Well, you might need a roof, you might not need a roof. It doesn’t matter. Because here at advanced commercial systems, we would love to assist you if anything to increase your financial Iq of commercial roofing systems to really increase your commercial roofing Iq. So my name is Marty Grisham. I am the owner and founder of advanced commercial systems. We are the hands down the best top quality number one rated commercial roofing company and the Greater Tulsa area. We have got the systems in place, we have got the roof nerves in place. We have got everything in price, product knowledge, technical expertise, tons and tons of roofing experience to bring you the best quality products that we can possibly in the commercial roofing, broken air industry. And so you could live in Jenks will come to you. You can leave in sky, took sand springs, Sapulpa the three s’s. We will come your way.

It doesn’t matter what you, what’s going on. You can be in uh, Podo. You can be and Wagner, you can be in, I know law. It does. You can be an Ida, you can be in Pawhuska. You can be in Claremore Katusa a big speed Jinx Glen Pool, broken Arrow, commercial roofing broken arrow. You can be in West Tulsa, North Tulsa, South Tulsa. It doesn’t matter where you are. We are a commercial roofing company that take care of the takes care of the entire northeast Oklahoma region. So what should we talk about today here to advanced commercial systems? Let me go and see if we have any responses. Oh, let me check my email for were we receive, uh Oh. By the way, if you’d like to ever ask us a question, a topic that we could cover for our podcast, you can email those in like people often do too.

Okay. I’m sorry. Advanced. Okay. At cox.net that is the line that we’ve got set up for receiving a request or comments or just anything concerning commercial roofing because we now have done probably around 150 hundred and 60 podcast and we’re getting those uploaded. We’re getting those online where people can listen to them and also we get those transcribed where they can become articles so people could have those for references as first off in the future. And so it’s as far as that’s concerned here. Here I am again another podcast bringing you some questions that we have. So someone has a question here. What’s, what is the difference between the our panel and the uh, ag panel while so now they add panel is in my opinion and we hardly ever see ag panel is really not as good of a roof at all, a good of a metal roofing system at all.

And now now keep in mind when it comes to ag panel, our panel, whatever type of roofing system you know that you’re dealing with in metal, there is a lot to be said about the gauge. Are you getting 24 gauge? You’re getting 26 gauge. Are you getting 22 gauge? I mean what are you getting, what days are you getting? And that is referring to the thickness of the roofing system. Now, I have to say here in the city, I deal with very little ad panel roofs. Uh, I do every single day with our panel. Our panel, uh, is really a great and hands down the most popular roofing system concerning metal. We will sit there is and here in with advanced commercial systems and you know, commercial roofing broken Arrow, we find our panel roofs are absolutely everywhere. Now after it’s been much more time on, um, you know, standing seam metal roofs, which there are 12 to 15 different types of standing seam metal roofs.

But I’ve dealt with those a thousand times more than I have any ag panel. Ag Panel can also be used for something like barns or something like that. So we really don’t see it too much for commercial buildings and the Greater Tulsa area or commercial roofing, broken arrow. So let’s talk about our panel though, but the differences between our panel and the standing seam metal roofs are standing seam metal roof. You literally, they call it exactly what it is. You can tell it’s a standing seam because you can see a little half inch wide, a three eighths inch wide seen that normally stands about an inch, an inch and a quarter. And you see those normally about every 12 inches. So you can count those ribs, those seams and that can give you a pretty quick reference to, you know, the, how wide a roofing system is. You know, a roofing plane I want to build building. You can count.

Those are the same way. You can count the tabs of a three tab shingle system for commercial and roofing systems and commercial and residential roofing systems. And so, um, which one is the best roof? Well, I can tell you the most expensive roof between the art panel and the standing seam roof. The standing seam is far more expensive and as far more a better roof with longevity. Here’s the number one and number two reason why number one, the ag panel does not have a mean. I’m sorry, the standing seam metal roof does not have exposed. Now that’s a big word. Exposed screws that are exposed to water and expose to penetration of water and stuff like that where our panel has thousands of exposed screws. You literally take the metal panel and you drill a screw right through the metal panel into uh, you know, the bean below it or whatever decking of prostrate that you have substrate that you have.

And so I’ve been on, I’ve been on one roof. We were evaluating, trying to figure out how many screws there were on the roof. We counted almost 100,000, and we did it by blocking it off almost 1000 screws on that roof. That is 100,000 potential leaking spots that are 18 inches apart on the entire roof. And so that’s pretty crazy. Um, compared to that of doing a standing seam metal roof where the majority of the leaking areas for standing seam metal roofs are penetration spots or termination edges where the standing seam metal roof comes to an edge of a wall or comes to another, uh, you know, dropdown wall or a different segment of the roofing system to where there is a termination of the standing seam. Because see the standing seam metal roof itself, the way that seam is built, it goes up that one, one panel, 12 foot wide, 12 inch wide panel goes over in clamps and folds over and claps completely creating an absolute watertight metal roofing membrane.

And so you’ve got this metal roofing product that is completely watertight, but when you bring that metal up to the edge of a building, when you bring that metal to a termination place, that’s oftentimes where you find the leaking areas. So standing seems uh, they’re going to have less leaking areas in the body of the roofing, more leaking areas along the uh, termination areas around the perimeter of that roof plane. And then you’ll find a, our panels man, those suckers will leak everywhere. Those, those roofs, the seams were leak. Uh, we’ve been working with a few over at 51st and Garnette I’m sorry, 51st and, and Mingo in commercial roofing broken arrow. We’ve been working with a few over there that are leaking around skylights. And then also every three foot is, you know, the panels for an [inaudible] panel roof are three foot wide. And normally 25 feet long.

So you’ve got this three foot wide panel. Well, you know, people walk on that roof, it incident, it folds the edges, it actually causes and creates leaking areas. And so we have dealt with a lot of leaking areas with screws and seams, you know, all four side termination seams of our panel panels. And so those panels, uh, they’re easy to walk on. And Ben, they’re not steel. Normally. They’re not. Now there are some that are, but there’s a lot that our gal bloom, uh, you know, in different other products, some aluminum. And so there’s a lot of different products out there, um, in commercial roofing. But I’ll tell you to, standing seam metal roof is hand down one of the best roofing systems if it’s terminated correctly. But we deal so much with our panel because our panel is so much cheaper and so much quicker to install.

And the product itself is just much simpler to install and it’s quicker. And because it takes less experience and as much cheaper, most clients will go the direction of a standings of, of an our panel metal roof over that understanding seen. We’ve seen that to be true in broken Arrow, uh, commercial roofing, broken Arrow and the Greater Tulsa area. And so, and you can see that when you just drive down the road and see there are literally hundreds and thousands of our panel metal roofs in the Greater Tulsa area. So if you ever have any questions concerning the metal roofs, cause I know there’s tons of people out there that love metal roofs. I can’t tell you how many old timers I’ve talked to that just worship and adore metal roofs. They all won’t. A metal roof. They think the metal roof is that is going to solve all their problems.

You know, just a week and a half ago we were at my McDaniel technical services. They had a new roof put on three years ago and they’re just complaining it trying to figure out how they’ve had a new roof put on three years ago and they can’t get the roof to stop leaking. And the roof or they’d put it on has tried for three years and it’s a brand new standing seam metal roof and they’re just shaking their head wondering what’s going on? Well, I can tell you what’s going on. Metal roofs, they leak and they’re stinky when their leak, they, when they leak, they really cause problems. And sometimes it’s really hard and challenging to find the league. Once you find the leak is easy to stop, but it’s sometimes really hard to find the league. So Hey, we appreciate you here with advanced commercial systems. We appreciate all the time and all the questions that you give to us and I hope you enjoy our podcast once more. It’s not rocket science here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, it’s rocket science. Stay dry.