Thanks for joining in today to our podcast here at advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds where we take commercial roofing, we take it serious and we endeavor to give our clients, um, the, the highest level number one satisfaction. And so we’re in Oklahoma here and we’re in the Greater Tulsa area and we do serve, you know, all of Oklahoma and but we are master, we are master commercial roofing company. Um, which has great distinction. I’m able to offer many types of warranties, uh, some above and beyond what other roofing contractors are not able to offer. Our reputation is a longstanding one, which we have given an amazing amount of customer service and unmatched experience in the Greater Tulsa area. And in commercial roofing Broken Arrow is our goal to protect your commercial structure, your commercial building, um, protected from damage. Um, now you said yourself, you were the guys, the commercial roofing company that we would call after there’s been damage.

Well, we like to work with your roof and cause it to not have damage for the next storm that comes. Um, and so your mind’s probably wondering how does that happen? Well, let me explain to you just one. One way is by installing a commercial roof that is more resistant to wind and hail damage. You know, we’re here in Oklahoma, we’re basically in the Bible belt of Tornado Alley, hail Allie and everything else. So what we do is when we go to install a roof, we want to make sure that we’re having high impact quality and style installation. Uh, we won’t your roof to add structure to have a lasting integrity, won’t your route to be strong. Uh, working with the better business aspects of it from the elements. And then we rely on, uh, our professionals are experienced professionals, um, to, you know, Our Hague engineering certified Ruth inspectors, which we call our roof nerds.

We rely on those guys and we’ve trained them, they’re experts and they provide the highest level of roof maintenance and roof inspection services as well. Um, we take care of industries, churches, you know, schools, businesses, um, office areas, office buildings, hospitals, storefronts, and you name it. We take care of all different types of commercial roofing in commercial roofing broken arrow. Now I want to mention warehouses and data processing centers of food processing plants. What about cold storage facilities? These are all the types of roofs that are roof nerves, uh, inspect and we do free evaluations for you. Industrial manufacturing facilities as well. As I said before, office complex. Uh, it wasn’t too long ago that we went to Stillwater. Um, we had a hotel to look at and warehouses, hospitals, major medical facilities because not all of them are hospitals and then warehouses. And so, and schools don’t pretty good schools.

We just recently worked on the school, um, the Lutheran school here in broken Arrow and we’re scheduled to go back out there. We still have a leak spot in one area. That’s just kind of a little problematic. We’ve got to figure out whether, I think it’s coming in from the gutter area in commercial roofing broken arrow. So what we would like to do today in our podcast is really share what you just, all the types of routes that we work on you, whether it be slate, uh, clay tile, steep slope, low slope shingle mod bit Tpo, um, you know, built up a standing seam, our panel, all types of metal roofs, lots of repairs have been done, a lot of replacements have been done. We just took a 60 mil TPO with three and a half inches of ISO four 21 our value and just installed that on a um, built up roof with two layers on it.

We took, took the layers all the way down to the metal decking, did some decking repairs and we installed a great roof. Turned out really well. Um, I had one little issue when we were done. We had one little spot that needed to be, uh, you know, re maneuver and readjusted. We did that, uh, two or three days after the job was finished and then we, I did a final walk through inspection and everything looked wonderful. I turned out to be a great commercial roof. Another, uh, another great success here with advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing, broken arrow. Now at the same time we can spend many podcast talking about the commercial roofing products, you know, um, atlas shingles, Gaf, certainteed, Owens Corning, um, Tamco out of Missouri, out of Joplin polyglass products. Karnak Gaco. There are so many types of products that we use, um, steep slope and low slope roofing in commercial roofing, broken Arrow that we really did don’t even want to take the time out to the name all of them.

So, um, after many years of being in the commercial roofing, we really love working with single ply and multiplying, you know, like thermal polyolefin, um, PVC EPD m rubber, um, built up hon mop, uh, hot asphalt APP, s B s modified bitumen roofing systems. Um, those are great for installing a roof coatings on. It really gives a lasting product. You know, the roof coatings that we use because of their, um, hi Alasta city and there the quality of them that they’re the largest, the best quality you can buy because of the quality of the products that we use. We can put a roof coating on that will easily go 10 years. I was looking at one that we did about five years ago. We installed a silicone coating over some area on a roof in sand springs and I was just there this last week and happened is get down and look at it on my hands and knees to really, you know, get my probe, get my knife out and really look at the corner and the edge of that silicone product where it was laid down, a bond, some modified bitumen, um, some rolled roofing is, I sit there and looked at that.

I could really tell it was still adhered. Well I had, had not lost any of its thickness or any of its capability of creating a water tight membrane from UV rays. It really was just in great shape. Now he was discolored a little bit because it’s windy and it’s dusty up there. But yeah, it was really a great product and I’m highly, highly recommend given us a try. If you need some roof coating done. We are professionals at installing and applying all types of the last American coatings, roof coatings, water-based, doesn’t matter. We do it all. Now the one thing we hardly talk about here in advanced commercial systems is the payment processing. Our payment processing isn’t complicated at all. Uh, basically we work with you before we ever started job, before we ever go to contract, we talked with you extensively about what, you know, what budget you have and then how would you like to pay that out.

Would you like one final payment in the end? Would you like to do some upfront money, which we often do require 30 to 40% up to of down payment depending on who the client is. And there are some times we have required full payment upfront because the client, you know, you, you kind of wonder if they uh, can be trusted. You know, sometimes you just working with people that you don’t know if you can trust them. So it just have been on the situation and we’re just being honest here on our podcast today when it comes to payment processing, we really, we want to choose the customer first of, of working for the right client. There’s been some commercial roofs we’ve not worked on just because we did not think they would pay timely. We did not think they would pay in a timely manner.

Uh, we just finished a roof. I mean just finished a $56,000 a commercial reroofing for roof reroofing projects, small building of broken arrow. Um, we only took about $2,000 up front for the project to get going. We had a good relationship with the clients there. And then, uh, upon completion of the roof, um, we were paid, uh, uh, first insurance check of 15,000. And then after that, about three weeks later, the final check came in from the insurance company and they paid that in full. But what happened many times is I’ll try to share with my clients, you know, I want you to understand what I’m doing for you because if I’m taking, if I’m carrying that immediately upon finishing a roof, I’m cutting a check for $12,000 to my clients. I mean to my, my contractors that are with me to take care of some of their costs.

And then I’m have, I’m carrying 20 to $25,000 of cost with the suppliers of the products. And so we try to just really keep it balanced and payment process. And we do take visa, mastercard, American Express, discover. We take all types of credit cards and we do just really, if you can assign over an insurance check directly to us, we can take that as well in commercial roofing broken out. So we’re really don’t like talking a lot about payment processing and stuff, but sometimes in our podcast we’d like to just cover all aspects of the industry, not just the fun putting on new roof, not just the fun. You make an elite go away and everyone with a smile. Sometimes it has to do with, you know, making sure we get paid, making sure payment is in a timely manner. Uh, I remember a few years ago we did a roof.

It was $217,000 TPO reroofing and the client gave us $110,000 check upfront. I was pretty shocked, but I mean before we even get the project underway, we got a check for $110,000. That immediately allowed us to uh, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow to order product to get everything moving forward. And just within days we started the project and it took about two and a half weeks. It was a big project. It took two and a half to three weeks to finish that project, but it turned out great. Uh, no leaks has turned out really great. We’ve, we’ve enjoyed working with that client. They’re a property manager in town and uh, we enjoy working with them and showing them the highest level of customer satisfaction in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So if you need anything, give us a call here at advanced course for systems. You can check us out at [inaudible] dot com or you can check us out and give us a call at (918) 973-1010 this is the 71st podcast today here with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. We are Haig certified engineering storm damage experts. Give us a call and always remember, stay dry.