Well. Welcome with us again to another podcast with advanced commercial systems home with a roof marriage. We are Tulsa and broken arrows in northeast Oklahoma is premier commercial roofing company. We love to bring you podcast every week

so that we can share what the commercial roofing climate is doing here in Tulsa. We share our processes and procedures that we do. We share commercial roofing facts, information about the industry. There’s just tons of things that we share with our clients and we share with the local community here as well. So we are advanced commercial systems. We are a top rated premier commercial roofing company here and commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and we have a lot of well known clients that we work with. Kindercare, learning centers, Maggio’s pizza, a bank of America, Bsn Sports, uh, Osu medical show. That would be the Oklahoma state university medical centers. Uh, have you ever heard of state farm? Have you ever heard of farmers insurance, a Walgreens, cvs to ease? These are all some of the top clients that we have worked with and continually take care of roofing processes and things that they need to keep their roofs either fully replaced or their roofs in great working order.

The object of a roofing system is basically to keep the water out. So imagine a huge building with a flat roof and the torrential pouring down rain that we had here in Oklahoma. So you can see that it’s, it’s some complexity to it. There is something about it in commercial roofing broken Arrow, the capability to turn your roof into basically a swimming pool liner that it will keep water out of your building system. The actual, as we refer in the industry, the building envelope. So that’s why we say it’s not rocket science, it’s through science. So when you go to our website, if you would anytime check us out at, okay. Roof nerds.com here at advanced commercial systems at okay. Roof nerds.com you can go to our website and at the top of the website, uh, we’re, we’re not like other roofing, commercial roofing contractors.

We’re not like other, uh, commercial roofing companies. We specialize in the science and the, the aspect of the side of the roofing that causes us to have the highest quality of products available. So when you go to the top of our website, you can see our phone numbers there. It’s (918) 973-1010 with that phone number, we have a 24 hour hotline that you can call for emergencies or issues of any kind. When you call that number is directly sent to one of our roof nerds and which we’ll you and, and really diagnose what’s taking place with your situation. And from there we turned it into us just really giving you the top quality service that you need 24 hours a day. So, uh, we do a free roof inspection in 24 hours and we do an emergency 24 hour roof calls or emergency calls, a request as well.

And so with that being the case, if you’d like to schedule your free roof evaluation or estimate or inspection, you can click on our schedule now button that is on our website. You know, uh, here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, we’re known as the roof nerds and being a roof nerd, we’re experts in roof repair, roof restoration or reroofing roof maintenance, um, replacement’s, recovering all the different things, the different types of systems and different types of evaluations for commercial roofing systems. And so, uh, we do roof coatings, we do steep slope roofing, metal roofing, we do lots of modified Benny Benjamin roofing. We do single applies such as Edm, TPO and PVC. Uh, and now in the metal roofing we’ll do standing seam, which there’s about 15 different types of standing scene. And we also do our panel. We also do ad panel. And then also the good old famous built up roofing, which we deal a lot with a built up roof.

And we did a two or three podcasts ago, we spent some time talking about built up roofing. So we say that there’s, it’s not rocket science but it is roof science. And so within that, um, the science behind the system is really what we try to focus on. You know, the technical expertise that is needed for critical thinking. So w a lot of customers, they want more than one number. Hey, my roof’s messed up. Can you look at it, tell me what it’s going to take to fix it. A lot of roofing companies, a commercial roofing contractors, commercial roofing companies, they’ll come out and give a number for a full replacement or give some hyped up number. We don’t do that. We the technical science behind what we do, the technical expertise, the critical thinking. We bring in a multiple avenues to fix your roof.

So if you need a repair, we can come up with two or three different areas or ways to fix your roof, which all will have different budgeting and then at the same time could we recover just a portion of your roof. All of these options we bring to you, it’s our job to make your roofing Iq increase. When your roofing Iq increases and you understand more of what your roof is and what it needs and what it should be, then you’re capable of making the best decisions for your commercial roofing business and your commercial roofing situation for your building here in commercial roofing, broken arrow. So the science behind the system, whether it be smart solution, systematic plans, you know, just the basic product knowledge, a heightened product knowledge or the technical expertise. Now let’s talk about that real quickly with our roof nerds. Every one of our roof nerves are certified with an engineering company.

Now this engineering come in, we’ll give you a little background of what they’re about. For almost 30 years, this specific engineering company has studied storm damage to buildings. So when it comes to hell, when it comes to wind, uh, they say have studied storm damage for almost 30 years. I’ve been at their facility. I’ve had classes, days and days worth of classes at their facility and, and literally there at their facility in Texas. Uh, they literally test with wind machines and different types of machines that produce hell. They have tested the hell impact of shingles, have metal roofs of TPO. They’ve done tons of tests to see what happens to these roofing systems when there is a large hail impact. Um, well, like I remember one of the things that we learned about hail, if you were to hit a roof with a rock, the rock does it crush the rock, penetrates the roof because it is a hard mass that’s not softened.

But when hail is created way up in the atmosphere as it’s falling, it’s going through various different temperatures and degrees of temperature changes, which causes the hail to begin to warm and began to uh, begin to get soft and just slightly mushy. So women hail hits something, it’s not as hard of a rock. So it really is a specific type of hardness that they’ve learned to measure. And they’ve talked to us here. So like I said, all of our roof nerds here in commercial roofing broken Arrow are specifically certified and trained in commercial storm damage for roofing. And so commercial roofing storm damages, what our certification is now that covers residential as well. But you know, we’re not certified for storm damage to cars were not certified for earthquake damage to buildings. We specifically chose the route we wanted to go with advanced commercial systems.

The science behind the systems that we bring to you is our capability of saying we have an engineering company back in us up. So what does that mean? Um, just recently I was on a roof, a commercial roof, a very large commercial roof with an insurance adjuster. I had the capability of pointing out damage that was accurate. I’ve been trained how to identify damage on single plies mod bit and metal roof coating, steep slope roofing, you know, you name it, uh, you know, even a, so that was specifically a built up roof with a asphalt topcoat flood coat. And so we’ve rare really quickly, uh, here and we were specifically in commercial roofing, broken Arrow really quickly, we’re able to spot and identify the hill and begin to show that to the adjuster. So with ds, within moments of us being able to identify the hell for the insurance adjuster and verifying that what it is, what we said it was, um, the insurance adjuster begin to buy him a roof.

So $60,000 later, they’re getting a brand new roof. We’re putting it on for him and everyone’s happy. So, so the, the, the training and the Internet in, in depth study that we have given towards commercial roofing, commercial storm roof repair, things along those lines that really bright makes us one of the, the expert elite precisely timed commercial roofing companies in the Greater Tulsa area and in commercial roofing, broken arrow. And so there is a science behind what we do. And if we can do anything for you, you know, you could have a medical facility shopping center, office building, retail outlet, doesn’t matter. I’ll work with a lot of pastors with churches or industrial plants, schools, manufacturing facilities, sports complexes, medical facilities. It goes on and on, uh, individually own property, uh, businesses. It goes on and on. The list of clients that we work with and the things that we can offer you.

And so you can go on our website at, okay. Roof nerves.com you can scroll, you can look, check out the top. We have testimonials at the top. Now our testimonials are not just reviews, but our testimonials are actually videos. So we have given a lot of our clients have chosen to give us full blown out videos of our business and how we’ve performed for them. So it’s really been just a great experience. I’ve working with the Greater Tulsa area and all of the clients that we have here in Tulsa. Jenks Awaso, Glenpool, uh, commercial roofing, broken Arrow, Claremore Katusa. We service the entire area in this here area. So if we could do anything for you, give us a call at (918) 973-1010 and we look forward to working with you.