found the hail damage very, very quickly. The insurance adjuster pulled out a piece of chalk and begin to circle multiple hits that had cracks in the flood coat of the built-up roof. He drew out what we call a test square. A 10 square is normally 10 ft wide by 10 ft long square that he just marks the edges to show the boundaries of the test area. Depending on the time and depending on the insurance company, in the task where the adjuster needs to find between 8 to 12 hail hits that have caused damage to the flood coat. This was pretty easily found buy the insurance adjuster. After the test Square was achieved by the adjuster, he and I walked around the rest of the roof to see what we call collateral damage. Collateral damage is hail damage that can be found on soft metals for other parts of the roof.

Soft Metals often refer to gutters, HVAC vents, pipe jacks, or AC units that are found on the roof. We found significant collateral damage on soft metals and other areas. As far as measuring the roofing is concerned, the adjuster is going to order a satellite imagery of the roof to measure the roof. this is becoming more and more frequent causing the adjuster to be able to start and finish the appointment much quicker, saving time and not having to measure the entire Roof System. The adjuster asked me to come back a little later and do a core sample of so we can see exactly how many layers of insulation and Roofing there is in the entire Roof System. This is how we work with the insurance company at commercial roofing broken arrow. In the next few weeks, we will receive the insurance claim scope of damage and we will begin the full replacement at commercial roofing broken arrow. The building owner is excited to receive a new roof and Advanced Commercial Systems is ready to start the job. With many full replacement jobs performed in the past, this roof will be a great addition to our portfolio. Insurance claims is our specialty and we are ready to serve you.