Welcome to the podcast of advanced commercial systems, home of the roof, nerds. Hey today that has commercial systems. We want to talk about different types of roofing. We want to talk about different things that we do. This was a podcast that we have began to do, oh I don’t know, about 103 hundred and four weeks ago cause we’ve been doing roofing for quite some time. Um, I just want to share with you a little bit today if there’s things that we offer you. Uh, here with advanced commercial systems. And really in the commercial roofing we do, we do a lot of a roof infrared inspections and expert engineering analysis. So we are a roofing contractors and we are roofing companies and here in roof repair and roof replacement with roof replacement cost in the commercial roofing here in the Greater Tulsa area. So in Tulsa roofing we are known definitely an industry.

Um, we did not do nuclear roof testing. We have now, we stayed away from that but we do professional claim preparation, expert insurance claim preparation. So working with your insurance company, Complete Ariel and infrared imaging and photography. And skilled property and casualty, uh, you know, roof assessments. So within that a commercial roofing company like advanced commercial systems here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow and commercial roofing toll. So, uh, we, we’ve been working with the Haig engineering for inspecting and commercial roofs for quite some time. Um, if you’re looking for a roofing company, uh, we’ve been dedicated to providing our customers with the top quality like second to none quality, uh, but not just for roofs but just for a roofing systems. And we do that at competitive prices. And so our employees, all of them who have gone through the training and the certification, so they become highly trained professionals in the industry and that’s where we say they are, have become a roof nerves.

They are the elite in the industry for commercial roofing broken arrow. And so all of our employees are highly trained and very knowledgeable and we work with them continually. So whether it’s a flat roof, a slate roof, tile roof, metal roof, a red roof, roof, shingles, roof repair, roof replacement, just roof cost analysis, roof replacement cost, basic roof replacement, working with a hip roof, roof types, doesn’t matter. These guys are the best in the industry. So they come out very knowledgeable. So shingle, roof, flat roof, steep slope, low slope, doesn’t matter. These guys are the top. So over, uh, I cannot, I don’t even know happened yet to date, come up with the number of projects. Um, we’ve got 12 projects going on right now. We just finished up in the last two days. We just finished up six, six jobs and just in the last two days that we’ve wrapped up and begin the billing and invoicing process.

So here at advanced commercial systems in commercial roofing broken Arrow, there’s a lot we do with roof coating, a roofing, Tulsa, uh, all the time and roofing, broken arrow. So, so if you don’t trust your insurance company, which you know, I tell you, you might have a good insurance company, but at the end of the day it really sometimes just workship on the how the adjuster, uh, if you’re, if you don’t really trust your insurance company because they are a profit corporation, uh, that’s a pretty wise decision I would say because many times they really just out to protect themselves. And so let me go through a list here of the services that we provide here at advanced commercial systems home with the roof marriage. So okay, one is documented record of repair logs. Now that’s part of our smooth smart roof plan. So for roofing contractors in roofing companies, that’s a pretty big deal concerning roof repair and roof roof maintenance, we keep a record of your documented record of repair logs and then basically all types of roofing, all types of commercial roofing.

And so you might have an issue with your roof. You have a leak coming in, disaster roof tarping and if need be, then we bring in a wrapping, which you, you know, which is a type of shrink wrapping. And so we work with and have on not only staff but on call public insurance adjusting. Now you might not be familiar in commercial roofing broken Arrow, what exactly? Public Insurance. Adjusting the US. That is where there are trained and licensed with the state of Oklahoma insurance public adjusters who can come out and represent you. Now they charge a fee. Many times they charge 20% of any new incurred monetary items that have come in. But so it’s, it could be as to pretty steep fee, but they’ll come in and they will work with you and work with us. We work with them all the time. We know some by firsthand name and then we can call me anytime and they’ll come in and work with us and, and defend us with an insurance company.

They have the same rating, the same stature, uh, in the industry as your normal insurance public adjuster. So that’s something that we can do. And they’ll come in and defend us and put together the case, uh, to defend your claim and which we will work side by side with them in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, you know, to be able to accomplish that. So as far as roofing companies are concerned as far as roofing contractors in roof repair, roof replacement cost, just your basic roof or roof replacement toll. So roof replacement, we are definitely someone that you’d want to call and pick our brain. You know, we don’t call ourself the roof nerds for nothing. We, we actually do the industry and we’re very knowledgeable. So the next I would like to talk about would be um, expert existing claims. I review and analysis that we offer of that so that your company, your business, your building, your insurance, we can get the most out of that.

I remember an insurance claim, um, just recently, um, with liberty mutual and I just made one phone call to the adjuster and he increased the price by $2,000, because I basically said, hey, we’ve got some things that were missed. I described that we have a great relation where your relationship with these guys, I described what we were dealing with and he basically just add another $2,000 to the claim. And so, and up on that, I called him back and said, hey, we’re missing a few other things. We want to make sure the building is brought up to code. He added another $1,800 so two phone calls, 30 minutes of my time we added $3,800 because we were working with the insurance company and we basically review the existing claim. We did an analysis of what’s being left out and we brought that to them. So now another aspect that we bring to you is pre-loss assessment.

We can look at your roof, especially in the, in the aspect of wind damage, you know, not necessarily held damage that’s pretty easy to assess. But working in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and in the Tulsa area, it’s, it’s, it’s pretty often that we’ll see some wind damage and we can begin to work with an insurance company or just work with you specifically if you’re doing out of pocket. Um, to bring your roof back to what it was, you know, the pre loss assessment. And so a professional claim preparation, large, uh, loss of general contracting. These are all allow the items that we offer you here in commercial roofing, broken arrow roof, infrared inspection. So we have a thermal infrared camera that we come and we take pictures and do video if need be of your roof to really assess what needs to be done. So the engineering we bring on the side with Hagar, engineering, being certified inspectors with those guys mixed with our infrared inspections really gives you some of the most forensic inspection is possible, uh, in the industry today.

So our expert engineer reports we offer you, they’re second to none. And so store monitoring, you know, keeping records of when has come through. That is a very large part. If you’re going to file a claim, I’m on a commercial roof that can handle 60 mile an hour winds because of the, the thermoplastic system has been put up there. Um, we want to show that there were wind gusts of 75 miles an hour or more. And so we can keep up with um, storm monitoring records, uh, in commercial roofing, broken Arrow to be able to show to the insurance company that we did have wind gust. We did have, uh, that did happen in the region in which you’re building now. Obviously one story, two story building, not too big of a deal with wind. Normally I was just today at an eight story building called the international tower here in Tulsa.

And so here in Tulsa you have an eight story building. That guy is going to catch a lot of wind, there can be a lot of wind and I have seen that there is some wind damage to some, a ballast of the gravel ballast system having been removed from two or more of the corners of that building. So with that being the case here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, um, a lot of roofing companies, a lot of roofing contractors not really familiar with how to take care of that roof repair. So we come in, we don’t bring them a roof replacement cost or a roof replacement, uh, you know, scenario. We basically say, hey, let’s just put the ballast back lists. There’s fixed up problem, put it back where it needs to be. There’s no way to solidify, to do keep that down any better than just basically the weight of the balanced itself does the job. So, hey, so once again, I’ll thank you for joining in for another podcast today with advanced commercial systems. I’m just going to want to give you a reminder. Uh, it’s not rocket science. It’s roofing science here in commercial roofing, broken Arrow, and please stay dry.