Welcome to another podcast with advanced commercial systems home with a roof nerds. We are the elite commercial roofing company for Tulsa, broken Arrow, the greater northeast Oklahoma area. We can go over into Arkansas, we can go down to Texas, we can work with Kansas, we can work with a lot of different states. And so if you need commercial roofing, all you do is you give us a call. Today we’re going to talk about one specific thing that stands in mind and that is what does it mean to be the best roofer in town? What does it mean to be the best organize, the best productive, the best customer service, Commercial Roofing Company, uh, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow here in commercial roofing broken arrow. We always endeavored to grow. We always endeavored to change. And if you go online and you looked at our Google listing, if you looked at our online presence, you would see that we have a lot of absolutely a lot of reviews at our Google listing on Google maps.

Now that should show you the one thing, uh, specifically about us is that we are truly involved with our clients to be able to get that many listings and that many, not that many listings but that many reviews. And then we’re also really, really interested in their opinion during the work, after the work, after we’ve been paid, after we give them a warranty, everything that’s been done, we’re highly interested in their opinion of the situation. So here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, you can always count on us to come ask you your opinion. They would come ask us, you know, ask you your opinion and see what you’re thinking about us compared to other commercial roofing contractors, US and compare to other commercial roofing company. So one of the top things I would say with advanced commercial systems here in Tulsa would be because our member, our topic today here at this podcast, by the way, I’m the owner, Marty Grisham of advanced course or systems.

I own operate and I’m the founder of this company. And so it’s really been a great pleasure to build such a great company. And watch it thrive and watch it grow into the greatness that it has. So with that digging in mind, um, what does it, what does it take to be considered and to be one of the best commercial roofing companies in town? That’s her, that’s our topic today. What’s the characteristics of a company that way? And so the first one we’ve already covered that you’re continually going in. You’re asking your clients, okay, I’ve worked with you. What’s your opinion? What is your review? What’s your testimony of your experience with us? The second thing I would say would be legal. The legality of, of what’s needed in the state of Oklahoma to be a commercial roofing here in commercial roofing broken Arrow, you have to be legal, you have to have passed your commercial endorsement tasks, you have have a million insurance, general liability. We help in all aspects of commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

You have to have a worker’s compensation, you have to use subcontractors that had worker’s comp. All of these things need to be in place and all these things need to be done. And so here with advanced commercial systems, you find that we have all these things, all of these things have been done. We from the construction industry board that’s being governed under the governor, a special seat bar below him. Um, the construction industry, board leadership, the chairman and the, the, the board, the actual board. They have given us a thumbs up that we have passed our commercial endorsement tests that were perfectly legal in the state of Oklahoma. And so I would say the next thing that would be, uh, very, uh, very important would be that of experience. Um, we have been on a thousand rooms, so we have looked at so many roofs in commercial roofing Broken Arrow.

We have inspected, repaired, replaced, done, recovers. We have done so many things with commercial roofs, metal, TPO, single pliers, thermostats, thermoplastics, a built up, modified bitumen, SBS MoD bit, um, ballasted paving stone, ballasted I mean you name the system, you name the product. And we have worked with those roofs and we have experienced in those. And you know, if there’s ever a time that we need more experience, we can always find that as well. That’s easy to do because we have great relationships with other, you know, other manufacturers and a technical reps. They can come to a job and inspect the job with us if that ever needs to be. And so one of the next things that we would look for, cause we are naming off the characteristics of great commercial roofing companies, what would it take to be one here?

The next characteristic is very plain. It’s basically product knowledge, product knowledge and having a great relationship with the manufacturers of the products you use. Is hands down very important. They are the ones that really truly give the great warranties, the warranties that are needed for the products that we put up. Let’s say we put a a Thermostat, you know TPO roof or mass, I’ll thermoplastic TPO roof on your building. Do you know you can get up to a 20 or 25 or sometimes even a 30 year? Yes. A 30 year of TPO NDL warranty. That’s called a no dollar limit warranty. So for 20 or 25 years or however long view you purchase that MDL during that period of time, if anything goes wrong with that roof, the roof, the labor and the materials are all covered by the manufacturer of the product. Now there is a lot that we do as the roofing company and make sure that that happens and that’s capable of happening that way.

In one of those things is specifically we meet with one of the representatives. We inspect the roof. When the roof was completely done, we put the system in their hands and we’d draw up the system. We send it to them, uh, uh, here in commercial roofing, broken error or wherever, you know, their representatives are located for the manufactured products. We send them the, the, uh, the diagram which send them to speced specs. We call it the specs of the business of the roof. And as they receive those, they go through those and make sure that they meet, you know, they might say we need more screws around the edge where we might need a different type of coping cap or something like that. So they make sure that we’re meeting all their requirements to make sure the roof is done that way. And so when the roof is finished, they come out, we do about a two hour inspection of everything on the roof.

Very similar to that of the inspections that we do with our roof evaluations, which by the way, if you need a roof looked at, all you do is give us a call here at advanced commercial systems at (918) 973-1010 or you can check us out online at [inaudible] dot com and when you do that, you can see there’s a schedule now button. Click that schedule now button. As you click that button, you’ll begin to see that it takes you to a page where you can fill out your information and shoot us an information. And that actually comes to us as a request for us to give you a shout and begin to ask you the questions of what’s going on. We set up a time to come out and look at it and we begin to move forward with you. So, so pick up where we were.

We get that no dollar limit place and you know, no dollar limit warranty from the manufacturer in place. It needs to be put in place, uh, just because, uh, the manufacturer of the product says that they can do that for you. So we meet all the requirements with those guys to make sure that’s being being done. So if you need that with a versa code Tamco if you need that with Gaf, if you need that with Carlyle Jobs, met John Mansfield, if you need that with Gaf, a TPO or single ply systems, whatever you need, we’re even mule hide. Whatever you need, you just give us a call and let us know and we’ll give you some great, uh, some great backup and some great aspects of that. So here at advanced commercial systems, home with a roof, nerves here in wonderful commercial roofing broken Arrow, we will always be there for you and we’ll always give you the best quality, the best product.

And so at the end of the day, so we’ve covered all of the top things. And then I’d say basically one of the things we haven’t covered yet or there’s two things is product and product is really big product. You know, there are companies that you seconds there, companies that that have leftover from old jobs and they’ll piece together, you know, three different types of TPO to do a roof because they have product leftover from other jobs. And you know, not all, not all of the TPOS. I mean they all are workable and weldable together, but they’re all not really the same. So sometimes I, in my mind, I’ll see. So there’s some problems with that because number one, you’re not going to have any sister warranty, any type of warranty at all when you’re going to mix matching with other, other products from other manufacturers. Like if you put a vertical loan and you put 10 squares of Gaf and the in the rep comes out and sees a GAF sticker or she’s a GAF emblem on a, on a pipe boot, uh, suddenly they’re going to know what in the world’s going on here.

This is not even our product. So there’s some pretty huge problems with that. And so here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, we’re going to use the best products possible. We’re going to use a system, Lee, systematically, one specific product when we go to do a job for you. And then one of the last things you would like to cover, and we don’t have much time, we’ll cover it real quickly, is that of communication, communication and accountability and transparency. They are the key to keeping this in place. So here at advanced commercial systems, sometimes we have wild dancers at our business. And that’s okay though. Just joking. Oh, so here, one of the things about the Indians in the warranties is not every commercial roofing company can present these to you and can give these to you. So here at advanced commercial systems, we do offer these. We offer these for toll. So sand springs Coweta Jinx Bixby, uh, you know, just you name it. Sky took a big speed Glenpool the entire surrounding area of commercial roofing, broken arrow. We’re here to help you and we’re here to give the best products possible. Hey, thanks for joining another wonderful podcast with us today. We were covering the top characteristics that we see this need for a great commercial roofing company here in commercial roofing. Broken Arrow. Thanks for joining us again another day. And once again, it’s not rocket science. It’s roof science. Have a good day.